About Dr. Pinesett

Award-winning educator, highly sought-after speaker, and noted authority on student productivity.

Trusted by Top Universities and Organizations
Empowering students to be more independent, more confident, less stressed and maximize their potential by providing web-based and in-person training in four primary areas:
Effective Time Management (e.g., overcoming procrastination, task analysis)
Study Skills & Advanced Study Strategies
Professional Development (e.g., networking, applications, personal statement, interviewing)
Mental Fitness (e.g., motivation, goal setting, stress management) 
Education & Training
University of California, Irvine: BS in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Minor in Business Management
University of California, Los Angeles: Masters in Public Health
Stanford University School of Medicine: Medical Degree (top 5% of class) 
University of California, San Diego: Anesthesia Residency

Although I am now one of the top learning experts in the world, I was once a hopeless student. In fact, my college counselor told me that I didn’t have what it takes to succeed in college. I was determined to prove her wrong and my mantra became “No Excuses, Just Dominate”.

I started studying neuro-cognitive sciences and productivity EVERYDAY. Eventually, I developed a revolutionary new approach to studying and time management that changed everything and enabled me to DOMINATE college studying only 10 hours per week, study independently for the MCAT and score in the 95th percentile and graduate from Stanford Medical School in the top 5% of my class.

For over 15 years, I have been helping students transform their lives. Before establishing my own company, I worked for numerous well-established programs including serving as
Director of the University of California Irvine’s (UCI) Alliance for Minority Participation Summer Science Academy
Representative at Stanford School of Medicine’s Committee on Curriculum and Academic Policy
MCAT Instructor and Curriculum Contributor at Stanford University’s Center of Excellence in Diversity in Medical Education
Strategic Consultant to The Princeton Review’s Admissions Counseling Department
Due to my background and experience, I have an unparalleled insight into what it takes to improve student performance inside and outside the classroom. I'm dedicated to helping students, particularly underrepresented and disadvantaged students, take control of their careers and achieve lifelong success through advanced mindset, study strategy and career development training. My systems are innovative, effective and most importantly, easy-to-follow. The end result is happy, healthy, high-achieving students.

Let me help you take control of your future!



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