3 Steps for Choosing the Right Premed Major to Get to Med School

premed Feb 16, 2020

If you hope to get into medical school one day, you first have to pick a helpful premed major.

Today’s video gives three easy steps that will help you pick your major and help you get into med school.


  • When you’re considering a premed major, take these three things into consideration in order.
  • First, choose something that will allow you to excel both in the classroom and as a premed. Find something you’re exceptional in that will allow you to improve your GPA and solidify yourself as a successful premed.
  • Ideally, find something you’re already a bit familiar with. You also want a major that will have the right support for you with the proper professors and curriculum.
  • Improve study skills so you’ll be able to ace your classes while also engaging in extracurriculars.
  • Second, be sure you can excel efficiently in your major. Think about the number of classes, how hard they are, what med school prerequisites you need, etc.
  • Think about schedule flexibility. See if your major has a strict sequence of classes or if you can pick something a little less rigid. You also want to show medical schools that you can handle a heavy workload.
  • Third, pick a major that you’re excited about! When you’re excited, you’re engaged. It will be so much easier to improve focus, concentration, and efficiency when you actually like what you’re doing.
  • Be sure to follow these three tips IN ORDER. The first tip is the most important, so be sure to hit that one first before considering the other two.


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