When Should you Submit 2020 Medical School Application to AMCAS?

premed Jul 04, 2020


Submitting your medical school application early and complete is important to your med school admissions chances.

In this episode, I will break down the latest 2020 AMCAS med school application timeline and let you know the best time to submit your application to maximize your med school admissions chances.


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Because singing makes it really interesting. So I was singing yesterday during a coaching session and as I was uploading and I was like, you know what? This is kind of just my personality. So if you guys coach with me, I like to sing. And so I thought I'd have some fun yesterday. And I announced that if you could guess my favorite power ranger, I would give you a free course enrollment in my application course. And so the person who correctly guessed my favorite power ranger is Celene R 13. So Celene R 13. You are the winner of my med school application course. Yay. Everyone applaud. Everyone Clap for Celene.  A good morning. 
Good morning, Jackie. Good morning, Vanessa. We are live-action right now. And so why have you guys live? I want to talk and I always want to teach, right? So I'm going to educate you guys a little bit about this med school application cycle, Mike, what's up, man. Uh, so there's a lot happening with this school application cycle.
People are perplexed by what's happening, um, with the cycle, but I want you guys, I continue to reiterate this. Do not panic. It's going to be okay. Things are changing. Things are adjusting, but as long as you're doing what you're supposed to do, as long as you're a competent applicant, as long as you're applying early, all right..... Dr. W Malique is in the house, right? Uh, good morning Marina. Uh, then it's going to be okay, but everyone is acting like a sky is falling. You got a bunch of knuckleheads out there. You don't know what they're talking about, telling you guys to worry about this and worry about that. And I continue to tell my students I'm that worry about what you can control, which is be prepared for your Mcat and bang for your application in terms of when you should be submitting your application this year it's different than other years. And even in other years, you will get it wrong. But normally I always say that you should be submitting your application in June or early July at the latest.
If you want to have the best and the most consideration of your application, people who tell you that it doesn't matter to apply early. Don't know what they're talking about. Applying early is crucial is integral is important. It matters. So make sure you guys made your application early with this cycle. Things you guys are not the only people who are lost in the chaos of COVID and WMC updates.
Medical schools are also scrambling to figure out what they're gonna do, both with their current medical students and also what their entering classes. What do you do for interviews? We'll get it for application processing. So they're also going to be delayed. So therefore for this cycle, it is okay to submit your application in June, July, or August, June, July, or August. And if you didn't catch it, I posted last week, I talked about this, but already schools are coming out and announcing that they're going to be allowing students to submit their application before they're in CAD is back normally to be seriously considered...
Brent. I will tell Shannon happy mother's day happy. Mother's get all the mothers out there, right? It's a beautiful thing. Happy mother's day to my mother. Happy, happy. Mother's day to my Shannon who raises my children. So happy mother's day, all the mothers out there. It's an awesome day to celebrate mommy's because I know without mommy's right. Am I the only one without your mommy? You wouldn't be where you are. So we should absolutely a hundred percent celebrity.
Those moms out here who always sacrifice, who always give for us. Right? Always look out for us. We're always that shoulder to cry on. Particularly the application season. How do you guys call your mom during application season and be like, Oh my gosh, my life's a waste. They're not going to accept me. What's going on. Right?
How many guys are doing that with application cycle, mommy, please make me feel better? I remember I used to call my mom all the time in medical school and tell her how I wasn't going to continue. And I was like, you know, this is the day. This is the day I'm dropping out today. I've had it, I'm over it. Right? I'm like all this work I'm over it. Uh, but I stayed the course. So big mama shout out. Exactly. I'm just a big mama's boy. Uh, as Bridget said. So anyway, so with this application cycle, we have to understand that medical schools are also scrambling. A lot of medical schools have gone home.
So you have people who normally review applications who are at home or not on campus, or whose schedules are all over the place. I myself am working a lot more in the hospital than I normally do. And so what's going to happen with application processing. It's going to be delayed. And so normally as applications come in in June and July, they come in and there's kind of a low because people leave and take a vacation in August and they come back and September and review, particularly us, West coast people. We love to take vacations, which is why the UC applications right. They are always slow with their secondaries and we take a vacation. Um, but so this cycle, you're going to have a lot of people who are off-campus, who can't coordinate, who can't make admissions decisions. And so it's going to definitely slow down the process.
So if you guys can get your MCAT scheduled this summer, June, July, or August, and you can get your application in, in June, July, or August, you're in a good spot for this cycle medical schools. I know I talk a lot of trash and everyone talks a lot of trash on WMC and on medical schools, not caring about you guys, but they're going to give you guys a little bit of Slack, a little bit of leeway this cycle in terms of having your M cat together, having your application together. But when you do submit, it's important that you guys submit competently, right? And completely.
So I just want to come on and give you guys that message this morning. If you guys are freaking out about when to apply, it's okay to cycle June, July, or August, you will be fine. Right? If everyone understands is everybody has if I've reduced your stress just a little bit this morning, like this video right now, let me know that I'm speaking to you right now while I'm on here, we're talking med school applications. Let's talk about it. Emmanuel just joins on here.
What up Emmanuel comes to shadows me and then just falls off the face of the earth. I haven't seen him since tears in my heart. Do you guys have any questions about medical applications? It's application season my app kit, my application boot camp is ball and yard right now. I love it. We have such a great group. This cycle. I'm really excited.
We get to interact every week and help each other, put our applications together. So it's beautiful. Beautiful stuff, Rebecca. Good morning, Ashley, what is that? Yeah. So how many I wish I had a chance to tell you. Yeah, I wish to, uh, unfortunately with all this COVID stuff, man, it's going to be a while before you guys were able to shadow. And actually, I think it's a while before you guys should, should actually shadow that's the truth, right? Because why expose yourself unnecessarily to COVID? I always tell people I'm like, what good is it? If you're sick and you can't go to medical school, what good is that little shout out opportunity you got? So I encourage all of you guys to think about your health.
First. Nothing's more important, right? This is a mental health awareness time. I think it was like last week or last month, be aware of your mental health, be aware of your physical health, make sure that you are safe. And you're caring about yourself first because you can't care about yourself. You can't take care of yourself. You can't take care of patients. Uh, as a reminder, before I answer this next question, Celene R 13. If you're on here, you have one, my med school application course. Um, so Julissa, I just answered that question. Yes. So you can send your application in without a Mcat score this cycle. And this is the only time that's gonna happen for you guys.
To submit your application. If you guys have already taken the MCAT and you have a low score, don't submit your application. Cause schools will still see that low score. So you, if you're in a bad spot if you took it and you did low versus the people who had not taken it yet and who were slackers and hunting their empty Mcat, yet someone just asked, can I have your application course? Uh, no. Are Arthur to team one, the application course today, but I'll tell you, that's what I will do you guys since you asked for it, um, how about a flash sale? So I have to make a link, but I'm going to post the link in my bio.
And only if it's a video and for the next three hours, I'll make my application course. How much should I make my application? Course not free for three hours. How much you guys want to pay for it? I'm a man of the people. Guys. I take it to a vote. How much you guys are gonna pay for it. My application course is only $399. How much do you, which is super affordable already, but how much you guys pay for it? The first number that goes in the box wins People like I'm playing right now. 30% off. Okay. That wins. Okay. So instead of 30% off, I'll tell you what I will Double that. So we'll do 60% off. Merrill said 30%. So I'll post 60% off my application course for three hours.
Okay. So give me five minutes dish and I'll post a link on my bio and under the video for three hours, 60% off. All right guys. So someone has a resume and says, should we apply without having shadowed a doctor? Uh, you shouldn't apply this cycle without having a shadow doctor, but going forward, like I said, shadowing is gonna be a lot different than it has been in the past.
You're not going to get shadowing opportunities. So in the future, I think that clinical I'm experienced in the form of shadowing is going to be devalued. I think the only you're gonna get clinical opportunities are actually paid clinical opportunities where you're contributing to the clinical environment because of the liability of having people around. When you have something that's contagious as COVID popping off.
So I say, if you don't have Clinkle chatting right now, you shouldn't be applying to cycle. But for the next cycle, I think it's going to be different. You're gonna start seeing announcements coming out about how their perception of if you should, the shadow is going to change. Because I, as I said, I don't think I'm a doctor. I have to go to the hospital. How was the hospital yesterday? I don't think you go to two days ago. I don't think you guys should be going to the hospital right now, Anthony. Yeah. Get the course. So I always say so people always like, I like I'll be like, so imagine this. How many of you guys have a friend who always shows up five minutes late?
How many guys have a friend who you go to pick up? And you know, every time you go to pick them up, they are not going to be dressed. How many guys have that friend where you show up? And you're like, Oh my gosh, they're not going to be ready. I better have my, okay. I got some good games on my phone today.
Do I have some good music to sit in here because they're not going to be ready? Then I start putting their clothes on it's right. Landon says that's you? Yeah, exactly. As soon as you get there, they are putting the clothes on. That's the equivalent of waiting to get informed about the medical school application process during the application cycle.
It's like people who wait to figure out about the Mcat right before the Mcat, you're scrambling to get your clothes on. You know, you can't find that one cute outfit. You have Rebecca, right? Rebecca put her hand up. You know, when you scrambled last minute, you can't find that one top. It's that one top that makes you look amazing. It makes your eyes pop and you can't find it. Cause you're scrambling to get dressed. That's what last-minute information is like. So I encourage all students. You guys should be actively involved. As soon as you decide that you're premed. You want to go to medical school, you should be making moves to get informed, to get educated, to get in position, to create opportunities, to build a premed resume, to build your medical future. Right? Because it's those people who are preparing, who are working towards their goal, who are going to be successful. And I can't tell you, it's always heartbreaking. When I hear these stories of people who are seniors, who don't know what to do to get in a medical school.
It's like, how do you not know? You're a senior, you spent four years sacrificing yet. You've been sacrificing for something you don't even know is going to pan out. It sounds ridiculous. Victor, what up? Oh yeah. Shadowing international accounts. So you guys who have been on medical mission trips, right? Those are great opportunities to get shadowing, to get an impact on working with vulnerable populations, and to see how healthcare is different. Right? So international shadowing counts as well. Exactly. Tanti that's like the Cardinal sin. It cracks me up like, right. I'm going to, I'm going to anesthesia attending now you CST. Right? So I teach residents and medical students and it boggles my mind. How medical students show up late. Like the case starts at seven. We've been here since six setting up and you roll in at seven Oh five talking about, can I put the tube in the negative? Right. That's a terrible 10 is exactly right. It's horrible, it's the Cardinal sin of medical school. You are late to stuff guys. Cause it's about professionalism. You guys are physicians, right? Don't you guys hate him? You guys were the doctor and your doctor's late.
What up? Okay. You emailed me this morning. Who's having some financial hardship. And so yes. Holly. I will honor your request and, and acknowledge your hardship and hook you up anyway. Just cause I care about you, Holly. Well, there's a question. Submission thing over here. Let's see this. Dr. P our mayor in DC announced she wasn't opening up until August. I was wondering if she does and open up test centers, how's it going to go? Or something like that? I can't address the question. Maybe I can scroll through it. I don't even know how to do that. Uh, I was wondering she doesn't what up test centers what's gonna happen? And this has been my whole thing this whole time is everyone is thinking that June M cat test dates are a for sure thing. And I actually don't think so. I think that, um, what's going to have to happen is much like other, uh, other tests have done like the GRE, like sat like AP tests. I think that they're going to have to let students test at home. If they expect to get in June test dates, I just don't see. And it was so funny. Like, this is hilarious. People like just, this is off topic on topic. We're talking to the application, we're going to med school. Don't pre-med stuff.
Right? So if you guys are still with me, if I haven't lost you in my state of delirium, cause I don't sleep much anymore. I love you too. My bud, Jerry wants to hide. This is live-action. Right? My son comes in here and says, good morning. Let me know. He loves me. That's beautiful. Let me feel good about myself. Um, it's funny how people crack up about basic stuff. Like there was, uh, someone was sharing like it's been going around. I've seen it like three or four times on my Facebook feed. Oh my gosh, guys. The news is just in, we've been socialistic inside, but studies show that outside, you're less likely to transmit the virus-like obviously right. Is that breaking news? Okay. So if someone's sick, let's go sit in a small room with them like that. Like, is that not right? Like people like, Oh my gosh, this is groundbreaking. If we're outside, we're less likely to get infected. We should open up the beaches. No, cause you guys go out there and you sit shoulder to shoulder at the beaches. That's the problem. So the same premise is with the test center, you're locked into a confined controlled space with high touchpoint areas. You got to fingerprint in, you gotta use the mouse, gotta use the keyboard, touch the desk, touch the chair, everyone traffics to the same door.
That's a high rate of infection. So I think testing centers, I don't know. I think they're going to have to let people test at home. If they're going to do a June test date, I still think that you guys should be signed up for those June and July test dates just in case something happens. Like they do go I'm at home or they do actually happen. But I just feel like it's going to be tough for you guys to get into a room. And we're going to ask you yes. All my courses are lifetime access guys. If you're on one of my courses again, I want you to get informed early and to be able to stay with me forever. I want the learning to never stop. Never see.
So I just want to constantly teach you guys what is up? Good morning, Danny. Good morning. And Dan, I got your email too. Yes. The answer is yes, Danny, to all your questions this morning. Good morning, dr. P mcat says if you have had a lot of volunteer within other experiences, what's the best way to highlight that on your application. So, guys, I think people overcomplicate the medical school application. People try to do all these like tips and tricks and hacks. And if you guys have ever listened to me before I hate tips, I hate tricks. I hate hacks. I think it's absurd because if you think about it, right? If you think about even what medical school is all about, what is being a medical professional? So lets after the book, I'll ask you that before I answer it rubbish, we're here to teach and learn. What does it mean to be a medical professional? So what does a medical doctor embody? Why do we go to medical school? Why don't we go to residency? What does that mean to you guys?
Right? Dr. Falsey is coming out and talking about coronavirus. Who are these people? What does it mean to be a physician? Do you guys, so if I'm a medical school, I'm asking you, what is being a doctor embodied to you? What does that white coat mean? What does it symbolize? Good morning. Good morning. Good morning. The team of good morning. I like what Victor just said. They'll get into my course and you will know exactly what to do. If you guys didn't hear, we took a vote and Meryl asked for a 30% discount on my application course. So I said, I'll double it. And for the next three hours, as soon as I end this video, there'll be 60% off my med school application course. 60%. There we go. Val, Here we go. Val said it. Okay. What is being a medical professional about it's thorough and evaluated practice and experience? So my question to you guys is if you were trying to be an expert in medicine if you're trying to perform at a high level of medicine, that's what it requires. Then why would you not take the same approach to premed and the same approach to studying? Why would you not want to be an expert? Why would you want not to want thorough and thought about and structured systems as opposed to one-off tips, tricks, and hacks that leave you empty? Does that make sense? Right? I think it's Tasha is your first time on live.
What up, right? Does that make sense? Everybody? Like why? Like it boggles my mind. If you're saying your whole objective is to become a medical expert and you understand that treating patients effectively requires in-depth thorough knowledge, then how can you expect to premed? And how can you expect to be an effective superstar student? If you're relying on just the tip, the crust, the surface of the information you need to survive. Right? Do you guys know what I'm saying right there? So when we talk about the application, a lot of you guys right here, listen to busters who don't know what they're talking about. They want to give you a tip. Cause that's all they got. Can we be honest?
Right? And I actually, it's so funny. The prompting, what am I doing? I've got a super long email for my students yesterday who was like furious because apparently one of these internet polls out here was talking trash on me. And so what's hilarious, right? Is that all these people are internet superstars. I'm not an internet superstar. You guys see,
I don't have any following. I'm a real-life superstar. So I thought it'd be fun. And I'm going to start a new segment. We're gonna start doing regularly called death to premed posers, where I'm going to filet and I'm going to lay out the truth about some of these want to be. So we're on the internet, poaching, you guys and taking you guys like money. We don't know what they're talking about. So I thought it'd be fun. So actually I'll announce it right here. If you guys see some poles or on the internet spouting, something that you know is not true. Cause you listened to the truth right here. I want you guys to send it to me and I'm going to start putting people on blast and laying them out and bringing in the research studies and the articles and really breaking down the truth.
Cause I think it's time out, right? Like the internet has gotten this whole thing where people I'm like, I look at the ridiculous of the people post and it's bad for you guys. And so like for me, I'm already into medical school, right? I already became a doctor. But for you guys, it sucks because you got a lot of people out there who are perpetuating false lies that make you feel bad about yourself. That makes you feel incapable, which makes you feel confused befuddled and you can't create a clear path to medical school. And I think that's terrible. So I had enough of it. So we're going to be deaf to premed posers. And you guys know I don't have to be polite to anybody cause I need not anyone to be me. Does that make sense to everybody?
So I don't care who you are, what you got it's that season. So to your question, uh, as we got off track there to your question, Kat, how, if you have had volunteer within other experiences, what's the best way to highlight that on an application, the best way to highlight anything on your application. There are two objectives to the application. So that simple guy, the two DS, the medical school admissions, my students know what they are distinct and distinguished, distinct, and distinguished. If you do an activity and that activity you haven't in some way, made a unique, which is the distinct part contribution. If it doesn't speak to your uniqueness, it's not a good activity. The second thing is if you haven't been distinguished, meaning you haven't been excellent in that activity, it doesn't mean anything. This is the reason why hospital volunteering and shadowing is not going to get you into medical school. Why? Because by definition, shadowing is a passive exercise where you cannot make an impact. So you can't hang your hat. Hector, I see your comments. I just can't read all that fast, right? If, if what, by definition, if you're shadowing, it's passive. If you're volunteering, you're standing in the background, you're a supporting character. So then how can you be making a meaningful contribution to things? Right? I feel like there are a lot more meaningful ways to volunteer. For example, I have a student, right? Who does, uh, I always botch it. Tai Chi. He does Tai Chi for the elderly. So he actually gives them himself, goes out and he teaches formal classes at senior citizens centers teach them to touch. He gives himself right baller, heart free. Right? And that's an activity that is something that he's passionate about because he studied it for a long time.
He's taken and become excellent at it. And expert enough to where people trust him to teach other people. And then he's translated that into helping other people who are in need of elderly people who want to be balanced, who want to be right. We want to keep from falling. Does that make sense? So does that answer your question? Kat that's unique, right? How many people teach Tai cheetah, old people, for free and help them out. Yeah. Right. Think about that guys. If you guys know what I'm saying right now, like this video we're at 22 minutes.



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