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Do you need a great MCAT score?
But you don’t know how to get it...

And you can’t afford $2,000 for MCAT Prep?




Every day, I used to receive emails from students telling me how bad they wanted to be a doctor, but they felt hopeless because the MCAT seemed insurmountable. It was heart-breaking!

The emails fell into one of three categories:

"I'm doomed. I can't afford an expensive MCAT prep class and everyone knows you can't score high on the MCAT without one. 

I'm crying, please help!"

“I’m doomed. I thought I needed an expensive MCAT prep class, so I paid $2,000 and now I’m drowning in content, behind schedule and not improving. 

I’m overwhelmed, please help!”

"I'm doomed. I paid $2,000 for an MCAT class, did everything they told me to do and spent months studying under some instructor who got a perfect score only to feel burnt out, anxious and more confused than when I started. I bombed the test and now I’m questioning everything.

 I’ve lost hope, please help!”

Which one of these are you?

I’m going to save you a ton of money and stress by teaching you step-by-step, EXACTLY how to maximize your MCAT score!

Content is not king, critical thinking is!

Traditional MCAT prep is stuck in the past with an outdated approach centered on content. This worked before, but in 2015 the MCAT was changed from a content-based test to a critical-thinking test.

In fact, more than half of the questions on the MCAT can be answered with no prior knowledge on the subject (just what is presented in the passage). That may be shocking to hear, but it is a truth you must understand if you want to score as high as possible.

My approach is completely different… on purpose!

I identified the barriers to MCAT success and crafted easy to follow steps that would allow students to overcome them, no matter what.

My course contains no subject-based content. I don’t teach you biology, chemistry, physics or psychology. There are more than enough content sources out there, in reality most students struggle with content-overload.

What you need is a proven, fool-proof system for studying that allows you to EFFICIENTLY and EFFECTIVELY build a functional fund of knowledge and rapidly improve your critical thinking so you can get the highest MCAT score possible.


  • A simple system for integrating your MCAT prep into your regular coursework so that you can build your fund of knowledge throughout college which makes the months leading up to your MCAT easier because you will already have MCAT notes, you will understand key MCAT topics and won’t be overwhelmed with content, allowing you to focus instead on questions and testing!

  • How to create a practical and truly personalized MCAT study schedule that allows you to practice effective spaced repetition, balance your obligations and MCAT prep, and have plenty of free time to recharge, which means you avoid burnout and instead are more motivated, focused and effective! Course includes real schedule examples and templates (even for non-traditional students, students who work, or even students with children). 

  • My one of a kind Compounded Question Interrogation System (CQIS) that gives you a proven, step-by-step method of question-based learning that is the fastest and surest way to improve your reading, test-taking and critical thinking skills which means you will improve rapidly, especially on the CARS section!

  • complete breakdown of MCAT resources so that you know which MCAT resources to use, and which you absolutely must avoid which means you will save money, won’t need to search for what you need and can streamline your prep by focusing on the resources that are sure to boost your score the most!
  • My innovative Passage Attacking System (PAS) that shows you how to systematically break down passages and accurately answer questions. This is a game-changer that will show you how to read faster, improve your comprehension, avoid being confused by the MCAT’s tricky questions and avoid running out of time! In fact, many of my students finish sections with more than 10 minutes to spare.


  • You become an efficient studier. Every hour you spend studying is worth 2 or 3 hours of other students

  • You avoid burnout because your study schedule will allow you take plenty of breaks and take 2 days off per week. Yes, I mean 2 days a week of absolutely no studying.

  • You will be more energized because you will be able to get 8 glorious hours of sleep per night.

  • You will save thousands of dollars because you won’t have to buy an expensive prep class. Even if you do buy a prep class, this course will show you how to get the most bang for your buck.

  • You will score higher than you would’ve ever imagined because you will have expert study strategies that no one else has.

  • You will own test day because you will have the ability to get the correct answer, even when you don’t know the answer. Yes, you read that correctly.

  • You will have the fundamentals necessary to dominate every one of the million standardized tests you are required to take after the MCAT. (USMLE Step 1, USMLE Step 2, USMLE Step 3…) 

Most importantly, your studying will be less stressful and more fun. What could be more fun than preparing for a test you know you are going to dominate?!
Doing it affordably!

Don’t be fooled by the low price of this course! I am on a mission to level the playing field and make it so that any student who dreams about becoming a doctor can make that dream a reality, regardless of their financial, social or academic disadvantages. I could charge 10 times more for this course than I do, but I’m here to empower students and create opportunities.

This course is powerful and as my students will tell you, it will turn everything you thought you knew about the MCAT upside down and give you unmatched confidence!

Everyone makes getting a top MCAT score complicated, let me simplify it for you with my proven formula for MCAT Domination.



"If you want to truly be prepared to not only dominate your MCAT prep but rip the MCAT to shreds then this is the course for you! Thanks to Dr. Pinesett, I am confident in my ability to study and do extremely well on the MCAT. I was worried that I did not have the smarts nor the study skills to perform well but I know that if I execute my plan of attack the MCAT doesn't stand a chance. As soon as I take my MCAT and get my score back I will update my review to show that Dr. Pinesett truly prepared me to succeed. Thank you Dr. Pinesett for the confidence, scheduling guidelines, and change of mindset that I needed to put my best foot forward and only have to take the MCAT once!"

Elizabeth Dair-Delgadillo


"Just as Dr. Pinesett says, this course is very thorough and you will come out of it feeling like you will obliterate the MCAT. He even goes over some tactics which you can also apply to your classes. If you think his YouTube channel is good, just imagine how good his courses are! This course has far exceeded my expectations and was definitely well worth it!"

Kofi A.

Awesome Course!

"I loved this course! It's worth it's weight in gold. I didn't need another content heavy companion to lead me astray. What I needed was guidance and advice and an entity that could provide me with some structure and constructive criticism so that I can become my best self on my own. This course did all of that and so much more. I would get this course 100 times over"

Zach Havlovick


“The course not only shows you exactly what you need to succeed academically, but it also gives you the tools to live the way you want to live. That's powerful.”

Evans Okonkwo

"It is really helpful, especially if you are weak in test taking skills. It really opened my eye on how to study for MCAT. By doing more Question based . thank you Dr. Pinesett"

Luwam Eyob

One of the best

"Dr. Pinesett makes it clear, MCAT dominance does not come from the simple application of techniques but understanding the reasons behind applying them in the first place. If you have the will but see no way; let Dr. Pinsett show you the way. In other words, take the course...you'll know what I mean! "

Shiv Singh

Phenomenal Not Forgotten-Eric Thomas.

"Dr. Pinesett's course was the best purchase I could have made to help me prepare for the MCAT. He covers everything from What to expect on the MCAT to How to create a Study Schedule that won't leave you burnt out to How to do question-based learning. Dr. Pinesett motivates me to study better than anyone else and he is so awesome!!!! Plus his humor makes the course fun!!"

Amaris Tapia

MCAT Let's Do This!!!!

"This is greatest investment you can make on yourself. Before purchasing this course, every time I sat down to study I always wondered if I was getting the most out of my time. Dr. Pinesett provides you with an attack strategy, to achieve maximum efficiency. The advice is this course is invaluable. "

Luis Hernandez

Worth every penny!

"Dr. Pinesett has done it again! This course is jam-packed with a wealth of knowledge on how to successfully get organized and become fully prepared to conquer the MCAT. After taking this course, I feel much more confident in my ability to do well, and have already made my killer MCAT prep schedule. Definitely worth every penny!"

John Walters

Accepted to top - choice med school

"After finishing this course, I've gained knowledge that helped me set up a functional schedule that's going to set me up for success. I've also gained knowledge on how to become more efficient in prepping for the MCAT. I can't say enough how much I appreciate Dr. Pinesett for setting up this course. I would highly recommend this course to any pre-med who needs some guidance and confidence in preparing for the beast that is the MCAT. Goodluck."

Eiran Saucedo - Rodarte

On the road to DOMINATE the MCAT (without an expensive prep class)

"I was very impressed by this course. It is extremely high yield considering it doesn't cover much in the way of actual MCAT content. It is a holistic strategy guide on how the MCAT should be approached and the tools that you can use to prepare and dominate the MCAT. I have already started to implement some of the strategies discussed in the course and I am noticing a real difference in terms of the quality and quantity of my study time. I am also more energized and organized in my personal life. While I got a ton out of this course I truly believe that the people who stand to gain the most from this are undergraduates who h ave the MCAT on the distant horizon. You will pick up skills that will make studying for the MCAT much more manageable and you will probably do better in your courses to boot! That being said the secret ingredient is still time and work and most importantly you! I also recognize that there was probably a time in my life where this course would have had little to no effect because of my maturity level and my ability to actually implement whats in this thing. If you are going to do what is necessary and take things into your own hands then this is the course for you. If you want to sit back and learn through osmosis and magically get a better score then this isn't for you and that course doesn't exist. Good luck and I wish you the best."

Zachary Betts

Start Now!

"This course by Dr. Pinesett is absolutely amazing. THE WHOLE WORLD NEEDS TO KNOW ABOUT THESE COURSES. I wish I had taken this course years ago. In this specific course, he covers a wide range things. For example, how to approach MCAT studying with a positive attitude, how to study for each section, what materials to utilize, HOW TO PUT A SCHEDULE TOGETHER (OMG), and.....in my opinion: a secret technique in how to successfully DOMINATE the MCAT. He doesn't call it a secret technique, but in my experience struggling with my MCAT studies, I feel he unlocked a secret way of acing each section. Dr. Pinesett did an amazing job in this course. EVERYONE who is struggling with their MCAT studies needs to use his course. I feel he put YEARS of experience into this easy to learn and understand course. STOP procrastinating and get your hands on this course!!!!"

Iman Farraj


"Dr. Pinesett approach is refreshing and different. The information he provides in this course has been proven by other experts to work. I love his upbeat spirit in the videos and all he's great ideas to improve my MCAT approach. I wish I would have found him before I paid other MCAT prep."

Sheresa Demings

New Approach

"Amazing course. It's crazy how pre med students are expected to learn so much information in a short period of time and dominate the MCAT, but no one actually shows you how to go about studying. This course filled in the knowledge gaps of how to actually learn effectively and be efficient with studying. The MCAT is a beast and requires strong content knowledge, but more importantly, strong critical thinking skills. The question is, how do you study in a way that improves content knowledge and the type of thinking skills that you need to excel on this test and throughout the rest of your medical journey? Dr. P reveals how to do this in his course and it shaped how I studied for the MCAT as well as how I approach studying and learning in other aspects of my life. Even if you don't necessarily follow every single methodology in this course, the overarching idea is extremely beneficial. If I could add anything to this course, I would actually walk through a couple practice passages and show students how to interrogate specific passages, especially in the CARS section since there is no background information to fall back on. The MCAT is not only a chance to show medical schools what you got, but a chance to refine your studying and master learning so that you can prove to yourself that you are ready to tackle medical school. This course served as the avenue to doing just that."

Brandon Eden (Accepted to top med school)

The Title of the Course Says It All

"I want to start by saying that I have been studying for the MCAT for quite some time. My foundation was poor, so going in to get a desirable score I knew I was going to be studying harder and longer than the average student. Because of this, I had researched a massive amount about the MCAT - all over the internet (youtube, forums blah etc). This is because the success to study better and do well on the MCAT, like in this course, is never shared or explained by anyone except Dr. Pinesett - at least not explained thoroughly, effectively, and definitely not with excellence. You will not, I repeat NOT find redundancy, replication, information nor extension on Dr. Pinesett's methodologies/material anywhere other than this course. I hesitated to spend money on this course, because I felt that I had done my research on MCAT success, and that I knew a novel study method that medical students find success in (I won't give it away because you will have to buy the course to find out what it is, it's only fair). The problem is, I didn't know how to execute it, because to date, no one except Dr. P has provided a step by step methodology to this method. This makes the course priceless. The point is, I tried to execute it, but with no direction and without a plan or understanding I would barely improve. I executed it poorly and found myself incredibly frustrated and wasting time. Before this course, I followed the advice of "top scorers" on forums. I simply had no where else to go, and it would seem logical to take direction from a top scorer. I did everything they said, and my scores didn't improve. It just wasn't working. This is why I ended up buying this course and is the best investment and fairly should be a lot more money (thank you Dr.). After I took this course, which even just watching it, improved my confidence 10 fold. My own mom made a comment that I was more relaxed, had less anxiety, and over all happier after this course, and more importantly, following the steps from this course. This is because Dr. P gives phenomenal, unique methodologies that are not repeated anywhere else. I took a practice exam after studying from Dr. P's methods, and I got the highest score I had ever written to date on the 4th next step exam. Typically, the exams get harder as you take more (say next step #1 is easier than next step 2) but my scored jumped on the 4th exam regard less of what material was tested. I felt clearer, and more confident in approaching questions and not so lost. I felt an improvement in critical thinking - things were clearer and less convoluted. Though my scores still need improvement, I will say that I ever tried many methods from other people, and I never saw my score improve (it got lower actually). I would consistently score low, after this course, I increased roughly by 6 points. But with Dr. P's I saw almost instant improvement in both day to day passages, and improvement on next step exams. If you are worried about money for this course, don't be it is one of the best investments you will ever make."

Sophia Hegedus

The Best Investment - Anyone Can Learn Something From This Course No matter What Stage

"This is my second round studying for this beast of an exam, and I am now scoring 10 points higher than last round, I thank Dr. Pinesett's courses for this. He indeed did a fantastic job at compiling every aspect that is essential for mission accomplishment. I learned how to structure my study session and maximize my practice passages ( you will understand this comment when you take this course.. it's MAGICAL!!) And "elaborative interrogation"; this sounds like a scene from a movie. Use this method to your advantage and rewrite the scene of your film instead of it taking over you! NOExcusesJustDOMINATE!"

Evans Okonkwo

This course TRANSFORMED my MCAT scores!

"Not only did this class teach me to get the most out of my studying, It also provided me with invaluable advice about other key aspects outside of studying that would maximize my score. My test Isn't for a few months but I feel very confident with this course as a tool."

Grant Akalonu

Excellent, excellent Stuff

About Dr. Pinesett

Award-winning educator, highly sought-after speaker, and 95th percentile MCAT scorer!

I scored in the 95th percentile on the MCAT and for over 15 years, I have been helping students transform their lives. Before establishing my own company, I worked for numerous well-established programs including serving as:

  • Director of the University of California Irvine’s (UCI) Alliance for Minority Participation Summer Science Academy
  • Representative at Stanford School of Medicine’s Committee on Curriculum and Academic Policy
  • MCAT Instructor and Curriculum Contributor at Stanford University’s Center of Excellence in Diversity in Medical Education
  • Strategic Consultant to The Princeton Review’s Admissions Counseling Department

Education & Training

  • University of California, Irvine: BS in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Minor in Business Management
  • University of California, Los Angeles: Masters in Public Health
  • Stanford University School of Medicine: Medical Degree (top 5% of class)
  • University of California, San Diego: Anesthesia Residency

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