How Withdrawing from Classes Impacts Your Med School Application

premed Feb 16, 2020

If you’ve withdrawn from premed classes, you’re probably wondering how a future med school would look at it.

Check out today’s video to discover how it will impact you and what you can do about it.

  • “Whatever shortcomings you have in the past, you have the ability and the responsibility…you must step up to it and have the ability to overcome.”
  • If you’ve had a lot of Ws in your coursework or a low GPA, you’ve got to be honest with yourself about them. Don’t make excuses. Accept it for what it is.
  • Your med school application reflects on the person you are. Recurrent Ws translates to laziness. They say you do not grow and learn from your past mistakes and that you’re too lazy to rethink your strategies.
  • You know the obstacles in your life that might set you back. Maybe you’re working full-time or caring for family members or any other responsibility. Change your mindset and your strategies to be exceptional in school anyway!
  • If you want to dominate, you’ve got to do it differently than everyone else. Figure out what works for you. Overcome your difficulties to help you stand out.
  • Be realistic and learn from your past mistakes. Take a lighter course load, improve your study skills, do SOMETHING to change.
  • Don’t allow yourself to be average! It’s really as simple as that. Do whatever you have to do to be exceptional.


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