5 Pillars of Studying Less and Getting Better Grades

How would you like to study less & get better grades?

Now you can with my life-changing system for studying smart that will turn you into an efficient, independent and unstoppable student!


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What’s the secret to being a successful student?

It’s Studying Actively and Consistently

That’s it, it is just that simple.

“The course not only shows you exactly what you need to succeed academically, but it also gives you the tools to live the way you want to live. That's powerful.”

Evans Okonkwo

Now, let me ask you this, if you know what it takes to be a successful student, why aren’t you as successful as you want to be? Seriously, take a second and ask yourself, if you know what you have to do to succeed, why aren’t you the student you want to be? Why are you always strapped for time? Why aren’t the A’s you do get as satisfying as you know they should be? Why do you dread studying?

I’ll tell you why, it's because there is a HUGE difference between knowing WHAT to do and knowing HOW to do it!


The 5 Pillars of Studying Less & Getting Better Grades

is a fool-proof study system that brings together the latest research in mindset, neurocognition, time management, and studying with 15+ years of my own trial and error working with students.

This is the first and only true HOW-TO-STUDY system that lays out specific, practical and immediately actionable step-by-step instructions on HOW to STUDY ACTIVELY and CONSISTENTLY, and to do so in a way that allows you to actually ENJOY SCHOOL and ENJOY STUDYING!


No matter who you are, this Revolutionary system can help you!

Are You a College Student Like Uttam or Daryl?


Are you Working full-time and Going to School like Sasha?

“Amazing, I have been struggling with my online summer classes because it was taking me so long to get through the material. I’m only 45% through this course and already my time spent drowning in material has been practically been cut in half. I’ve learned how to optimize my surroundings, cut out unnecessary time-consuming habits, how to effectively schedule and plan my learning sessions. Summer I was all Cs for me. This course has not only helped me succeed in achieving better grades but helped me recover some of my sanity too. I work 50-55 hours as a bank manager and school was taking up every minute of my free time before this course. It would have taken years to find this information on my own. Dr Pinesett is an amazing human being and one of the most brilliant minds I have come across in a long time.”

Sasha Cannon

Are you a High School Student like Carlos or a Non-traditional Premed like Brandt?


Are you Parent and a Student like Elizabeth?

“I took physics 2 during the summer in 6 weeks. I had already started this course before my physics class but I was so nervous about utilizing the new technique so I did my regular old studying on the first exam and pulled out a 77%. I was heartbroken and angry at myself for being so foolish. I then started to use Dr. Pinesett's teachings and on my next 2 exams and the final I was able to get As and raise my final grade to a 93%! If you want to save your GPA and get good grades then use this course! I cannot recommend it more and even sent an email out to my entire physics class telling them how I saved my grade. In addition, I started the first 2 weeks out by studying 5 hours a day, 5 days a week. By the end of the 6 weeks I was studying at most 3 hours a day 4 days a week. I literally studied less and got better grades. It was remarkable. It gave me more time on the weekends to spend with my family and not feel pressured to stay indoors and miss out on my summer fun. BEST SUMMER CLASS EVER.”

Elizabeth Daire-Delgadillo

Ask yourself a couple questions:

Do you find yourself doing well in some classes and struggling mightily in others

Do you procrastinate and avoid studying whenever possible? When you finally actually study do you suffer from S.O.D. (Sudden Onset Drowsiness)?

Do you struggle with time management and feel like you never have enough time to get through all the material?

Do you study your heart out only to get to the exam and see a bunch of stuff you overlooked?

Do you find that no matter how hard you study, when test time arrives you become insanely nervous and everything you learned escapes you?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you NEED this system because you will learn my:

Prioritization System: Life gets in the way, let's get it under control!

Scheduling System: Do you constantly procrastinate and lose track of time? Let's take back your time!

Front-loading System: How would you like to never have to cram again? I'll teach you how to go through an entire quarter's content in just 1 month!

Perfect Study Environment Framework: Are you easily distracted? Let's eliminate distractions that reduce your focus and make you tired!

Course Conceptualization Method: Do classes feel overwhelming? Do you struggle with identifying what is high-yield? I'll teach you how to break any course into its testable elements so you know exactly what to study for the test!

Radical Reading Routine: Do you struggle with reading? I'll teach you how to read faster and better so that you love to read!

Material Methodization System: Are your notes and flashcards a hot mess, and as a result, you never have the time (or the desire) to review them? I'll teach you how to take notes and repetize those notes to learn more, learn faster and remember longer!

Test Domination System: Do you suffer from crippling test anxiety? Do you walk into test day confident only to leave devastated?

... and so much more!!!



You will become an independent and unstoppable student. Completely confident that you can study less than everyone else and still get better grades. Now, and FOREVER!

(High School, College, Graduate School, Nursing, Dental, Law, and even Med School)


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You can get the grades you dream of and have more of what I call the 3 F’s (Family, Friends and FUN). This is your chance to stop the frustration, stop studying your life away and be the Happy, Successful Student you have always wanted to be. Don’t let it pass you by!

Hi, I’m Andre Pinesett, M.D., M.P.H.

a Stanford Medical School Graduate, and I am here to help you transform into an unstoppable, stress-free student.

As a low-income, first generation college student I always felt that everyone else was better than me. I spent my first year of college sitting in lectures completely confused and overwhelmed. But, I was too self-conscious to ask questions or seek help. I thought getting A’s was impossible because I wasn’t as smart as the other students. My college counselor confirmed my suspicions when I met with her at the end of the year. She told me that I wasn’t exceptional and that I didn’t have what it took to get into medical school.

I was heart-broken at first, but that hurt turned into heat. It lit a fire in me to become exceptional and prove her wrong. My mantra became “No Excuses, Just Dominate” and I committed myself to following 3 key principles: Start Early, Study Smart, Finish Strong. This changed my life forever and allowed me to become a stellar student and get into Stanford Medical School. 

My passion is helping students be their best and over the last 15+ years, I have helped thousands of students get better grades with less stress and achieve their goals. This course will remove all the harmful beliefs and ineffective strategies you have and replace them with the tools you need to establish a strong foundation for unlimited success!


"Through this course, Dr. Pinesett explains how to condense the information of university courses in a way that I honestly did not think was possible. He shows techniques that can be done by anyone and proves that it doesn't require any special talent to become a great student. This program is so complete that it inevitably motivates you to improve in all facets of your life and to challenge yourself in personal aspects as well. Dr. Pinesett is very accessible and he genuinely cares for the progress of his students. This course gave me the tools to change my grades and the confidence to know that I can get even better with time, which is very inspiring since I am a super senior and have struggled to find the right way to learn during the past years. "

Ana Lopez

Amazing course!

"This course opened my eyes to so many of the bad habits I had in undergrad and why I wasn't as successful as I could have really been. Dr. Pinesett breaks studying completely down into it's most potent components. I have a completely different, more in-depth approach to studying now."

Lerena Holloway

A MUST for Serious Students!

"This is an awesome course. This course teaches students how to be excellent students. This is everything you need to know to be able to succeed in Undergrad. This course covers everything from how to remove learning barriers to taking effective notes in class. This course is very unique. It teaches you the skills and techniques you need to know to reach your full potential and be the best students that you can be. I totally recommend this course to all students."

Emin Babaei

The Secret Sauce to Success

"Just signing up for this course was a lot cheaper than the useless professor and tutors I paid for last semester. I feel so much more able to retain information. The material is easy to go through. I also take notes and pictures from the course so I can review sections at work. Reviewing the strategies to get my study strategies down. I have even passed them along to family and friends who said they are thankful for the new tips. Thanks Dr. Pinesett!!"

Chester Charles

So much Value

"I still go back to this course because it is so rich in detail. I finally felt like I could do well in college. The strategies are presented in an organized way; it's easy to find exactly what you need. I am a better student because of this course. As Dr. Pinesett says, it isn't enough to just listen to it. You must IMPLEMENT the techniques and be consistent. Hard work on your part is essential in order to succeed. In addition to study strategies, Dr. Pinesett talks about how to have a proper mindset when studying. This honestly makes a huge difference in how effective you are with your studying. All in all, I would really recommend this course. "

Thi U.

Fantastic Course!

"As an older non-traditional pre-med, I thought I had reached the peak of my studying potential. However, this course took me on a deep dive of study strategy and uncovered many things that were holding me back. With these new strategies in hand, I’m excited every time I sit down to study; because as we know effective study strategies always lead to student success. Those of you on the path, you won't be disappointed with this course! Well done Dr. Pinesett, thank you! "

Brandt Hausmann

A Must for Serious Student!

"This course will teach you how to maximize your time and resources. It is well organized, easy to follow, and guaranteed to yield results if implemented seriously. It is the epitome of "working smarter, not harder". But what made the course enjoyable is Dr. Pinesett's friendly and relatable personality. He speaks from the perspective of someone who has achieved the goal but still empathizes with the pre-med struggle."

Cee G


"This course has been very powerful and meaningful because it helped going through my semester in a so smooth way that I cannot even describe it! I struggled at the beginning, I have to admit that, but as Dr. Pinesett repeats billion times, it takes effort, motivation and consistency! Never give up folks, and let's get that MD license!"

Roberto Sacripanti

Just awesome!

"This course is amazing because Dr. Pinesett teaches you study skills and techniques but more importantly how to apply them to your learning. Dr. Pinesett gives you more bang for your buck. Seriously over delivers in this course. He is always adding extra content and is available to help if you are having any issues with the course. This course is for anyone who wants to improve their grades but you must be willing to put in the work required or you won't be successful. Invest in your education and buy this course you won't regret it!"

Juan Nieto

An investment worthwhile

"Thanks to Dr. Pinesett for taking all your time and effort putting together this course. I will definitely have to go back and re-watch some things as I go through my courses but the money spent on this course was worth it. I already feel more confident in my study-times. Thank you again, Dr. Pinesett!"

Dawn Payne

Dr. Pinesett is the bomb!

"If you need to improve your grades this course will CHANGE YOUR LIFE! As a first generation college student, education was never a huge value in my family. It was often more important to my family that I be working or cleaning the house, with academics coming in dead-last as a family priority. Needless to say, classes in high school AND college were tough . I floundered CONSTANTLY. I was always "hoping" that I'd get a great grade or that I would just make the mark to "pass" a course. I retook multiple science pre-requisites because I'd failed them initially and I honestly just thought, I "wasn't the type" to do well in science courses. I resented my classmates that seemed to have all the scientific brains handed to them lol I was REALLY ON THE FENCE about getting this expensive (to a student) online course..I mean really..buy a "course" online from some dude that's talking about Stanford and that he has an "insider perspective"..it was a real hurdle to get over..plus I didn't have 500 bucks just laying around. After some prompting from my significant other I BOUGHT THE COURSE..the whole time muttering.."if this is a scam..I swear..I"m calling my mom..“. All I can say is WOW..this course takes you from a weekly "I hope I get an A" and turns it into "I hope I get the highest score in a class of 100 students" lol. I've literally become so cocky (in a good way) about my ability to get bomb grades (REGARDLESS of the class) since I've taken this course..and I'm only 60% of the way through! (it gives you a progress meter). This course takes ALLLL the guess work out of getting good grades..make no mistake..you WILL have to work your whole booty off in the front-end and you WILL have to tweak it slightly for different courses (guidance with examples on just HOW to do this is provided), but if you follow the instructions (they're simple) and don't BS, you will shock yourself, with what you can do. I haven't told Dr. P yet, but I SET THE CURVE last week on my BIO exam..the class average was a 65%!! haha! (sorry to be that guy). I couldn't believe I set the curve..like I literally asked the instructor if there was some mix-up because I felt guilty for taking a smarter students credit..I've always been the type to RELY on the curve TO PASS..not set it.. A wise man once said "never play yourself", which I take to mean: Never knowingly do something that has potential to jeopardize your future goals or ambitions. If you're REALLY trying to go to medical school and you're not confident in your ability to do well in current OR future classes OR medical school..then VALUE YOURSELF enough to pay the money and just sign up for the course..I just started this course and I haven't gotten less than 90% on ANYTHING..in my classes..feels so weird to say.. Anyway, become an "A student".. because if you're like me, I'm sure you've stressed way more than necessary about classes..time to end the stress and start having free days during the week to watch Hulu plus! (or more responsibly -to volunteer) lol Good luck!"

Chris Robinson

Is your passion strong enough to warrant investing in your academic future?


How would you like to study less & get better grades?

Now you can with my complete system for studying smart that will change your life!