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"I am on a mission to prove that school doesn’t  have to be hard and that ANY student (including you) can be great!"


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Hi, I'm Andre Pinesett,



As a first-generation college student, I stressed and struggled my way through a mediocre freshman year and was told by my counselor that for a variety of “reasons” I would never become a doctor and probably wouldn’t even graduate. 

Fueled by her negativity, I set out to prove her wrong and show that all her “reasons” were just excuses. And despite having a ton of excuses not to succeed, I set my mind to dominating… and No Excuses, Just Dominate became my war cry. Eventually I developed a revolutionary new approach to studying, time management and building a stellar premed resume that changed everything:


I DOMINATED college while studying only 10 hours per week!

I DOMINATED my extracurriculars by following my passion and always over-delivering!

I DOMINATED the MCAT studying independently, scoring in the 95th percentile!

I DOMINATED the med school application process becoming part of the 1.7% of applicants accepted to Stanford!

I DOMINATED Stanford Medical School, graduating in the top 5% of my class while never studying on weekends!

I’ve shown students how to DOMINATE serving as the Director of the UCI CSSA, member of Stanford School of Medicine’s Committee on Curriculum and Academic Policy, and as Strategic Consultant to The Princeton Review’s Admissions Counseling Department. 

Now, I'm using TheStudyDoc.com to empower students around the world with my transformative courses and coaching programs that create confidence, efficiency, independence and unparalleled results!


Academic success isn't magic, it's execution!


What is academic success? 

It’s building the fund of knowledge, skills, experiences and achievements that serve as the foundation for living your dream life. And to do that you need a detailed plan of execution.

TheStudyDoc.com helps students and premeds get clear on their goals and gets them laser-focused on the simple actions that create big results! You'll find my students setting the curve, making a difference in activities their passionate about and loving life, not scrambling around wondering what the point is.

I help anxious and overwhelmed students...

This represents 99% of students. They are confused about what to do, so they try to do everything to make sure they cover all the bases. They are always “so busy”, yet never seem to get the grade or make the impact. They see college as a giant tangled knot of chaos.

...Become happy, productive and laser-focused students

This is rare accounting for only 1% of students. They have a laser focus that allows them to get their coursework done efficiently and their plans are long-term. They believe they can do anything but choose to do only what really matters. They are deliberate, scientific, see their future clearly and are high-achieving difference-makers in everything they pursue. They aren’t surviving college, they are thriving!

Don’t take it from me, listen to my students:



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