Guaranteed Medical School Admission?!

premed Jul 26, 2020


Guaranteed medical school admissions? Is it possible?


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And as always, I'm bringing you guys positivity, productivity to help you better. You students will be better pre-meds to get into medical school today. I want to talk about something because it keeps coming up in coaching sessions. I'm having conversations with students and inquiries, write emails, and getting from students, and they want to know what will guarantee medical school acceptance. What will get you over that hump for sure?


What is a sure-fire way to get into medical school? And I want to address it right here, and right now - the single guaranteed way to get to medical school. Let's talk about it. And it's, I think people complicate the situation and Make it, I think it's like an artificial pressure thing. That's why I want to address it today.


Is that what's up Merrill? What's up with the Kishore? Uh, I think what do you guys think? Let's ask that, right? This is not like a formal talk to, you said it's just us live, just talking and I just wanted to address it. Cause I'm, I'm answering emails right now and I'm seeing it and I'm like, come on guys.


And everyone's looking for this guaranteed acceptance to medical school. And what's interesting is what I go to conferences. I hear people talk about, Oh, this is guaranteed. This is guaranteed. This is guaranteed. And I hear from students that they go on forums and they hear, Oh, this is guaranteed admission. This will guarantee admission. And what I really want to say to you guys, and I think Shai has it right, is that everyone's looking for some component of the application that's going to make for guaranteed acceptance. And what I like to tell students is is that when you look for the one thing, that's going to get you in. You guys, miss the real thing. That's gonna get you into medical school. And that being true to yourself and working hard and beyond just being true to yourself and working hard.


It's understanding that middle school admissions. When we talk about a holistic process, I think it's a lie, but it's a truth at the same time, in the sense that medical schools, aren't looking for one magic bullet. There's not one, Oh my gosh. That's exactly it. That you've hit the magic model number. And you're in our medical school medical.


We're looking for good people. You all are looking for people who care about other people, people who are intelligent, people who are capable, people who are working, people who said, you know what? This is what it takes to get to medical school and I'm going to do it. I'm not going to piss. I'm not going to moan. I'm not going to be upset about all the things I have to do that maybe aren't the most fun.


I'm just going to do them because they're required. And it's interesting because the, the, the other side of this, of what's the guarantee being to get into medical school or all the students out here, maybe this is one of you guys, right? We're live. So if we were to call them all the guarantee, people are like, Oh, well, we'll guarantee you admission. Then you have a whole separate side of people who feel like they have no shot. How many guys feel like, like you, like, you want to give up hope. And I think that the kind of two were like two sides of the same coin where they're both very defeatist attitudes. Because when you're looking for a guaranteed admission, you look for one thing to get you in. And you're not really focusing on a bond. You don't have a good time. And on the other side, when you're a hopeless premed, and you're just like dredging through not believing yourself, it's awful. It's terrible. Right. It's awful. And so, like, I don't know. I'm just trying to figure out the solution to it because I feel like I try to yell against the internet all the time.


And it doesn't work clearly, right? Like me yelling against the crowd, say, guys, stop looking for one thing and just be everything, be everything you want to be. And I get excited when I work with my students and when I get a chance to get out and talk to students, because what I'm trying to bring to people is that you can be exactly you and have a great chance of getting into medical school.


A great chance. You don't have to be somebody else in this life, man. I'm like, I'm looking at, and it's that time of year, right? Where you have people who are on waitlists, we're hoping to get off. We're worried. Wondering if they should reapply. If people were putting in their application, not sure what their activities are enough.


Not sure if there's one thing. And I just, like, I just wanted to reinforce. There is no one magic guaranteed thing. Cause a lot of people go into the process like, Oh, I don't have this. I don't have that 515 Mcat score. So they're not gonna accept me. I don't have the 3.5 GPA. They're not gonna accept me. Or I don't have a publication that I can accept me. That's the guaranteed golden ticket, the medical school. And there's not guys. There's not, but if you're a caring person you're hardworking and you do the right thing. You're going to get in. This might be the hospital. Hold on one second. I'll mute myself one second here. All right.


Sorry. What is life guys? Right? Like no one calls me ever. And then everyone wants to call when I'm live. It's super urgent. Um, I've already gone from the hospital. Apparently they want to be put in orders for a patient. Um, I don't know. Is it a crazy time for you guys? Right. Fit her back. Just said I saw YouTube able to get a 3.8 GPA, 517 Mcat. But he was rejected from all schools he applied to cause he was a robotic. Right. And that's what I shouldn't tell you guys about not being robotic. And I, I just want everyone to like, I, that's a double-edged sword when I say just relax.


I had people say that, trying to read your lifts. Uh, I hate when people just say relax, if you couldn't tell Meryl, I had to go back in. I had to see if they're open to the back door, I'd go back in there and just go medical, go back to the hospital. Um, but I like want you guys to relax, stop with so much pressure on yourself to be perfection, stop putting so much pressure on yourselves to be someone else's expectation of what a premed should be, and just be you man. Like, Mmm. I don't think that I'm the smartest premed there ever was or the smartest medical student or the smartest doctor there's ever been. Um, But I think I was amongst the hardest working and amongst the most caring.


And I think that if more of you guys are truly, truly, and I, I guess it all comes together. I had a webinar this past week talking about med school application and free webinar kind of underground. Didn't really advertise it too much. Just kind of like put it together. And we had a bunch of people show up and we just talked for like two hours about the application I taught like my whole, like a whole bunch of stuff about the application. I broke down my personal statement for everybody in attendance. And we went through it and everyone was like, Oh my gosh, like, this is amazing, like insight. And the quote that I used in my personal statement was a quote about leading with your heart and how much would the world be there?


I wanna just love with their heart and with all the, I get all the fakeness, right? All the fake likes, right. There was the fake love thing. I think that the fake likes are the thing of, of, of, of now, of this year is that stop chasing that stuff. Guys, stop chasing the superficial. And you'll find a really happy life.


Like I'm fulfilled. I'm happy throughout my premed journey throughout medical school, throughout being a resident throughout being an attending now. And like, it was funny. I like the residents who worked with, I was like, man, you're always so like relaxed. Like you like smile and you joke around. I'm like, why not? It's life. Like you got to limit your weight. Like, I don't have to be some uptight doctor. I can, I can talk just like this to my patients. And they can understand it because they understand I'm in it with them. We're a team we're gonna work together and I'm here with you and we just go, right. And Rick says, he's fifty-six-year-old and owns a grocery store. Is this not hopeless? And I don't know if that's a real comment or not. I'm not sure. I can't tell when people be trolling me on the internet, but it's not Rick. And I can say that because I have in my residency glass, in my residency, we had someone who was in their late fifties in residency. I don't know why you'd want to go to medical school at 56.


Right? Because then you got four years of medical school, four years of residency to finally be practicing. I don't know why you'd want to take on all that debt. But if it's your passion, then you do it. And I think that's the whole point, right? As well. Why care about what someone else going to say? Like Rick, if that's truly your bio, why do you care? What I think if that's really what you want and people talk trash on janitors. I love a janitors or a hospital. Like one of my favorite people in our hospital is Cecil. He's an elderly black gentlemen. And, uh, he's, he's our January. We talk all the time.


And, and I think that people try to look, and this is what you see, right? And this whole black lives matter stuff. You see all this, this, this politicization of COVID-19 you see class differences and you see how certain people try to pull people apart, divide people, divide classes, make people feel like they aren't part of something.


Right? And I want all of you guys to understand, like you don't, you don't feel disconnected, feel connected. You're not in competition with other pre-meds you're in competition with yourself with, can you be competitive? Can you be great? Can you be your own greatness? And I think that people stop worrying about whether other people think they're great.


And instead, just trying to be their greatness, man, you go so far, you go so far. And I people say that I'm overly confident sometimes, right? Or that I come off cocky or arrogant or braggadocious. And again, it has nothing to do with me thinking I'm better than you. It has everything to do with me thinking that I am the best version of myself and that I have driven in a continue to drive whatever potential I have in me to the limit, to the max. And there's huge satisfaction and contentment and confidence that comes from that. And I just encourage all of you guys as pre-meds, as you're applying right now, it's easy to get discouraged. And I know this video is all over the place. Are you guys, are you guys able to follow me? I apologize. I'm in a stupor.


I was on call I'm in the hospital for a little minute here, uh, for the past 24 hours. So I'm a little, a little out of it, but I hope you guys are following what I'm saying right now. Like, I don't know. I don't know, like Hassan asked, do you think the AMCAS should be canceled permanently? No. Why should we cancel it permanently? I think we canceled this cycle because people can't get to it, but I think it is actually a nice test. I think that it's, it gives schools a metric. I have no problem with there being an end cap. I have no problem with there being an endcap. And the reason I have a problem there being a Mcat and people can say it's bias or whatever.


And yes, the MCAT is harder for certain groups. Mcat is harder for certain people. Does the Mcat reduce diversity in medical school somewhat? But this is the question again, that I keep asking people, right? What's the hot button that's going to increase diversity? And is the Mcat really the rate-limiting step? Or is it the low GPA of diverse students? Students of color? Because when I'm talking to students who are minorities, oftentimes their biggest concern is not the Mcat. It's the GPA and the fact that they weren't prepared academically from where they came from to crush college. And so again, I think the bigger issue is teaching students of color, how to study.


Like again, I went, I did a zoom teaching for second-year medical students last week, teaching them, maybe it was Monday this week, my weeks are all messed up. I think it was this week. Maybe it was early this week. I think maybe it was Monday. And I did a, a workshop for students, uh, who were second-year medical students teaching them about studying in step one. And I'm always amazed, but I'm not amazed that every time I do these talks or medical students, they don't know how to study. And it's shocking to me. And it's like, man, you would think that you would suck it up and learn how to study.


But again, it's that whole thing of people just keep moving through their lives, not looking around and looking at what makes their life better and learning how to study shoot has made my life way, way better, way, way better. And people talk about sat, right? So cause shorts. And it's a good question. Right? What about sat act, maybe standardized tests cut down. You RGS. And again, that's not exactly accurate. It's not exactly accurate because you, you lose the bulk of underrepresented groups in the fact that they don't have any idea how to qualify.


So, and again, this comes from someone who had a touring company who served and as part of my mission and my tuna company called tutor, BrainPOP out, I work with Hyatt athletes, get the competition for college. And in underserved areas, what you find is yes, sat a teenager. You're technically an obstacle, but the bigger obstacle, again, just like with college, going to medical school, that people don't address is that these students in underrepresented areas, students from unrepresented groups, they don't have the guidance and the foresight to say, what are the credits I need to become eligible to go to a university, Right? They don't have the credits. They don't have the grades and those credits to be eligible.


So again, we want to target these tests and these tests, villainize the students. The issue is guys is the education isn't strong. And I had a conversation with a patient earlier this week and we were talking about how expensive private school is. And it was a black gentleman. And he says, I worked hard to send my kids to private school because I knew the public schools were trash.


And the sad thing is, is that teachers in America make 35, 40, $45,000 teachers in America across the board should make a hundred thousand dollars period. Our public schools should be well-funded because the lack of educational structure in our, at our early education puts students behind, right? This is, we talk about systemic racism, the lack of appropriate education, and learning early on, put students at such a deficit that they cannot compete and they could potentially compete. And this is what happened when I would go work in these inner-city areas is by actually teaching these students how to study and study independently, where they don't need a tutor because they don't have access to a tutor they're in the rennet and impoverished area where they don't need access to a teacher because the teacher's overwhelmed with all the student burden.


It's amazing. They could perform right? You talk about act. I taught act for six years, guys. I have one student ever score below 90th percentile one. And my program was the same standard program for everybody, 20 hours top act score. And the only difference was I was teaching these students how to study, how to get out of test.


So what's a lack of training. We want to bring the tests. It's not the test, Right? Should I said, I used to teach pretax. I only got 32,000. So how can you get quality teachers? If you're only paying $32,000? That's the, that's the issue? Cause that's why I'm asking you a question. The issue is not the sat, the act, the issue for increasing everything in medicine is not the uncap. The issue is why aren't these students being taught, how to study, how to test, how to read critically you look at right. And again, cause sure you're talking to someone who does early education intervention. So I do talks at elementary schools at junior highs. I do consulting with these educators.


And one of the things I talk about with these educators is standard curriculum, right? So if you guys look at how education reform has happened in America, right? And what's going on, We've gone to a standardized curriculum where we do worksheets fill in the blank. And I said, yes, this is great because now we have a standard curriculum. But the problem is, is you're taking away opportunities for students to flounder in a textbook. If you never go through the pain of going through a textbook early on, how can you be expect to go through a textbook in high school? And if you never have to read a textbook in high school, how can you be expected to read a college-level textbook and read it critically and read it well?


And if you've never been expected to do that, then how can you read critically on end cap passages? Does everybody understand? This is the problem in America that we often run in circles is the problem the world, because it's easier, right? Like we don't do a root cause analysis. It's easier to fix the superficial thing. How many of you guys got a car that is older than dirt and is busted and it doesn't have a car payment.


So you keep it. But every single month your car is breaking down. How stressful from a guy who had a car? I had a car, my Nissan Maxima, where I would pull to alight. And if I didn't hold the gas pedal, the car would stop and shut off. And I never knew when the car I'm going to shut off, it was gonna work. It was not going to work. How many guys have cars that are not reliable? How much stress is that out of your life? What's the cost of that stress. Furthermore, how many guys have busted cars that you're constantly having to put in the shop? You're constantly having to fix up constantly to do little tweaks, to it's like a patchwork car.


Would it be more cost-effective and life effective just to lease, lease a Toyota Corolla? Cause you can lease a Toyota Corolla for like $160 a month. Y'all $180 a month that got good credit. So the amount of stuff you're doing to juggle this old 30-year-old car, would you be better served, just leasing a new vehicle that would fix your root cause.


Right? It's the same way in education. It's easy to blame a test. It's easy to blame Trump for all the problems with the world. Trump's the problem. Trump's the issue. Yes. Trump is a contributor to some of the issues we're having. Yes. Everyone would acknowledge this. Just like any president is a contributor to some somethings. I think Trump's contributed more things than less things, but whatever. But he's not the sole cause attacking Trump, doesn't get COVID fixed. Attacking Trump, doesn't get equality for black people. It doesn't get proper treatment from police for black people. Does this make sense to everybody? And so again, everyone wants a patch. Everyone wants to, Oh the M cast a problem. Oh yeah, yeah, yeah.


The SATs. The problem. No, the problem is these kids can't read critically. The problem is right. Why step one, we're going to make it pass. Fail because it's too stressful for the kids. Instead of eliminating the test, teach the kids how to take the test. I'm just saying my students are not stressed about step one, Merrill.


You're a medical student. Are you stressed about step one or do you feel confident that you've put in the work consistently every single day using the five pillars to be successful for your step one? What is your toolset guys? Right? We talk about guaranteed medical admission. What is your information? How do you know what you're doing is somewhat in the ballpark of what muscles you're looking for?


Or are you out here? Half-ass and it looking for form advice, getting advice on a form. I'm gonna tell you what it is right now. You guys, right. Do you have any advice on a form is the equivalent of going to a festival, right? It might have been a music festival. Okay. Getting advice on the best way to get to medical school.


This is a great analogy. I love this. I'm not as I'm thinking about it on the fly, going on a forum and asking for help about the best way to get the medical school. It's like going to a music festival and saying, Hey guys, who's the greatest musician of all time. Who's the greatest musician here. Who's the one musician. Who's the best musician at this music festival. How many answers are you going to get? Will there be a consensus? How will you know the answers? Correct? Do you guys get what I'm saying right now? If you've ever been to a music festival, you know exactly what I'm talking about. People go to a music festival. There's thousands of people there you look at what is a, what's the one over here at Palm Springs, Coachella. Who's the best artist who should I see? You're going to get all these different opinions and what are they based on opinion, preference, whatever. So what I encourage you guys to do, I, this is kind of cool. We've had a discussion, right? Like you guys are here. I'll ask a couple questions to you while we're here.


What the freak right In this world. If you're premed, if you're a student and you're not getting the results you want and you're stuck, are you continuing to drive a busted car instead of sucking it up and getting the new vehicle you need, are you continuing to blame something that is on the surface? The issue when the real issue is below that, right?  Buddy started working with Kaiser and wash it to help create a pipeline for other rubs and minorities to get into advanced health care degrees. I keep pushing for the program to teach students how to study. I see. Good luck. Why do you guys think I started my own business? I was involved in all these programs.


I was in all of these pipeline programs. I was an instructor. I was a creator. I was director. I was all these things. And no matter what position I got to, no matter how high Rose up and these positions and these and these organizations and his pipeline programs, no one ever wanted to do. The most basic thing that I thought was obvious.


Instead of teaching students bio, instead of teaching them chemistry instead teaching them Mcat. How about we teach them to read? How about we teach him to study? How about we teach them to have self-confidence? How about we teach them to overcome imposter syndrome, besides just don't want to people, but we teach them actual tangible skills to deal with it.


So I hope you have tremendous success. I had to leave the traditional pathway and I still do stuff with educational, right? Like I go to medical schools and I teach, but what's cool. Now is I can speak my voice by coming here from the outside as an ex practicing. Exactly what I want to say, which is right. That, that level of freedom of being able to say exactly what the truth is without having to filter it.


It's one of the reasons why everyone thought Trump was gonna be a great president. Like, oh, he's an outsider. He's not tied to the political machine. He could say what he wants. Say speak the truth. But he's just speaking his truth from his, from a point of just being contentious. Right? Yeah. So, I have group coaching programs on my website. I may add some individual coaching on my website. I've been talking about this Brett, which is on here earlier. I've been talking about adding individuals on my website, but I don't like the individual coaching because again, what ends up happening? And I'll be honest with you guys, right? I'm always truthful with you guys. I'm allergic to lazy people.


And that typically is the people who sign up for individual coaching in large part. Not always right. I filter my individual coaching now, but tend to be people who are less inclined to want to do the work. And instead they want me to do the work for them. And so I liked doing group coaching because it allows me, It holds people accountable to the group.


And so people could ask the question individually, I'll give the individual feedback, but then people can understand and see from the perspectives and see from outside. It's a huge learning environment. Yeah, man, you want to volunteer with me? Send me an email, right? I'm always looking like if students believe in what we're talking about and want to come help out,


I'm always, I'm always about it. But I just wanna encourage all of you guys. Like I think it was a good segue. Whoever asked the question about<inaudible> and then ask question about sat, uh, who was it Kishor asked about sat act is that we have to understand like black lives matter. So this is, we're getting way off topic now, but black lives matter. I see people's yellow, blue lives matter. Police, police, police, defund. The police know police are amazing at it's not all a one y'all I don't believe all police are bad, but I've had enough bad experiences with police to feel like I'm being discriminated against and to feel like I'm always on the scared side when it comes to police.


And then I act like, and then if they prove otherwise, then I'm okay. Right? It's like, oh, I'm gonna pretend I'm going to brace for the worst. But if it's okay, it's okay. But I think it's incredible. How people right now are villainizing police like police officers are bad people. Do you know how much courage it takes to go out and be a law enforcement person?


It's like the military. You know how much courage it takes to sign up for the military to sign up, to be shot at, to sign up, to, to rush in when people are rushing away, Right? It's like being a physician. You sign up to rush in. When people are rushing out, It takes courage to work in law enforcement guys. It takes courage to work in the military. That's the truth. Not all cops are bad, but there are cops just like, there are people who have agendas and go certain ways, right? This whole cancel culture. You're canceled. Cause you said something back in 1943. I just saw a thing. They're all Mark. Wahlberg's behind right now. You guys see this about Mark Walbert have you guys seen this? How many guys have saw have seen this mock Walberg thing today? So if you sure ass, why should we live in that fear? Oh, well, Oh, we'll wait on the Mark. Walberg so if you guys saw Mark Walberg today, let me know. You guys saw that, but why should we have to live in that fear?


Right. As underrepresented people. It's a good question. And I don't think we should have to live in that fear, but I'm a realist guys at all points. I'm a realist. I deal in reality. I don't deal with fantasy lands and what-ifs and wannabes, right? Black people should not have to live in fear of the police, but that's a reality.


People should not have to deal with discrimination, but it's a reality, right? Pre-meds I have a lot of great premier candidates who medical schools be dogging because they don't fit their criteria necessarily. Know what I mean? Like there's issues. And I always say like medical admissions is not a great process. It's not fair. It's not equitable. It doesn't identify the real traits that they should be looking for.


None of that. But the reality is is that is the process. It is what it is. So it's up to you to succeed anyway. So Kishore, the question becomes is that fear enough to keep you from succeeding and for some people it is right. And it's why I have to do a better job of four to five people. But I'm always like, how do you get people to stop being afraid to give them tools, give them skills. So whenever I get pulled over, I called my wife, put the phone on speaker, but the phone on speaker set on my dashboard, call my wife and say, shout out, being pulled over, just letting you know, listen and let the officer know.


Hey, officer month home, my wife sitting on the dashboard. I let them know, put my hospital badge on we'll safety, but that's the best I can do, but I won't stop me from driving my car and will stop me from going for opportunities will stop me from succeeding. Alright. Yeah. So people saw the Mark Walberg thing 30 years ago, Mark Walberg might've Kuda, possibly whatever said something racist. I don't care if he did. I don't care. If Mark Wahlberg was a KU Klux Klan member 30 years ago, I'll be honest with you. I don't care if Mark Walberg founded the KKK, I don't care. And this is the whole problem with canceled culture. Are we saying that people can't change and people can't evolve?


You guys is premed. You want medical schools to overlook your early bad grades because you've changed. But now you're going to hold people accountable for things that happened 30 years ago. One time when they've established a new pattern, a different pattern, come on now. Y'all Let's like, Is that really how we, uh, Is that how we operate? Think about that.


How many of you guys and I mean honest, right? Like if we were to fast forward, your guys's lives 10 years ago, you guys were young people 10 years ago. That's a long time for you, 10 years. Are you going to tell me that 10 years ago, you didn't have a day. You regret an hour, a minute, a moment that you regret Think about that Truthfully, because I feel like I'm a very good person. I'm a Christian. I try to walk right? The walk, but there are moments in my life I look back on. I'm like, Ooh, I'm not proud of that moment. Definitely not proud of that moment. If, if there was a, if there was a TMZ or whatever you want to call it, there were social media. I would probably be in trouble for that moment. Right there. Think about that. I'm being totally honest with you guys. I know I'm old. Y'all I've had years to accumulate bad stuff. I know there are some moments I look back on it.


I'm like, man, that was not me. That was, that was definitely not me. I can remember. I'll tell you one moment. Like that's, that's on the nicer side that I'm not proud of in junior high, we went TPA, right? Toilet paper, and we toilet paper, this girl's house. Um, and the reason we told her we were halfway. It seemed like a good bill at the time is she had turned us in for leaving campus. So we had to leave campus, right? Junior high. We had left campus to go get some food and come back. And this girl turned us in. And so we toilet paper to her house and only we told him at her house, but then we sprayed the toilet paper with water.


That's a terrible thing to do. The terrible thing to do. Always try and do is do what's right. We're doing the wrong thing. And we told the people at her house and sprains over water. I feel terrible about it this day. I'm a girl, man. I felt terrible about what I did when I was 12. And that's not even the worst thing I ever in my life, but that's a moment right. That everyone can see. That's a bad moment. Oh my gosh, doctor probably that's a rule breaker. He left campus. And then he told her paper, he, he hazed, he bullied this girl, right? Like, are you really going to hold that against me? I was 12. I was an idiot.


Like I was just trying to like, you know what I'm saying? Like, that's how we act with people. I just can't get with canceled culture. I can't, if I tweet and I don't tweet, I'd barely social media. But if, if I'm a person who tweets 10 times a day, 10 times a day and you find one tweet that is slightly off color from 35 years ago. Come on. Y'all we can't, we can't. It's like you celebrities he's let me just keep, keep digging. They're digging their own grave with these ridiculous videos, trying to relate to us normal people. They can't, they can't. But at least they're trying. And you guys like, Oh my gosh, you see these white actresses trying to relate to us.


This is terrible. They should all be canceled. Cancel them. It's like, come on guys. Like they're trying, they're doing the best they can to relate to situation. Drew Brees, horrible comment. Give me a break. It was a horribly insensitive comment. Say he would never deal for the flag. He came at me and the afterward, after he realized, Oh, snap, that was wrong to me and said, I'm wrong. It's okay to disagree. It's okay to say something wrong. And then say, you know what? Shoot foot in my mouth moment. I jacked that up. But like, it's like when people say, you know, Dr. Pinesett, I love all your video to volume for four years.


But this video, I don't agree with unsubscribe. I'm like, wow, wow, wow. Four years of video. And I, and I do one video that you don't agree with. And now I'm canceled, canceled unsubscribe, unsubscribe. That's absurd. That's really, really an absurd policy. I don't know. Maybe I'm strange. Do you guys think we should just cancel people for decades ago? And I think Udemy has the right point, right? I would like to see those people who canceled people held up to their own standard. That's why I don't cancel anybody's I'm like, nah, I know that's a foul stuff. Right? Right. I know as a kid, there's a difference between speaking up when you see injustice and calling people out.


There's difference from that. Cause I, I, you guys know my coaching style. Someone sent me an email today, like who? After I give him feedback that cool, dr. Pine said, you are kid kidding. Your coaching style is not for the faint of heart. No. Cause I believe in accountability responsibility. But at the same time, I can tell you you're wrong and allow you to correct yourself. I can tell you, man, the personal statement you sent me is trash. Fix it these ways. And we can get on with our lives, but to cancel someone. Yeah. People try to cancel me every week. Sure. I've just cause, because I say the truth and the truth is off.


It's so hard to hear me shoot the messenger. I like, you know what I mean? I wish I could say it was all goodies and gumdrops. It's like, I bet you guys seen that video earlier this week, I posted about diversity and I said the truth about diversity and I kid you not in the video. I was talking about diversity in the fact that we've made no progress in medical diversity.


Look the numbers. We are not making medicine significantly more diverse period. Okay. And I said, part of the problem is, and people think they're mobilizing increasing diversity. I said, part of the problem is, is a lot of people are out here talking about, look at me now, instead of saying here, let me show you how and I could show you guys the messages I've gotten.


People deal with me on Instagram. Hey, I saw your video about diversity talking about, Oh, look at me. Now, show me, how are you talking about me? I'm like, well, do you feel like I'm talking about you talking about the rang true in that video. People are set. I don't care about your upset. It's the reality you posing for cute pictures. Doesn't get black students into medical school. I'm sorry. I can't, I can't say it any clearer. We just talked about this. Right? Taking pictures in front of rundown neighborhood schools and saying, listen, I went to the school and I made it out. You can't do that.


Doesn't move the needle. You know what does move the needle is LeBron James going back into his community and building a school. Oh, Oh, Oh. What does his LeBron, LeBron James Baron Davis going back into his neighborhood in LA and giving to his high school, giving to junior high, building up infrastructure in those communities. Not the picture, not the photo op.


Yeah. We gotta recognize that. Y'all like all your posts on social media. Cool. But do something right? Cause sure. If you're serious and you're like, man, let's make a difference. Let's make a change. Right? I want to change this world. Then put, put up, put up like put up or shut up. And again, people can fit in. When I say that, I'll get hate mail, please, please go tell your favorite influencer. I said this today. Second, send me some hate mail. But that's the reality. And for some of you guys, let's bring it all back home. Some of you guys are saying how bad you want to go to medical school?


Show me, Stop posting pictures of your suture kit, premed. Stop posting pictures of your beautiful study books. And instead read those books better yet. It learned how to read those books Put up or shut up. If you want guaranteed admission to medical school, put up. If you're not willing to go get it, shut up. If you're about this and looking like a premed, you're not going to get there. Hi Mary. Alright. I was like dr. Lee. I'm like Mary you're on the wrong freed. Yeah. You're 27. No bachelors. They went to college. Got a fresh slate. You're mature. Go to medical. School is fine. But recognize guys like its time out. I do every single thing I can to help my students.


Why? Because my students put up Right? Meryl knows Merrill's on here. She can call me anytime. Oof. Them knows. So you can text me anytime. Unum knows he can do a drive-by at my house. Come knock on the front door because he puts up sky, held us up to a high standard, puts in work. I love that.


I care about that. I have tremendous respect put up and I'm with you, but people who just talk and don't do any work. What is that? You're a premed Kardashians. What have we got going on Patrice? Is that right? Am I right? Am I wrong? Instead of taking pictures of the book and I don't know if you guys know this Instagram profile, go follow this Instagram. I'm going to promote an Instagram profile. My wife showed me and it gives me great joy to go to this page all the time. It's called influencers in the wild. Why Shannon showed it to me, changed my life because it's people who are walking or they're somewhere or whatever. And they see one of these want to be influencers or influencers and they're filming their footage for their social media.


And so these people film almost like a behind the scenes of that. And it's hilarious because it shows just how ridiculous it is to do something Right though something, yeah. You know, I'm on, you know, Ooh, like, ah, you wanna impress me? Do something, do something. Does that, you know what I'm saying? Right.


Antonio is one of my students, 37. We got his bachelor's and he's rolling. He's on track. We're going to get there. Right. And I think, Carla, thank you for sharing that, Carla. Right? That's good. Right? Opening up your eyes. Last one. We said you don't have to wait to be a physician to develop your x factor, right? You don't need to give everything all. When I'm a doctor, man, I'm gonna change the world. I'm gonna pay the road, paved the road right now. Be something Be more, be better. Y'all that's all I'm going to say. I got to go either back to the hospital, Meryl, it's all your fault. I ain't got an orders in, but I don't even know what this video was about. But what this video was about, it's just, you guys got to understand, man, this world is harsh. This world is crazy. People will pull you down. If you let them. And the way you let them is by not putting in the work. The way you don't get into medical school is by saying, I'm not willing to put in the work or not getting the skills and knowledge. You need to be able to put in the work. That's that simple. So when we talk about what's guaranteed basketball mission, it's you educating yourself?


It's you surrounding yourself with the right people who are in your corner. Some of y'all got leeches. Some of y'all got anchors in your lives that are just holding you down, sucking you down, taking every ounce of your energy and your joy and your zest and your, your want for your future. They're always talking trash, cutting people loose, get some positivity around you, right? Get a mentor or five or 10 Get informed. Thank you.


The outcome of this video, the takeaway is that you can't look for a quick trick y'all. He's like, Oh, he's the top of the guarantee. He's even the magic bullet to get the medical school. You know, a magic bullet is getting yourself to work and care more about people Get to work. Y'all alright, so I'm going to leave. Woo. Dom. You made it live. Now we're leaving. All right. I'll see you guys. Soon. New videos. Y'all, I'm really excited. Um, I just been kind of chilling back, right? Like I just, I've been having fun, doing like stuff that I want to do. So I got a bunch of interesting things that actually to me, coming out, uh, for you guys on the YouTube channel on the podcast. Um, so thank you, Carla. I'm glad you're liking the dominate premed course, right? You and I'm so excited because the, the new version is not even done yet. And it's going to be up. I'm really excited. The new application course is going to be ready on Monday, Monday application course. So all kinds of fun stuff, but I'm like, I want all of you guys to know you're welcome Martin, for the discount on the study course, a hundred percent, right?


I want all you guys know your future is right in front of y'all, man. Don't let anybody psych you out. Don't let anybody pump you up in the wrong way and make you feel it, you know exactly who you are. And if you're doing the work and you're doing it right. And when in doubt, ask yourself, am I being the most caring person I can be? Am I being the hardest working person I can be? And if you can have those questions, yes, you're on the right track though. Right? You're on the right track.


And Gabriel says, do you know my programs were for anybody? So Gabrielle, if you're a student and you want to get better at any level, you're at, come on, get with us. There we go. You can tell my students cause they be hitting the box hard the right way. It totally hit me with that. You know, that's my line about that business boss. I ain't about all these words. Just get about your business. Right. And get it done and be kind, don't worry about tearing people down, lift yourself up my people of color, right? People that Oh, people of color is offensive. And Oh my gosh, what can I say? What can I say?


I literally got a message. People of color is offensive. You need to use, uh, indigenous people of color or something like that. I forget what they told me. I'm like, I'll use what the free guy want. Like, you know what I'm saying? If your skin is dark, life is hard, but it doesn't mean you can't succeed. So go succeed, put in the work. Be great. Alright. I gotta go. It's supposed to be a five minutes dream. It turned to 46 minutes, but I hope you guys get, I don't know. I was just like thinking about this today. Cause I'm like, man, I get all these messages. You guys can see the messages I get.


I just gnaw at you. Right. To just see so many students who are great people, but they don't believe in their own greatness. I just want you guys understand, like you even get to middle school work. Y'all be like, come on, get there. Alright. I gotta go. Everyone have a great day.


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