How to Dominate Premed: The Definitive Guide

Everything you need to know to be a successful Pre-med so you can get into Medical School.


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Getting into Medical School is Hard

Less than half of all applicants gain acceptance

52,777 people submitted an astonishing 849,678 applications

Of those, only 21,622 gained admission.

That means despite sacrificing everything and working as hard as they could, nearly 60% of the applicants had to face the sting of having medical schools tell them that their effort was for nothing and that their doctor dream is dead!

Take charge of your medical school future!

So many pre-meds sleepwalk through college, never learning what medical schools are actually looking for until it is too late. They spend hours and hours in forums getting partial and superficial guidance that leaves them in a state of perpetual uncertainty.

They make poor choices, waste time in meaningless extra-curricular activities, and are left with a generic, average, and unappealing application.

 I am the Medical School Admissions Expert you have been looking for.
Unlike the bozos you’ve encountered elsewhere, I go beyond just vagaries, beyond just lists of requirements. In this course, I have laid out step-by-step instructions for not only meeting medical school admission requirements, but for crushing the requirements and making yourself a must-have candidate. This course is packed with insider information and high-level strategy that you can’t find anywhere else. It is filled with literally everything you need to know to become the perfect premed, removing all the uncertainty you feel about what you need to do to get into medical school.

After this Course:

You won’t need to search the internet endlessly, only to find vague, questionable answers.

You won’t need to pay thousands of dollars for a pre-med advisor.

You’ll be able to make a personalized pre-med masterplan and be 100% confident you can execute.

You’ll be able to enjoy pre-med and avoid disastrous missteps

You’ll have a significantly better understanding of admissions than any of your friends, you’ll be your own pre-med expert.

You’ll have a pre-med resume full of exceptional achievements that stand out.

Ultimately, you will be able to work smarter, get into medical school and live your dream of helping people.



“This course has completely changed my outlook on my premed preparation. There are so many aspects I had never even considered. I now know that I will have a very strong application when it is "My Year" to apply. You would think that with more information I will likely be doing more work. Wrong! I discovered I was doing way to many things and that my activities did not have the depth and breadth to make me stand out from other applicants. So now I have cut down tremendously on what I am focusing on and instead I am dominating those activities and defining my "X Factor". YOU WILL NOT need any kind of premed coach after you have taken this course, and you will likely be helping other premeds you know! Buy it today!”

- Kyle Boyd

Hi Pre-Med Family and Prospective Premed Community Members,

I hope you get into this course as soon as you realize you want to pursue medicine. I got in this course after submitting for an application cycle where I was overconfident and unprepared. The full course (as opposed to Dr. Pinesett's application focused course) was important to me because even though I went through undergraduate studies ages ago, that portion put everything into perspective for me.

Having this course is amazing because it is like Dr. Pinesett has uploaded himself into the computer as my own personal coach with audiovisual effects, play and repeat on demand. The platform is friendly for any device you use, I have used Samsung tablet, iPhone and MacBook Pro. If you have any question on how to execute your Pre-med career and the application for medical school, get in now and always have access to this great resource.

Realize, that even as a non traditional applicant, when you realize you want to apply to medical school, you qualify as Pre-Med, and you need this course. I was able to eliminate my doubts and become my own expert application preparer. As Dr. Pinesett advises, you can challenge the advice here by looking at other internet and live person sources of advice.

I found that I was able to debunk the other information I found and I knew exactly what to do.

If you think something is not in the course, reach out to Dr. Pinesett, he will make sure it is covered. He is real, and the genuine article. Get in the webinars, follow him on social media and the community will come to life for you. This course and all of what Dr. Pinesett provides will be the best investment choice you could make for yourself. It is worth more than the full price and you can not beat the value. Do yourself the service. See you inside!

Best wishes in all that you do,


Medical Student

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This is your chance to stop being average, take control of your life and unlock your greatness, don’t let it pass you by!



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On signing up, get access to:

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Hi, I’m Andre Pinesett, M.D., M.P.H.

a Stanford Medical School Graduate, and I am here to help you transform into an unstoppable, stress-free student.

As a low-income, first generation college student I always felt that everyone else was better than me. I spent my first year of college sitting in lectures completely confused and overwhelmed. But, I was too self-conscious to ask questions or seek help. I thought getting A’s was impossible because I wasn’t as smart as the other students. My college counselor confirmed my suspicions when I met with her at the end of the year. She told me that I wasn’t exceptional and that I didn’t have what it took to get into medical school.

I was heart-broken at first, but that hurt turned into heat. It lit a fire in me to become exceptional and prove her wrong. My mantra became “No Excuses, Just Dominate” and I committed myself to following 3 key principles: Start Early, Study Smart, Finish Strong. This changed my life forever and allowed me to become a stellar student and get into Stanford Medical School. 

My passion is helping students be their best and over the last 15+ years, I have helped thousands of students get better grades with less stress and achieve their goals. This course will remove all the harmful beliefs and ineffective strategies you have and replace them with the tools you need to establish a strong foundation for unlimited success!

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Less than half of all med school applicants gain acceptance. Why, because many pre-meds rely on superficial, questionable advice. This course allows you to take charge of your medical school future and will save you from that terrible fate. It will teach you everything you need to know to become the perfect pre-med, craft the ultimate application and get into medical school. It is like having me as your own personal adviser on-demand.

How to Dominate Premed: The Definitive Guide

Everything you need to know to be a successful Pre-med so you can get into Medical School.