Med School Racism is Real, Sorry if it hurts to hear it!

premed Jul 09, 2020


Someone called me a racial slur today because I spoke the truth about the existing racism and discrimination in medical education. I find it unacceptable!


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We'll talk about racism because somebody called me a racial slur today, and I'm not happy about it. I've been trying to chill out, keep a low profile because you guys have been following me, know how I feel about race relations in America. You know how I feel about race relations for pre-meds, you know, how I feel about race relations from medical school admissions.
And so I'm trying to keep a low profile and I got some stuff pushed up for you guys next week. But today someone called me a racial slur, so I'm not going to tolerate it. So we're gonna talk about that today. And we're gonna talk about the facts and the reality behind racism and discrimination in med school admissions. And we're going to talk about the real deal about racism, existing discrimination, existing, and how that plays out for students and how this flip flam flip flops and people aren't paying attention. And we continue to have issues like what's happening this week. Uh, it's about over, so let's talk about it, but stop making excuses, stop whining, stop right. Get at it. No excuses just dominate. All right.
So I'm gonna apologize off the top guys. You guys know I'm a fiery individual and uh, I apologize for the rough course language in this video. If your children around plug their ears because tonight we're going to get a little uncensored is very, very important that we understand guys. It's the first thing you guys did not that's on this video. Cause a bunch of characters out there who want to say something and don't understand the freaking thing. And the very first thing I want to say guys is that because someone houses an unpopular opinion, whether their opinion is valid, whether it's not valid gives you no right to ever, ever call someone a name, particularly a name, a word associated with severe pain and trauma and devastation discrimination throughout time. And today somebody called me a Coon, a Coon y'all C O O N a Coon.
I'm a Coon. And I was perplexed at someone calling me a Coon, particularly because this person was a black college student who was telling another student who was excited to listen to me, take advantage of one of my free resources for you guys. As students were told not to support me because I'm a Coon, a gosh darn Coon. And the reason I was a Coon. Cause again, guys, I don't give no, Nope, no cares at all about people's inner feelings. If you have the goal to say something, you always gotta stand behind it. And whether you guys agree with me or disagree with me, I never backpedal from anything I say, because everything I say, I say exactly what the F what I mean, no, if and or buts about it, I don't have any sponsors. I gotta worry about nobody owns me. I can say exactly what I feel as a black man at 22, we live in America. I got all the right to say exactly how I feel. And I, the student, cause again, why not? Right? If you're going to call somebody a Coon back it up, and this is the problem with some of you young people, right? And this is why I'm wanting to have natural. One of those old graybeards, who says young people, but everything you say has meaning is substantial. It's something. And there is accountability to everything you say.
Does everyone understand what I'm saying right now? And just because you feel a certain way at any point, and as a physician who deals with skinheads neo-Nazis people who would spit on me. If I was the doctor, I'm here to tell you, just because you disagree with how somebody feels about you. You disagree with someone says, you can never, never, is it appropriate to call somebody a name? Never, never, never. This week, like every week black people are getting killed.
If you guys don't recognize the plight of the black person in America, you're sadly mistaken. And some of you guys going to tune out right now, like, Oh my gosh, these guys said, I say black power, 385 days a year. You don't have to ask me. I wish that I got black power a hundred percent of the time, just because I believe in black power doesn't mean I don't love everybody of any culture and race, but it's like saying black lives matter. I have to say it because not everybody understands that black people can be successful, that black people can be capable of. And it's terribly disappointing. It's terribly disappointing. When you have someone who's out here trying to help students giving up my time, I just got off a shift y'all that you wouldn't believe work on the COVID floor and I'm here and I'm on here. I gotta do my drive home. I'm getting messages from people saying, Hey, did you see this? Somebody blasts "You are a Coon and we shouldn't follow you". And you're against black people. And I asked the student, I said, hey, why don't you say that? And it's what the students said. Listen, the students said, you said, you blatantly said, it's more difficult for students from HBC use to get into medical school. And if you guys have seen that video or that podcast episode, it's 30, some odd minutes long. And in the video, I explain what you do.
Only acknowledging it this week. Apparently racism disappears every other 51 weeks of the year. But this week we've got racism. All of a sudden I said in the video if you go to an HBC, you, when you apply, they know you're applying from HBCU, which means statistically, you are what, a person of color. So if I'm just trying to be strategic and I'm trying to get students in a medical school and I'm trying to increase diversity, wouldn't it be a fair statement to say since most medical school admissions, people are not black. And because we actually have concrete studies that show admissions are racially and culturally bias. Wouldn't it make sense for me to say Hey before you go to an HBCU, it's a great experience? Lots of opportunities there. But think about some of the downsides to it.
One of which being, if you come out of HBCU, people are going to see HPQ and they're going to discriminate against you. Why? Because racism and discrimination, despite what people want to believe are perfectly real pap it every single day. And as a former student of color and now physician of color, we have to be upfront and we have to say 365 days of the year, just cause it hurts. Your delicate years. Racism is real being a student of color and higher education. No matter what color you are, that's a different journey. Being a black male in college. When no one looks like you and everybody assumes you're on the football team, the basketball team. What, what sport do you play? Why would you ask me that?
I wouldn't ask you that. Oh, because I'm black. I must be on a sports team. That's the only way I'm qualified to be here. So when someone says to you, Hey, listen, medical schools don't want to see your dark self in their school. Real talk that doesn't make me a Coon. And it's in the city. Like, like it's infuriating because I get lots of hate mail guys. You guys, I tell you all the time I get messages. I got called this morning before that happened in my inbox, I got called a porch monkey, which is always, my favorite always stands out to me this morning. I called a porch monkey by someone who said, essentially that I represent that I'm part of the fire of people being out here and doing protests. And I'm a porch monkey. And I expect that in my DMS and private messages, whatever you don't have, like, but we have to understand guys, racism is real. And my whole point is everybody points in this video is, am I outside protesting? No. Why? Because I don't believe that you being out in the streets.
Do you know what Donald Trump is doing right now? He's laughing. He's laughing. Why guys? Why would Donald Trump be laughing right now? Everybody marched the streets. I'm going to teach you guys some high-level strategy politics. Why is Donald Trump jumping for joy that people are taking to the streets in mass? Why is he laughing guys? Let's talk about it. As I said, I'll say the exact real that nobody else wants to say.
I'll say the uncomfortable stuff so we can save it here. Right? Why is Donald Trump laughing? Because it's the law of large groups. If you mob into the street with 500 people, with a thousand people, with 2000 people, there's going to be 1,999. People were there for the right reason who are there to say that, man, we are sick of being stomped on. It is unacceptable. There's a question of whether a black man who has a knee shoved into the back of his neck until blood flows from his nose. And he has a cardiac arrest. If that was justified, But you're going to have one knucklehead. Who's not there for the right reason. And it's going to grab a brick and it's going to throw that brick through a window. And that's a loud sound, the crane. And then the police are going to come. And then people are gonna say, wait a minute, we're peacefully protesting. Why are you coming to us? And then a skirmish ensues. And we know that as news, it's not biased. It's news thinking about ratings. Do I want to see a peaceful March on my news?
If I'm the average consumer, I want to see that car on fire. I want to see the hoodlum is breaking into stores. I want to see that. So now Trump can sit up there and say, look at these, look at these. As he said, thugs in the street, all of them. Okay? And now you have all these good people who have great intentions who are being lumped in with one knucklehead who probably isn't even their part of the protest, it's all about a visual. And if you guys can't see that and you guys don't understand about your careers, your image is everything. Because when medical admissions, what is it about medical schools are judging you on your image. You're saying, wait a minute. What does this student have to offer? And when I tell you, and again, I only talk from fact guys. I know for a fact, there are two schools, top tier schools that won't interview you. If you're from an HBC, do you hear me? No matter how excellent you are. They're like, Nah, don't want them. Don't want them. Don't want them. No, probably some darkies. Now we don't want, we don't need it here. Imagine that. And they'll tell me this because behind closed doors, and this is the whole point. If what Racism, when it's behind closed doors, people will spout that. How many of you guys know people who on their private profile, right? Or in their secret message group are Sam. I mean, I understand that maybe, maybe that guy didn't deserve to die, but why would you be in the streets? , these good lumps, these dogs. Right? And I'm using that vernacular. So you hear how, like, when I say hoodlum, what do you think of close your eyes? What do you picture? When I say thug, what do you picture? It's a language.
It matters. So think people who are In private saying all this nasty stuff, but then on Tuesday, Blackout Tuesday, they're gonna go ahead and post a little black square. Talking about black lives matter, Blackout Tuesday. I'm with the black people where you been the other five months at a year where you been the last 50 years where you been? I don't respect people who post one black square.
So yeah, I'm with the black people. Where are you at? When do you see somebody being actively discriminate against where are you at? When your group of friends is like, look at that. Darcie over there. Well, where are you at? Where are you at? So I watch, I want all you guys to watch because everybody I'm like, oh my gosh, we haven't seen anything like this ever. We haven't seen him with this ever. We've never seen a black man get killed for being black ever. Hmm. My God. We've never seen him. Wait. Let's get more specific. Have we ever seen a black man yelling out "I can't breathe"?. As the police officers proceeded to kill his black ass. Have we ever seen that? I'm going to have to think because as, as, as I recall, maybe this is the first time I've ever seen a black man yell. I can't breathe as he was being actively killed by the police. Have we ever seen this before? Anybody? Has anybody ever seen this before? Cause apparently this is the first time it's ever happened. It's just opened up our eyes. Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh. Black people are out here getting killed. Right? This is entirely new information for me. I don't understand how come no one told me about this. Such things have never crossed my eyes. Think about these guys. Okay. What has happened since the last time a black man was killed?
Let's be real about it. This guy got killed. Last week. There were other black people who got killed, got abused here in San Diego. We had a wrongful arrest that happened the day after they had footage and they still didn't release the guy. He's a minority. Perfect. My question to everybody. Who's posting black squares. Where are you next week? That's why I planned all my videos. I got stuff in the vault. I'm bringing the victim. I literally jumped off the phone. The fall today. One of my colleagues just talked and I bring up to him on the boy, Mark, just talk at UCLA grand rounds today, Took the time and I'm going to have him on next week. We ran through what he was going to say. And he spoke the message, the truth, the reality where he said, listen, I don't want y'all condolences today. Where you been my first couple of years in his program. When I was talking to you about racism. And this is my exact question. All you guys, don't let people gas you up and act like they're on your team. And they are on your team. I'm here every day. Every which way, talking to students to sawn all my students on here. No, I'm available. I don't want to hear everybody's black squares. Black lives matter this week. Where were you last week? Where you next week, Watch. I want you guys to watch all your feeds. I want to see if anybody next week is talking about black lives, right? Silly. You just said at one black post is just drowning out of the voices. What are we doing? Josh just said it. I'm still going to be black in America. I can't, I can't hide my black skin. Do you see me? Like that's a black male. It's black. You can see me from afar. We have to understand racism.
Discrimination is alive and well. And this is a two-sided three-sided four-sided topic. And the first thing I want to say is racism is alive and well, we have to acknowledge it. We have to speak it out. That's the first thing. The second thing is, is we have to stop with the segregation, with the division. We have to understand there's good people and bad people, all complexions, just because of somebody's black. Doesn't make them. My black brother. Did you want to just said just because somebody is black, doesn't make them my black brother, just because someone's white, doesn't make them right? My white oppressor. So please stop generalizing everybody. We're all individual people trying to do right by our families, by ourselves in search of love, such better lives for each other. There are bad people of every complexion. So it makes no sense to categorize groups, right? Black people thugs take to the street. We can't do that. That's the first thing.
The second thing is guys. Despite racism, despite discrimination. As I said in the video, in question, you can overcome all racism, all discrimination in 2020, you just gotta be mentally strong enough. And I say this because it's very important. There are people out there who will tell you because you're dark because you've been discriminated against because you don't feel comfortable in certain environments that you should quit. Take your black ass over to this side of campus, the athletics complex. Cause you don't belong in a serious scholarly environment. Do you guys understand That? And you guys have to be strong enough to say, no, I belong. Whether you think I belong or not, I belong. I will have my voice heard. I will have my vote counted. I will contribute to betterment. I will better myself. I will better. That's what we have to do. And as part of that, how do you fortify yourself against people's insults people, slides, people try to tear you down. You gotta be informed. You gotta be capable. And I say this and I say this. And I say this because people think showing up is enough. Um, and I'm, I'm like we, we have to understand. Nobody cares about your presence.
Nobody cares. Nobody cares that you're here because they attribute you to being an affirmative action. Admin. They think you are less then, right? Everyone was outraged. Maybe a month ago. People were sending the message, some guy on Twitter. And it was all over Reddit, I guess, premed Reddit. I don't read it. It was talking about how black people are forever inferior and will never be capable.
And they can't be good. Doctors and people were all outraged. I'm like, what's the outrage for What's the outreach for Is this new information. You thought that, Oh, everybody thought he was there. Cause she was capable. You thought everybody wanted to embrace you and say, Oh, come here a little darkie. Oh, Oh, little darkie. We're so happy. You're here. Do you guys understand? Congratulations Josh on the graduate black man moving up to higher education. And I say all this to say, A lot of my students are not black. A lot of my students are not minorities. Because again, it's about inclusion and about understanding where we come from and that we are all either a good person or a bad person. And that's not determined by your skin color. Does that make sense to you guys? I'm not saying protesting is wrong. I'm saying you protest this week. What's up next week, you protest this week. Where are you next week? What are you doing to make a difference? To change the narrative, to open pathways, to create opportunities for black men in America to have a different experience than a police officer with a knee in the back of the neck, because we were going to get into this. As I said, I've got a whole lot of we're going to get into this next week. Five days, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, I'm live all five days coming at you with myself and another black physician talking about racism in medical education and we're gonna get into it. And we're gonna Mark the session's parental guidance cause we're gonna get into it and get it wrong when you're real. But we all have to understand. I want to see where everybody's at next week. You heard it here. I want to see what, what are all these people? Black blah, where are they at next week? Because, and again, we'll talk about this next week from, we'll talk about new Orleans, but I want to ask you guys a question. You guys remember when new Orleans was hit real hard, right? With that water with the water was all coming through and it was like, Oh my gosh, it's all celebrity. Top of our private jet to go down there. We're going to save new Orleans. We're going to save new Orleans is a crisis.
It's a crisis. How's New Orleans look right now. Y'all were about to go new. One's got no problems. So new Orleans is built. I'm asking new Orleans is built. Cause I saw him on a private jet. They were down there. We believe in the people because this is ridiculous. There's a pressure, the disparity, but you want to have, but what else W where did, where are they at? What is new Orleans, current state? Do we understand what I'm saying right now? My question, all you young people who want to make a difference who have wonderful, wonderful energy and zest and feel like, man, this is my time to speak my words. I'm asking you a question right now.
What are you doing next week? Cause it's easy to post blackout Tuesday and follow a trend. But how many of you guys are going to be trendsetters going to be paving the way future pavers for the future to establish new precedence, a new experience? Or are you going to be like, Oh yeah? At one time I posted a black square.
I was there. Are you going to the person who's at the protest with your phone out? Oh yeah. I was at the protest. These videos. I'm in the thick of it. And you left at nine o'clock. Does everybody understand what I'm saying right now? Because everybody's in a gas. You walk about what's doing, what? And for anybody ever to call me any racial epithet I tolerate from nobody, Nobody we can go to blows about it. And I mean that in the real sense of the word I've done there come to blows at a conference before I'm not afraid to scrap about it because again, I don't have to answer to anybody. I don't care how you feel. I don't care how you feel about me.
I don't care if you don't respect black lives and you don't respect people, you don't humans and their feelings. You're trash. That's how I feel. And so if you can't show love to another person, if you can't act genuine towards them and have a genuine concern and care for your neighbor, you're a terrible human being, a terrible, terrible human being. And for people to be out here saying, well, yeah, it's sad. The black guy died, but they shouldn't be out here in the streets like that. It's the same argument every year. Different year. Same argument. Yeah. I understand. But a do it a different way. I understand. But, uh, I, but, but, uh, well, yeah, yeah, he really killed him. They might've killed him. They might've, we don't know he was high. He was on meth. He was on fentanyl. He might've died from that. No, no, no. Not the grown man with his knee on his back for a solid nine minutes that didn't kill him. It was the meth.
I'll tell you guys something. It's a secret. Don't anybody. Let me, you guys ready? Meth is a magical drug. I work in downtown San Diego. We are the meth and heroin capital of the world. Look it up. We're top five people come in on meth, perfect blood pressure. He would have headaches shot 10 times, 10 times get a little messenger system, blood pressure, one 20 over 80 drugs. Didn't kill him guys, whether he was positive or not. That's beside the point. And we're going to get into this next week. I'm telling you guys, I got it. Don't let people point you away from the real issue. Don't let people say, Hey, they're looting and turn you away from the people who are protesting.
Don't say, Hey, well they're protesting. And let people turn you away from what's really happening. And that a black man was killed unjustly by police officers. One on his neck, three, standing around doing nothing. What a harmless he's laying on the floor handcuffed. You can't stand on the back of his neck. His blood comes out of his nose. Don't let people distract you from the real issue. Don't post the black square and not be aware that rhymed on accident. Don't post a black square, not be aware and I'll continue this and we're gonna get into this. Alright, let me stop. Let me stop. But let me say this. As we talk about black lives mattering, I want everybody out there to understand this week. It's black life, but every single person out there and we can all, if you guys can be honest right now, and you can comment in the box of people can see this. How many of you guys feel like a minority in some way, not necessarily your skin color, but you feel like you're going through something you're struggling with something. Nobody else out there is struggling with you been through something, right? Want to say I was on a phone call with my student earlier today, right? Who was telling me that she was raised by a drug addict father who used to beat her abuser? And she felt like she was the only one going through that. And it messed her up and it messed up her career. And she did damage to her GPA early on different things.
And I've been with her now for a bunch of years, just like, yeah. You know, and we were just talking about her journey from going from that wounded place to a place of believing in herself and feeling empowered. And we were talking about our applications, applying to medical school. I'm so proud of her. She's empowered. And she's excited to tell her story in the application form and what I like. I speak my truth guys because I hope to give you guys the courage to speak your truth. Does that make sense to everybody? Like we are all citizens of the earth. We are all human beings and we all are hurt. We all are fragile in some way. We all have something more self-conscious about, we all doubt ourselves for something we all are going through things that we don't show other people.
And so if in 2020, you can't summon the humanity to say, damn, that's so wrong. They killed that man. If in 2020 you, for real, can't look in the mirror and say, forget everything else. You can't sit on the back, of a man's neck for nine minutes and try to justify it. If you don't have that kind of humanity, you didn't see his daughter on the television, his family, his mom, where's your humanity at people. It's not a bar. It's like, it's not a black issue. It's a human issue. Where is your guys as humanity to say, man, if my dad was killed in broad daylight, nobody witnessed it. How much would it hurt me? If people are like, well, what did he do? Do they really kill him? I think it was drugs. I imagine that like, Imagine guys, I'm just saying, just imagine, right? I imagine as a black man, who's been I'm guys and we'll talk about this. I've got a real-life instance with the police. I'm a large black man.
You guys see me in front of you. I'm 300 pounds. I'm a big ass guy. Police get behind me. I literally fall apart. I'm definitely afraid. And that may sound crazy, But I am definitely afraid of, I see a police officer, my whole blood pressure goes like get tense. I'm like the bullies are behind me. If you can't sympathize with the fear, with the adversity, that with the stress, with the anxiety that black people in America live with, man, y'all you like, you gotta have enough human and you don't understand what that's like is all I'm trying to say, like I said, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, I wasn't playing on top of this week. I'm gonna let all the trend, the trend, the wave riders. I'm gonna let all them blow their black square this week. And like I said, let's see, like I said, Monday, Tuesday, are you gonna plan Friday next week? Live every single day talking about it. Where are your guys as humanity yet for you guys out here post and say, I don't understand why they're so angry. I don't understand. I don't understand. He probably is doing something wrong. Please enter into that to me. Where is your humanity? Does everybody understand what I'm saying right now? And I want to pull something, right? I want you guys to see this. This is our mind. This is my student. Look at what he says, what happened to him was evil, but looting and writing and acting like savages helps nothing and set your cause back. You guys are going to read that some of you guys are gonna be angry, But it's his opinion. And if he wants to say that, he can say that And Armand, and this is gonna make some people give me a thumbs down right now and it's okay. I agree.
Armand. It's why I don't agree with protesting. Because like I said earlier in this video, there's going to be 99% people out there can be out there for the right reason. And it takes one knucklehead to act foolishly. And then everybody characterizes it. Is it as foolish And exactly what Armani is saying right now? I want everyone to pay attention to it. Cause exactly what our Mont is saying right now is what Trump knows. People are saying right now I asked earlier, I said, why is Trump laughing? This is why he's laughing. Does this make sense to me? Does it cause everybody right now, I want you to thumbs up or comment right now. And let me know. You want to shout out what I'm talking about. Understand. Now we're going to talk about degrees in rhetoric and, and angulations of arguments and perspective. We're gonna talk about this next week. Trust me, all I've been doing is filling up notebooks and Fuman. We're going to talk about it. Do you guys ever see what I'm saying? Do you guys understand what I'm saying right now? This is the point.
Pay attention. You guys are missing the big picture. Focusing on foolishness. That comment is because our mind is focusing on the wrong thing. Armand is characterizing the alluding and the writing and act like savages as the whole group, because of a few. It's just like in admissions. It's just like in higher education. If you are a person of color, you can't have an off day. You can't come in and you're torn-up jeans. Cause they'll assume you can't afford jeans. That doesn't have holes in them. They won't think you're fashion-forward. Right? Right. You're not a rich person dressing, hobo chic. You're just a poor black person. You guys got to understand what I'm saying right now.
Does everybody know what I'm saying? Right now? You gotta pay attention. Cause a bunch of people out here when I spent the truth and I say, Hey, listen, if you go to HBCU, they're going to assume you're a dark-skinned kid. And they may very well discriminate against you. I'm a, I'm a, I'm a what? I'm a Coon because I said they may discriminate against you. If you go to HBCU, which may make it more difficult for you to go to middle school. Right? And I went on for 30 minutes and I gave a whole bunch of reasons for HPC use. We got to pay attention and all that. He asked a great question. I'm supposed to be off already. You guys hear my kids is bedtime.
I'm not just beyond here. I just got off work. Just go to sleep right now. I'll let you just set the question, right? And it's what we're going to get into. We're going to talk about this. Casey went up but forever. Why can't you be black and be conservative And no shade? All smile said you can. But my question is when there is a black and he is conservative, what do we call them? And new Orleans. I'm talking about you, your name, Are you saying the protest shouldn't be happening because too many people are focusing on the few? Or should we educate about the bigger reason for these protests words, education y'all how come nobody has words anymore? Does it like, There's nothing wrong. It's not political.
It's a human issue. You can be conservative. And people filled the box up, right? Call my uncle, Tom a trader a right. You laugh at Kanye for his beliefs. I laugh at Kanya for beliefs, his beliefs. Not because he supports Trump, but because he can't explain logically why he supports Trump. Does that make sense? Does that matter? So what I'm saying here, if you want to be conservative, if you want to be racist, I know plenty of races. I have no problem with a racist. Be racist. You're racism going to stop me from succeeding. Instead, I'm going to use my words to educate you, to inform you, To show you why you're wrong. I'll argue with you, but we can dialogue about it. I don't, I don't block you unfriend. You know, let's talk about your racist. What's going on. Why you feel so angry? We got to educate people. We've got to educate people. I got to go guys. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, five days in a row at 5:00 PM. We're talking blackness. We're talking black power. We're talking racism. We're talking discrimination. We're talking about degradation. We're talking all of it. Does everybody understand? We're going to get into it. Reverse racism, enter race racism. We're going to talk about all the issues because it's more than a black square. It's more complex. And let me ask this question.
I'll leave for all my people of color for all my black males. When you saw that guy with the head-on with the knee on the back of his neck, what were your feelings? It wasn't just straight anger. Wasn't your straight rage. What were your feelings? It's very complex. There's a lot of feelings that go into it. Cause there's a whole lot of layers, of complexity that people may never grasp. And so next week we are going to try. I'm gonna try to come back as many of those letters as I can as many layers as I can as many letters as I can. And we're gonna talk about the other thing. This is what I'm actually really excited about. This is to talk about sexism because it's part of this minority women have a different shape than minority men and experienced the pain of it differently. And we're gonna talk about that too because just the people talk about anti-racism it's the same premise we've been talking about for women. Anti-racism is that new? No, we're saying, Hey, don't just say I'm not racist saying you're not racist and allowing your friend to be racist. That's not sufficient.
If you see a woman being sexually harassed, sexually assaulted, mistreated, and you don't step up, you're just as bad. And how many times? And I'm just gonna be honest. I'm discussing sometimes shedding knows I'll break from the formation. I see women being degraded and nobody's saying anything well, that's their business. They're in a relationship. This is a woman being physically, verbally assaulted by her significant other spouse, whatever. And you guys are going to sit around a watch and say, Oh, I don't want to interject in a relationship. We're going off on a tangent. But watching a girl, watching a woman B Beat up by a man. That's just as bad as watching law enforcement kill a black man. If you see discrimination, if you see someone being taken advantage of and you don't step up, it's unacceptable. You're just as culpable. You're an accomplice. After the fact, you guys gotta step up, Right? Ariana says I'm Hispanic and people have been racist to me forever. Right? I hope there is a change. And that's the point is that we can hope for change. But until there is change, Shoot, Until there is change, you gotta, you gotta rise above it. And I'm constantly telling my students. I say, no excuses. Just dominate. Not because I know that there's Oh, we don't have obstacles. There are a million obstacles. But you can either say, Ooh, that's insurmountable. Or you can step up and say, Nah, I got it. I got it.
I'm going to get it done. We got to recognize. And we ask, how do you have people in the room? We're going to talk about that next week. We're going to talk about it next week. You guys understand she has talked about when I first got arrested at the airport. It's all right. Cause I won't stand for it. If there's someone being abused, I'm not gonna stand for it. I was gonna rush to the airport. It's all good. Right? You guys got to understand. I don't have a tolerance for people to degrade. Other people. Bullying is over guys. You guys got to step up for one another. If you guys want to know how we get other people in the room, how we change things, you got to be an advocate in how you act and how you deliver. And you support other people. You can't just live like a turtle in your shell and protect yourself. Does everybody understand what I'm saying right now? It's very important. We're going to talk about COVID black people. So that's about six sessions. Don't let people fool you and, and distract you from the real issue. Oh yeah. Black people drink and do drugs. That's why they died from COVID. Black people eat unhealthily and drink too much alcohol. That's why they died from COVID gotta pay attention guys because there are people every single day who you see and you know, are suffering and you don't lend a helping hand.
You don't lend a shoulder. You don't say, Hey, how can I help you? And that's foul period. And that's all I'm trying to say, I get this. It's not going to be popular video, whatever I don't give to you though. What's cause again, I'm not out here for followers. I don't care. What I care about is truth and honesty and making the world a better place. And if you don't stand up for your neighbor, your weak sauce to be, and you're not a human being. If you see anybody being mistreated, I see people out here, the dog is in the freeway, stopping dogs, being abused, gaping dogs back. What about the people? Every day, the homeless people get kicked off the side of the road.
What about the Holy people? You step over. You have a good citizen. I help out people help them. That's all I'm trying to say. We're off-topic, but I'm just like, I can't understand why everybody wants to act like there's somebody, but you treat the PR. You want to make a big difference. I want to, I want to be a doctor so I can heal people. Change the world, help the person right in front of you. Right. And you see, as I said that, I got thumbs down. Do you see that? Cause it hurts people to hear that they're dropping the ball while they're like, Oh yeah. When I become a doctor, I'm going to help my community, help the community right now.
Where are you at? Make a difference right now, there is somebody in your neighborhood who needs your help. That kid you see who looks all disheveled, visibly soiled. He needs your help. Get out there and mentor him. And I know people like I said, thumbs down or ran again on me right now. It's okay. I know it hurts you to hear this, but if you're not there for your neighbor, you're slipping. You can talk to all the big games. You can post your black square. You can post a picture of you down at the soup kitchen. But where are you? The other three 64 days. Sure. You drop some cans off for Thanksgiving, but where are you at the rest of the year? Helping the homeless. So what I'm saying, everybody got to choose. Everybody got to choose racism. Discrimination is real. And if we can't acknowledge it, we've lost the battle. And if we can't say that, just because something's not happening to me, that you can't sympathize with it, You can't sympathize. How are you going to be a physician?
But you can't recognize another person's pain. You can't understand what they're going through this week. So anyway, I'll see you guys bud day, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, next week, 5:00 PM. We'll talk about it. We'll see everybody have a good night.


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