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Every day, I would receive emails from students telling me how bad they wanted to be a doctor, but they felt hopeless because the MCAT seemed insurmountable. It was heart-breaking! The emails fell into one of two categories:

"I'm doomed. I can't afford an expensive MCAT prep class and everyone knows you can't score high on the MCAT without one. I'm crying, please help!"

"I'm doomed. I paid $5,000 for an MCAT class and I spent 3 months studying under some instructor who got a perfect score only to feel burnt out, anxious and more confused than when I started. I bombed the test. Now, I'm crying, my mom doesn't love me and the creditors are after me, please help!"

Which one of these are you?

When I was a pre-med, I was the first category.

I didn’t have any doctors in my family and my parents couldn’t help me financially. Money was so tight, I had to live in a triple-occupancy dorm (ugggggh).

There was no way I could afford to pay $2500 to some big prep company so they could give me a stack of books, a library of lectures that read the cliff-notes to me and a so-called “MCAT Instructor” who’s really a glorified MCAT baby-sitter responsible for telling me when to study.

So, I used my studying expertise to develop the ultimate independent MCAT studying system.

I scored in the 95th percentile and got into Stanford Medical School.

I taught MCAT strategy for various Stanford Medical School outreach programs and to my own mentees for years to help them ace the MCAT.

Now, I’m going to save you a ton of money and stress by teaching you all my secrets!


MCAT Magic


How to tackle the change to the new MCAT that has students baffled

How the MCAT affects medical school admissions and what score you need in order to wow them

Which MCAT resources to use, and which you absolutely must avoid

How to create a practical, personalized MCAT study schedule

How to study efficiently and effectively so that you maximize learning and retention

How to utilize question-based learning (the right way)

Concrete methods for improving your CARS score

My innovative system for attacking MCAT passages


You become an efficient studier. Every hour you spend studying is worth 2 or 3 hours of other students.

You avoid burnout because your study schedule will allow you take plenty of breaks and take 2 days off per week. Yes, I mean 2 days a week of absolutely no studying.

You will be more energized because you will be able to get 8 glorious hours of sleep per night.

You will be more energized because you will be able to get 8 glorious hours of sleep per night.

You will save thousands of dollars because you won’t have to buy an expensive prep class. Even if you do buy a prep class, this course will show you how to get the most bang for your buck.

You will score higher than you would’ve ever imagined because you will have expert study strategies that no one else has.

You will own test day because you will have the ability to get the correct answer, even when you don’t know the answer. Yes, you read that correctly.

You will have the fundamentals necessary to dominate every one of the million standardized tests you are required to take after the MCAT. (USMLE Step 1, USMLE Step 2, USMLE Step 3…)

Most importantly, your studying will be less stressful and more fun. What could be more fun than preparing for a test you know you are going to dominate?!


"If you want to truly be prepared to not only dominate your MCAT prep but rip the MCAT to shreds then this is the course for you! Thanks to Dr. Pinesett, I am confident in my ability to study and do extremely well on the MCAT. I was worried that I did not have the smarts nor the study skills to perform well but I know that if I execute my plan of attack the MCAT doesn't stand a chance. As soon as I take my MCAT and get my score back I will update my review to show that Dr. Pinesett truly prepared me to succeed. Thank you Dr. Pinesett for the confidence, scheduling guidelines, and change of mindset that I needed to put my best foot forward and only have to take the MCAT once!"

Elizabeth Dair-Delgadillo


"Just as Dr. Pinesett says, this course is very thorough and you will come out of it feeling like you will obliterate the MCAT. He even goes over some tactics which you can also apply to your classes. If you think his YouTube channel is good, just imagine how good his courses are! This course has far exceeded my expectations and was definitely well worth it!"

Kofi A.

Awesome Course!

"I loved this course! It's worth it's weight in gold. I didn't need another content heavy companion to lead me astray. What I needed was guidance and advice and an entity that could provide me with some structure and constructive criticism so that I can become my best self on my own. This course did all of that and so much more. I would get this course 100 times over"

Zach Havlovick


“The course not only shows you exactly what you need to succeed academically, but it also gives you the tools to live the way you want to live. That's powerful.”

Evans Okonkwo

"It is really helpful, especially if you are weak in test taking skills. It really opened my eye on how to study for MCAT. By doing more Question based . thank you Dr. Pinesett"

Luwam Eyob

One of the best

"Dr. Pinesett makes it clear, MCAT dominance does not come from the simple application of techniques but understanding the reasons behind applying them in the first place. If you have the will but see no way; let Dr. Pinsett show you the way. In other words, take the'll know what I mean! "

Shiv Singh

Phenomenal Not Forgotten-Eric Thomas.

"Dr. Pinesett's course was the best purchase I could have made to help me prepare for the MCAT. He covers everything from What to expect on the MCAT to How to create a Study Schedule that won't leave you burnt out to How to do question-based learning. Dr. Pinesett motivates me to study better than anyone else and he is so awesome!!!! Plus his humor makes the course fun!!"

Amaris Tapia

MCAT Let's Do This!!!!

"This is greatest investment you can make on yourself. Before purchasing this course, every time I sat down to study I always wondered if I was getting the most out of my time. Dr. Pinesett provides you with an attack strategy, to achieve maximum efficiency. The advice is this course is invaluable. "

Luis Hernandez

Worth every penny!

"Dr. Pinesett has done it again! This course is jam-packed with a wealth of knowledge on how to successfully get organized and become fully prepared to conquer the MCAT. After taking this course, I feel much more confident in my ability to do well, and have already made my killer MCAT prep schedule. Definitely worth every penny!"

John Walters

Accepted to top - choice med school

"After finishing this course, I've gained knowledge that helped me set up a functional schedule that's going to set me up for success. I've also gained knowledge on how to become more efficient in prepping for the MCAT. I can't say enough how much I appreciate Dr. Pinesett for setting up this course. I would highly recommend this course to any pre-med who needs some guidance and confidence in preparing for the beast that is the MCAT. Goodluck."

Eiran Saucedo - Rodarte

On the road to DOMINATE the MCAT (without an expensive prep class)

"I was very impressed by this course. It is extremely high yield considering it doesn't cover much in the way of actual MCAT content. It is a holistic strategy guide on how the MCAT should be approached and the tools that you can use to prepare and dominate the MCAT. I have already started to implement some of the strategies discussed in the course and I am noticing a real difference in terms of the quality and quantity of my study time. I am also more energized and organized in my personal life. While I got a ton out of this course I truly believe that the people who stand to gain the most from this are undergraduates who h ave the MCAT on the distant horizon. You will pick up skills that will make studying for the MCAT much more manageable and you will probably do better in your courses to boot! That being said the secret ingredient is still time and work and most importantly you! I also recognize that there was probably a time in my life where this course would have had little to no effect because of my maturity level and my ability to actually implement whats in this thing. If you are going to do what is necessary and take things into your own hands then this is the course for you. If you want to sit back and learn through osmosis and magically get a better score then this isn't for you and that course doesn't exist. Good luck and I wish you the best."

Zachary Betts

Start Now!

"This course by Dr. Pinesett is absolutely amazing. THE WHOLE WORLD NEEDS TO KNOW ABOUT THESE COURSES. I wish I had taken this course years ago. In this specific course, he covers a wide range things. For example, how to approach MCAT studying with a positive attitude, how to study for each section, what materials to utilize, HOW TO PUT A SCHEDULE TOGETHER (OMG), my opinion: a secret technique in how to successfully DOMINATE the MCAT. He doesn't call it a secret technique, but in my experience struggling with my MCAT studies, I feel he unlocked a secret way of acing each section. Dr. Pinesett did an amazing job in this course. EVERYONE who is struggling with their MCAT studies needs to use his course. I feel he put YEARS of experience into this easy to learn and understand course. STOP procrastinating and get your hands on this course!!!!"

Iman Farraj


"Dr. Pinesett approach is refreshing and different. The information he provides in this course has been proven by other experts to work. I love his upbeat spirit in the videos and all he's great ideas to improve my MCAT approach. I wish I would have found him before I paid other MCAT prep."

Sheresa Demings

New Approach

"Amazing course. It's crazy how pre med students are expected to learn so much information in a short period of time and dominate the MCAT, but no one actually shows you how to go about studying. This course filled in the knowledge gaps of how to actually learn effectively and be efficient with studying. The MCAT is a beast and requires strong content knowledge, but more importantly, strong critical thinking skills. The question is, how do you study in a way that improves content knowledge and the type of thinking skills that you need to excel on this test and throughout the rest of your medical journey? Dr. P reveals how to do this in his course and it shaped how I studied for the MCAT as well as how I approach studying and learning in other aspects of my life. Even if you don't necessarily follow every single methodology in this course, the overarching idea is extremely beneficial. If I could add anything to this course, I would actually walk through a couple practice passages and show students how to interrogate specific passages, especially in the CARS section since there is no background information to fall back on. The MCAT is not only a chance to show medical schools what you got, but a chance to refine your studying and master learning so that you can prove to yourself that you are ready to tackle medical school. This course served as the avenue to doing just that."

Brandon Eden (Accepted to top med school)

The Title of the Course Says It All

"I want to start by saying that I have been studying for the MCAT for quite some time. My foundation was poor, so going in to get a desirable score I knew I was going to be studying harder and longer than the average student. Because of this, I had researched a massive amount about the MCAT - all over the internet (youtube, forums blah etc). This is because the success to study better and do well on the MCAT, like in this course, is never shared or explained by anyone except Dr. Pinesett - at least not explained thoroughly, effectively, and definitely not with excellence. You will not, I repeat NOT find redundancy, replication, information nor extension on Dr. Pinesett's methodologies/material anywhere other than this course. I hesitated to spend money on this course, because I felt that I had done my research on MCAT success, and that I knew a novel study method that medical students find success in (I won't give it away because you will have to buy the course to find out what it is, it's only fair). The problem is, I didn't know how to execute it, because to date, no one except Dr. P has provided a step by step methodology to this method. This makes the course priceless. The point is, I tried to execute it, but with no direction and without a plan or understanding I would barely improve. I executed it poorly and found myself incredibly frustrated and wasting time. Before this course, I followed the advice of "top scorers" on forums. I simply had no where else to go, and it would seem logical to take direction from a top scorer. I did everything they said, and my scores didn't improve. It just wasn't working. This is why I ended up buying this course and is the best investment and fairly should be a lot more money (thank you Dr.). After I took this course, which even just watching it, improved my confidence 10 fold. My own mom made a comment that I was more relaxed, had less anxiety, and over all happier after this course, and more importantly, following the steps from this course. This is because Dr. P gives phenomenal, unique methodologies that are not repeated anywhere else. I took a practice exam after studying from Dr. P's methods, and I got the highest score I had ever written to date on the 4th next step exam. Typically, the exams get harder as you take more (say next step #1 is easier than next step 2) but my scored jumped on the 4th exam regard less of what material was tested. I felt clearer, and more confident in approaching questions and not so lost. I felt an improvement in critical thinking - things were clearer and less convoluted. Though my scores still need improvement, I will say that I ever tried many methods from other people, and I never saw my score improve (it got lower actually). I would consistently score low, after this course, I increased roughly by 6 points. But with Dr. P's I saw almost instant improvement in both day to day passages, and improvement on next step exams. If you are worried about money for this course, don't be it is one of the best investments you will ever make."

Sophia Hegedus

The Best Investment - Anyone Can Learn Something From This Course No matter What Stage

"This is my second round studying for this beast of an exam, and I am now scoring 10 points higher than last round, I thank Dr. Pinesett's courses for this. He indeed did a fantastic job at compiling every aspect that is essential for mission accomplishment. I learned how to structure my study session and maximize my practice passages ( you will understand this comment when you take this course.. it's MAGICAL!!) And "elaborative interrogation"; this sounds like a scene from a movie. Use this method to your advantage and rewrite the scene of your film instead of it taking over you! NOExcusesJustDOMINATE!"

Evans Okonkwo

This course TRANSFORMED my MCAT scores!

"Not only did this class teach me to get the most out of my studying, It also provided me with invaluable advice about other key aspects outside of studying that would maximize my score. My test Isn't for a few months but I feel very confident with this course as a tool."

Grant Akalonu

Excellent, excellent Stuff

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"  Dr. Pinesett has done it again! This course is jam-packed with a wealth of knowledge on how to successfully get organized and become fully prepared to conquer the MCAT. After taking this course, I feel much more confident in my ability to do well, and have already made my killer MCAT prep schedule. Definitely worth every penny!  "

John Walters

Frequently Asked Questions

Hi, I’m Andre Pinesett, M.D., M.P.H.

I’m Dr. Andre Pinesett and I have been the under-performing, stressed out student, so I completely understand what you’re going through.

I then developed a revolutionary new approach to studying and time management that changed everything for me and enabled me to DOMINATE college and get into Stanford Medical School.

Over the last 15+ years, I have helped thousands of students get motivated, get better grades with less studying, become insanely successful and ultimately get into the medical school or grad school of their choice.

I am on a mission to prove that school doesn’t have to be hard and that ANY student (including you) can be great!


"I never thought I would say this, but I am actually excited to take the MCAT. After completing this course, I feel confident in my ability to prepare effectively and ultimately execute when it comes to exam day. This course is highly effective in that it addresses every aspect of preparing for the exam from creating the ultimate study space, to preparing oneself mentally, and making the most out of every study session. Before this course, I was intimidated by the seemingly daunting task of preparing and taking the MCAT. Now, I am prepared to absolutely DOMINATE the MCAT. Thank you Dr. Pinesett!"

Shanna Hardin


"I found Dr. Pinesett on Youtube and was sold, this course is helpful no matter what point in your premed path you're in! Dr. Pinesett breaks it all down for you so that you can stop getting in the way of yourself from succeeding. I'm at the point of taking my MCAT soon and wish I had all this information from the beginning of my pre-med path, but it's still relevant now where I'm at."

Cynthia Rojero

Setting yourself up for success! "This MCAT course has changed my life and changed

"Before taking this course I was enrolled in a big name program and was feeling really overwhelmed. I did not really know how to navigate studying for the mcat on that course. It made me feel like maybe I should not pursue medicine but didn't know what else I could do because of the passion I have for helping others and for science. I am not a 4.0 GPA student and this really worried me concerning studying for and taking the mcat, but your "Dominate the MCAT" course definitely eased my nerves. It gave me confidence that using the tips I have learned will help me to dominate the mcat and get into medical school. I definitely feel as though this course was money and time well spent. I am truly grateful for Dr. Pinesett's dedication to helping students succeed and especially for how he makes everyone feel as though they can accomplish their dreams. I am definitely going to purchase more courses from him and look forward to dominating the mcat!"

Ariel Kirsten

Finally feel like I can make it!

"I started this course after attended two of Dr. Pinsett's webinars (which really made me feel I that I could not only turn my academics and MCAT around, but also my life). This course is EXTREMELY thorough and goes through the MCAT top to bottom! I have been struggling a lot academically as well as with MCAT prep, and I decided to take the leap and apply the skills I learned in this course in a summer class I'm taking. I ended up receiving an A, totally stress free! HOWEVER, all things in this course require IMPLEMENTATION. As Dr. P says, you can't have million dollar dreams with a minimum wage work ethic. I truly believe that although the material in this may seem obvious to some people, Dr. P breaks it down SO thoroughly that if you put in the effort, you can totally dominate. "

Iffat Jahan

Super Thorough and Effective (IF YOU IMPLEMENT IT CORRECTLY!!):)

"I was skeptical in purchasing this course because the title alone went against everything I have believed about conquering the MCAT. I took the plunge and purchased the course because I am one of those students who has tried the big prep companies and was not reaching my highest potential on the exam. This course is a must even if you do decide to take "an expensive prep class!" It teaches you HOW to get the most out of whatever materials you're using for MCAT prep, not some cliche "oh just study the materials and you'll get it" approach. I won't give the course details away but Dr. Pinesett goes into great detail from the proper lighting and posture to a specific study schedule where you can still sleep like a regular human being and spend time with your family/friends! I really needed this course and will continually refer back to it as I prep for my MCAT. I was not confident in my ability to KILL the MCAT, but after this course I'm planning a funeral...for the MCAT! I will be sure to come back and update this review once I get my score. Note: this is my honest review and I was not paid or compensated to write it."

Erica Brown

Should you take this course?

"I started to study for the MCAT last summer and had to stop due to extreme levels of anxiety and lack of direction. A month ago, I started again without any real guidance in addition to a set of books. I finished this course about 2 weeks ago, and so far it has helped me create a structured schedule according to my needs in order to get enough time for the mcat. It also gave me guidance on what to do and what to avoid on the passages, how to approach the materials and answer questions. If you are studying on your own(without a prep course) and feel the dread of starting to study, I HIGHLY recommend you to get this course because it gives you the tools to excel at your own pace. I feel confident and relaxed when I sit down to study now because I have an achievable plan."

Ana Lopez

It literally eliminated the anxiety that I felt when studying for the MCAT!

"I had previously made the mistake of rushing into the MCAT. When the time came to take the MCAT I realized that I wasn't anywhere near prepared as I thought I was due to the way I was reviewing and studying. This course has been insightful, on point and informative. Dr.Pinesett goes through just about EVERYTHING in detail, such as time management, important dates, resources, methods, and other key aspects that all work together towards assisting students in dominating the MCAT. (Amazing 6+ hour class for a great price)."

Areli Ibarra

What are you waiting for? Take this class now!

"It took me a few weeks to finally decide to buy this course - I was hesitant because I have watched ALL of Dr. Pinesett's Youtube videos, free seminars and live chats. I was unsure if he was going to bring anything NEW to the table in terms of MCAT prep or if it would be a compilation of all of his free resources. In other words, I did not want to pay $99 for information that I was already familiar with. It turns out that his youtube videos simply scratch the surface on topics! THIS COURSE IS EXTREMELY THOROUGH! This course is very comprehensive and it exceeded my wildest expectations. His instructions are clear. I am excited to follow his step by step directions in order to be successful. Not to mention, he is very entertaining throughout the course :) As a nontraditional student, I felt lost and confused about how to attack the MCAT. I am very grateful for this course because now I have CLARITY and FOCUS. If you feel overwhelmed, discouraged or confused about how to dominate the MCAT then this course is perfect for you. Truly impressed. Thank you Dr. Pinesett. It is so clear to me that you are not in this for financial gains. Your courses are extremely underpriced. Thank you for your hard work and passion... it is quite contagious!"

Naomy Jones

Exceeded Expectations!

"This MCAT course has changed my life and changed the way I look at the MCAT! Taking this course has given me the confidence and skills to conquer the MCAT! After taking this course I am CONVINCED that I will dominate the MCAT and get into my dream medical school! If you guys want to kill the MCAT or DAT or whatever standardized test, then take this course! If you have not taken this course, you are slipping! Thank you so much Dr. Pinesett for changing my life and I am forever indebted to you for that!"

Qasim Mian

The best MCAT preparation course ever!

"Invest! Invest! Invest! Invest! Seriously! This course is AMAZING! Dr. Pinesett provides all of the information necessary to dominate the MCAT. Not only does he provide the necessary information but he also elaborates on the information, providing examples and real life scenarios. This course is so off-the-hook that I will be reviewing it a second time and as many times as I need. I am prepared to study for exams in classes as well as study for the MCAT. There are only two answers to whether or not you should invest in this course: yes or yes. That's it! Thank you Dr. Pinesett for this amazing course! God bless you brother!"

Yesenia Roman


"This course was amazing. There was so much detail that you will not find anywhere else. I really appreciate the attention to detail; from breaking down tough passages and learning how to combat a score plateau, to the ideal lighting to make the best use of your study space. Before taking this course I felt overwhelmed by the whole idea of the MCAT but this really helped me get my confidence back and find solutions to problems I was having. For me MCAT strategy is just as important as the subjects it covers, yet companies tend to neglect the importance of strategy. This course was excellent in providing MCAT test strategies as well as ways to maximize your MCAT studying. Thank you Dr. Pinesett! If this review does not speak enough to the excellence of the course check out his YouTube channel where he provides excellent content just to help us anxious pre-meds out! He's got our best interest in mind and the best part is the realness of his advice. It's hard to find authentic advice backed in scientific research but look no further; here is your one stop shop for everything pre-med. Much of his pre-med advice (test taking strategy, study habits, personal motivation) can be universally applied to other disciplines which makes these courses incredibly valuable."

Samantha Peralta


"This MCAT course isn't your typical BS that advises you to just study more and take better notes. It goes into actual detail about how to execute everything. You'll learn step by step how to create your own schedule, how to use it and how to stick to it. It covers all the possible resources while giving you flexibility in terms of which to use. Extra kudos for keeping it entertaining with memorable examples, great analogies and SINGING haha. I've memorized the signs of inflammation and Freud's ego theory for life thanks to Dr. Pinesett. P.S. Tips are applicable for any course or test you have, not just the MCAT!"

Sofiya Levi

Don't let all the reviews with 5 stars scare you away!

"I found Dr. Pinesett and this course at the time I was at my lowest; I was a "Study Hard" student and it was taking a toll on me as a person and an aspiring physician. This course not only gave me the tools to be a better studier for the MCAT, and for other tests and classes, but it poured gasoline on my little inner flame. Before, I had doubts about myself, but now I KNOW I can do it! Dr. Pinesett has adjusted my perspective to where I now have a big smile when I go to hit the books, knowing I am going to dominate. I feel more confident than ever in my medical pursuits and in my life, and for that, I am forever grateful. This is truly a course that does not give you a fish, but it teaches you to be the best fisherman you can possibly be. No excuses, just dominate!"

Patrick Powers

Dominate at Life!

"This course was a great wake up call for me and made me realize all the effort that goes into the becoming a successful Physician. This course was well structured, in-depth and informative. Every section challenges and encourages you to think beyond the scope of the MCAT. I'm truly thankful that Dr.Pinesett took the time out of his busy schedule to create this course because it really helped me put things in perspective. And now I have the tools to really sit down and Dominate the MCAT!!!!"

Sanah Zaib

A Well-thought out course with great passion from Dr. Pinesett

"Dr. Pinesett's course was a godsend. As a non-traditional student that has already gotten through undergrad, taken the MCAT twice,and had been rejected from medical school I can say that I needed a new perspective on studying and time management now that I'm almost 30 with a career. What I love about this course is that it is succinct, application-based, and very engaging. Dr. Pinesett has a lot of passion and it shows through this course. He goes through everything you need to know as a student and he understands the barriers that one must face in implementing a plan of action for MCAT success. For example, he is so thorough that he even outlines how to prepare your work space and minimize distraction for max output. He backs up his studying method with credible stats as well. So far I can feel the progress with this new paradigm of studying and I feel much more confident now that I have a road map. If you feel scattered and stressed out about the MCAT do yourself a favor and enroll in this course. Thank you Dr. Pinesett!"

Jordan (Accepted to multiple top med schools)

Awesome Course worth every penny


How to Dominate the MCAT Without an Expensive Prep Class

More affordable, more effective, more fun MCAT prep!