Overcoming Imposter Syndrome and Achieving Success in College

student success Feb 16, 2020

If you suffer from Imposter Syndrome, you’re probably worried that you’re not enough and you don’t have what it takes to achieve your dreams.

Watch today’s video to learn how to get past Imposter Syndrome to achieve success in college and success in life.

  • Imposter Syndrome can hit us all. But you’ve got to move past it if you want to achieve your dreams.
  • First, remember that it is YOUR DREAM! YOU are going to care more than anyone else about whether you achieve your dreams. So, YOU have to do what it takes and ignore what anyone else says.
  • Second, only YOU can make the dream real. When you’re worried about other people’s opinions, you’re not focused on improving and putting the work in. Don’t be paralyzed with the thought of being an imposter.
  • Put the work in to make yourself great! You can’t achieve any dream without hard work. Outwork anyone in your way. Buckle down and DO IT.
  • Increase focus on your goals. Don’t get distracted! Narrow in on your goal and get it done!
  • Gain the knowledge you need. Make reading and learning a habit. Don’t get lazy!
  • Third, don’t let your nay-sayers to be right! YOU get to decide whether they’re right and whether you’re actually an imposter. Don’t let it happen!
  • Ignore anything and everything that’s putting you down. Ignore what’s not serving you. Get real about what you need to achieve success in college and in life. Be honest about what you have to change, and then DO IT.
  • Get angry! Think about everyone who’s put you down or slighted you. Use that anger as motivation to make you outwork anybody and prove everyone wrong.


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