The 3 Things Holding You Back from a 520 MCAT Score

premed Feb 16, 2020

If you’re preparing for the MCAT, you obviously want the highest score you can get.

Watch today’s video to discover your three biggest obstacles and how to overcome them.

  • When it comes to the MCAT, your three main obstacles are time, stamina, and anxiety.
  • We can remove the anxiety by preparing to the fullest extent. This is why we take MCAT prep courses and full-length practice tests galore.
  • For stamina, you should be taking several full-length tests to help you get used to increase your concentration for the entire time frame.
  • You also want to get used to testing fast so you can eliminate the top factor: lack of time.
  • The MCAT designers know you’re smart, so they make the time limit so short to test how quickly you can work under pressure.
  • You want to aim to use just 60% of the allotted time to finish the MCAT. You’ll likely end up using around 75% of the time, which still gives you a huge buffer.


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