Accepted to top medical school without taking the MCAT?!?

premed Aug 04, 2020


In this episode, I am going to explain which schools you should apply to, how you can get accepted and why you might not want to try to get into med school without taking the MCAT.


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You guys live action! What up? I know I'm late. Y'all I see y'all already commenting. What is up Dr. Pinesett's here and today we're talking about getting into medical school with no Mcat and there happens to be a top program that's going to let you guys do it. We're going to talk about it. Who's excited? Who's applying this year? Welcome. We're live! Let's get out of y'all.


But stop making excuses. Stop whining. Stop right. Get at it. No excuses. Just dominate.


All right. Hello everybody. We see some regulars on here. Armand. Kaseem. I see one tall girl right here -  CP Harpreet. Uh, Mike wassup. Okay, so Antonio is on here.


All right. So we're talking about getting into medical without the McatThis is a crazy COVID year. We all understand that. And I've been saying that things are subject to change. Don't count on any one thing, but there's going to have to be accommodations made because this is not a typical cycle from an administrative standpoint, from a student standpoint, from any standpoint, from an application transcript processing letter reputation, getting from no way, is this a normal cycle? Hello, Candace. Hello Abby. First time. All right. What up? Hello, Phil, it's been a while. What's up. So this cycle, the gift that keeps on giving and taking away, if you guys have not heard, there are some schools out there that do not require the MCAT this cycle.


Yes. There are more schools that were saying, listen, we'll delay. We'll allow your application to come on through. We'll consider you and we'll wait for you guys to come. Whenever it may come, hopefully by October is what law schools are saying. However, there are some schools that are not requiring it. And in this video, we're going to talk about the Supreme leader, my favorite medical school, I don't know, maybe I'm biased, but Stanford medical school has announced that they will not require a MCAT score for this 2021 cycle. So if you're applying this summer 2020 getting into 2021, they will not require the MCAT.


And a lot of people yelling out HURRAY, this is the best news ever, but it's a case of the rich getting richer in the sense that for many of you guys, you think, Oh, this is awesome. I've been struggling with the Mcat. I'm going to be able go ahead and apply to Stanford and not have them judge me on my Mcat. This is incredible. This is a huge break. It's going to be easy to begin the cycle and you may be wrong. And I say that because this is an incredible opportunity for those of you, right? Who I said, the rich get richer.


For those of you who have done the work during your premed journey, during your premed journey, and you have built a stellar resume, this is your chance to take advantage And to win because of that, this is your opportunity. This is your chance. You've developed a strong undergrad GPA, and we have to start there with a lot of premed resume.


It is honestly, it's like the number one question I get, how do I provide a GPA for my GPA? How many guys have to got a low GPA? Right? And you're worried about it, right? Word. I mean, that's, what's gonna look at your low GPA. And so you're banking on a super high-end Mcat score. And it's the hardest thing to do is for students to develop and to get that high competitive GPA.


So for those of you who have done that, who have solidified that GPA way to go, and it's great that that's high because the Mcat and the GPA are the two components that comprise your academic aptitudes. So I break middle school admissions into seven domains. The first and most important is the academic  domain, which close of your haven't got score and your GPA. And it's your ability to show medical schools, Hey, I'm ready to take your classes. Hey, I'm ready to pass your board exams. That's how you do with the end, with your GPA. And right, you can argue which ones have your weighted and all those formulas you can put out.


But the important, you know, is both of those things are important and they are the most important cause that as a first cut point, that many medcals make. So when they talk about holistic review, a lot of times that holds up if he doesn't happen until after the numbers are right in this case, right? If you've already built a tremendous GPA and you apply to Stanford, they're not going to have questions about your academic ability.


So you are in a great spot because you've worked hard for four-plus years, built this GPA, and now you're ready to apply. And you get off the hook. You can stop your MTS studying right now and apply right, and be in a good position. It's great. But you should only use this policy, right? If you've only, you should only use this policy. If you've done the work and you don't have academic question marks.


So before all of you guys go submit your application, ask yourself if I was a medical school, what I want to see more academic competence, right? If you counting on the M cat to get you in a medical school, this is not an option to say, Oh, I'm not going to be I'll gala being a great spot because your 3.1 GPA will be concerning to Stanford and they won't accept you.


So you can only take advantage of this. If you've done the work academically to be competent. Does this make sense to everybody right now, right here, right now. Right? The other thing that I want to add that even though, right, Stanford is letting you apply without an Mcat. And there are other schools that are also going to let you do this.


And there, you're going to hear about these. Okay. I want to say that it's, it's awesome. And it just really reflects. I compensate, right? You guys know I'm a Stanford med school alumni. I graduated from Stanford. I'm Stanford trained MD. And I have always said how amazing Stanford is because they have foresight guys. They're forward-thinking, they're thinking about the future. They're thinking about their students and they are compassionate. And in this COVID cycle, it's amazing to me how rude MCAT and how rude right? WMC, how rude they have been with you guys and forcing you guys into a very stressful, what is already a stressful, crazy year, and to be more stressed, simply because of their lack of flexibility and their lack of willingness to be about what's going on.


Right? And they, they always are encouraging you guys as students to be real about your candidacy, right? And reveal everything will then be honest with us and let us know that, Hey, you guys are backed up. Don't tell us you're going to process everything in two weeks when it's taking you six and eight weeks to process stuff. Cause that puts an undue burden on you guys.


So I just, I think it's awesome that Stanford is taking the time to say, you know what? Let's be real. Let's be honest. This cycle is a mess. Let's help the students out. And let's say, listen, if you're a strong candidate, if you got yourself together for good stress about the MTA, come on here and get some to stand for. Goodness, take advantage of it. For those of you who are worried about your GPA and your banking on your Mctp and your end cap prep, isn't going as well as you would like. The first thing I'll say is to check out the description box below and get into my Mcat webinar to improve your in cat prep. The second thing I'll say is this cycle is strange.


It is weird. So don't be scared to push your MCAT back to July, to August, even too September, that's cutting it a little close. But if you apply with an August end cap, you're going to be okay. You're going to be okay because these schools don't have the admission capacity. They're not on campus. They don't have the logistical stuff set up to deal with this crisis.


As you guys just saw it, right? Didn't just happen. You get, I don't know about you guys, your States, but California in California, we just got the lockdown order. Our bars are closed and that's a sign, right? When the bars go, a lot of stuff is next. And so we're gonna start retreating back into the social listening mode.


So things are not going to be smooth sailing from here on out. I wouldn't be surprised if Mcat tests, they start getting canceled. And so we start to see a lot more schools announce the same policy. So the point for you guys gets it together, pull it together, figure out where you're at. Be real and honest about your candidacy and start making moves because you might be able to apply without your Mcat or a delayed Mcat, which means you can sneak into the cycle. And the reason I'm doing this video, cause I just talked about, I'm just doing a coaching session on a phone with a student. I was driving home from work, talking on the phone with my students and she is a student.


Who's got a tremendous GPA, 3.8, right? And she's worked hard. She's learned how to study for my bipolar scores has done well. She built up an incredible resume, right? She's a nontraditional student who has been taking this time to work and build up a resume and explore the things that she likes to explore. Right? She's really in the mental health and mental wellness, she's been exploring all that stuff and now she's ready to apply.


And the only thing she's waiting on is an end cap. And so she's been sitting for M cat. She has a September, I've got test date and we were talking to him like, listen, you're such a stellar candidate, scrap the Mcat, put your application together. I think you have a good shot of going into Stanford. And if you don't right, you submit one school. You see how it goes. You submit other schools as they started announcing that they're going to not require the M cat. And then if you don't happen, you can still take your end cap and use it next cycle. But for you guys who have been waiting and like, Ooh, what's going to go. This might be something to think about.


Or like, Ooh, I don't need the end cat. And I'm strong. I'm going to imply. Right. Does that make sense to everybody? So I'm so excited. Stanford's awesome. And not requiring them. Mcat is awesome. A 3.4 would be concerning for Stanford. Yes. So it's not out of the realm, but uh, you'd have to have very strong things elsewhere in your application.


Yeah. If you've already taken the end cat and you have an old M cat score, they're going to judge you on that. So I'm sorry. You're kind of out of luck there, right? Like I said, at the tail, the rich getting richer, rich getting richer. Yeah. My email Kipton you have my, how do you not have my email? You're in like 15 of my courses, give them to know my email address. My email guys, if you guys wanna reach out to me, his inquiries are at [email protected]. The easiest way to get me guys is to go to my website Go to the contact page. You can email me directly from there.


You can message me. So I'll get to my websites to Send me a message. I appreciate you guys. Hold on here with me live today. I don't wanna take up all your day. I just want to inform you guys about that. This is breaking news. This is important for you guys to cycle. This is not going to be the first school. There are a couple of others that I know about. They haven't announced yet. I'm not gonna tell you guys yet, but there are some other big dogs, top five programs that are going to announce. They're going to waive the MCAT for the cycle. So be prepared because it's going to happen. And as we start going into lockdown, you're going to see a ton of schools.


They're going to wave the Mcat, the cycle. They're going to supersede and cast the WMC. So I'm very excited for you guys. Very excited.  Anyway. All right. You guys know some of you guys, right? Abby is your first time here. Make sure we're going to going live. I want to try to go live once a week-ish, in addition to uploading new videos every Monday and every Wednesday. So this is Monday. You get a new video Wednesday. So be on there. It's at, be studied up on all social media platforms to go tune in. Make sure you guys tune in here. You subscribe to our online notifications. If you're catching this, guys I have two podcasts. I have the Dominate Premed Show, that's this? I have the Student Transformation Show. We talk studying, and student affects efficiency. Get over there and check out those podcasts that you're listening on the podcast with them know, subscribe to the podcast. Thank you guys so much. All right, everyone have a wonderful day. How do we always end? How do we always end?


No excuses. Just dominate guys. I'll see you next time. Today is the day guys. No more excuses. You're going to take your future in your own hands. You're going to dominate. You're going to be successful. Get to my website, I challenge you. What are you going to do today to make your life better?



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