How I went from struggling student to graduating Stanford Med School

premed Aug 12, 2020


The school doesn't have to be hard! Any student can get straight A's, any student can study smart. In this episode, you will learn how I went from an underachieving student to dominating college and medical school. Study skills matter!


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All right. What is up guys? Dr. Andre Pinesett here and today, I want to talk to you guys about why you aren't the great student you aspire to be. And for many of you guys, you think you've tried so many things to be great but I'm going to tell you the one thing that is really going to make you great. Are you ready for it?


But stop making excuses. Stop whining, stop. Right? Get at it. No excuses just dominate.


And it comes from a quote. And I think this quote, I used it all the time because I think it really embodies what separates people from who they are and who they want to be. It separates the students who are average and students who are great or fantastic, or dominant me right from the average student. I was who I am today. And this quote is by Daniel Allie. And the quote goes like this: The difference between who you are and who you want to be is competence and confidence. Hear? The difference between who you are and who you want to be is just competence and confidence. And that may sound simple.


It may sound profound to some of you guys, but when I heard this quote, it was very profound to me. And it really kind of, I think when I like quotes are quilts that hit me as something that sums up and simplifies many other things that I may have been thinking or heard of. Right? So it kind of clarifies my thinking. And when I heard this quote, it so resonated with me because it is kind of like my nose used to just dominate. And it really flips with both of those things in the sense that if we want to get to dominance, we must recognize that everything that's stopping us, all the obstacles or the reasons we shouldn't succeed, all the adversity we face.


All of these, we tell ourselves why we're not dominant are just excuses. And the only thing that stops us from getting there is our ability to put in effective action long enough to get that success. And with this quote, you hear that same thing, the division who you are, who you want to be is just competence and confidence. And so for many of you guys who struggle in school, feel like I'm not the student I want to be. I can't figure out why. I don't know what's going on. The issue is, is that you haven't put in the time to develop competence, to get you to a place of confidence. Why are some people confident are confident?


The difference is that confident people have had a track record or they feel they've had enough success, enough positive outcomes, where they can feel positive that they can move themselves to another positive outcome. And for many of you guys, as students, you procrastinate, you put off, you ignore, right? You do everything you can to avoid showing the fact that you are incompetent. Alright. That's what happens to the average student, right? Are you're putting your attention in places that make you feel good, but are getting the result. And you think, you know, looking at motivational quotes, you didn't hear in me, stop motivation is going to change your life and make you more confident. The only way to become more confident is to improve your competence.


And the question I will ask you, and I want you to ask yourself as you sit there and you hear this, and you're thinking about this, what have you done to make yourself competent? Even simpler: What have you done to even improve your competence? You tell yourself I'm doing everything I can. I'm trying as hard as I can. Guys. Your parents lie to you. Your teachers lied to you. These Mobius would be listed. They've lied to you. Trying isn't enough. It's like a relationship. You hear your girl say, you said your girl, why tried try it? You don't get credit for trying, you get credit for execution. It credit for doing the care for carrying out, for being successful to say, you've tried to be successful. Yes, it's accurate.


But if you haven't tried the right thing, applying the right way to execute your growth, it doesn't matter. If you feel like you're a terrible student, maybe you are a terrible student. And maybe that starts you and motivates you to actually really dedicate yourself. Becoming competent is to recognize that I'm not what I should be. Dang it. What can I do to be better? And then to start to think yourself, well, listen, I can be better than average of who I am, who I want to be. It's just competence and confidence and confidence is extremely dependent on coffee. Real competence, not the Boulevard. You know what I mean? Like, Oh, you have so called them amaze. You can stop me. And you really, we want to have real competence bounded in our competence. And so for you guys, I encourage you and you're not going to be above average.


If you're doing what all the other average people are doing, what the average person is doing to be successful. You look at things like tiktok. I wonder why I have a tiktok profile. I don't post a tiktok. Why? Because I feel like tiktok hitting me of what's happened to our society. And it says that people want to be distracted, want to be entertained as opposed to wanting to be educated. They want to be distracted and deterred from their life as opposed to making their life better. For so many of you guys, you go to social media, you go to forums to get your information. Yet you refuse to crack a book. Yet you refuse to invest in a course yet you refuse to invest the time it takes to become skilled and to become expert.


And to recognize that greatness is it made in instant greatness has made each and every day, every inch by inch, every day, effort by effort. Where's your effort at where's your hustle at? Where's your commitment? Where's your educating at is your brain soft or have you put the time in to fill your brain with the building blocks of greatness? That is the separator guys.


Do we understand what I'm saying here today? All of you guys who are listening to this who are watching this. Yes, you can become great. Yes. You can be that student you dream of, but you see like in the mirror and the distance, like, man, I could be so great. I could be so amazing. I could get the A, the only reason you're not getting the A is because you haven't developed the competency. You need to get the a and unlike what your parents told you just work hard, working hard. Isn't enough. You have to work smart as a student in 2020. So I asked you, what have you done to put yourself in a position to be competent, to work smart?


What have you done to deserve the a other than work ethic? Because the work ethic is not sufficient. Leave it to me. I'm a hard worker. Great. I've worked from sunup to sundown. Great. The work ethic is there, but what would be better is if you worked from sunup to mid-afternoon because you were so efficient and you were able to have your afternoon for your own life, that is what I want. I want productive, but I want to fish it production. And some of you guys are just grinding away. It's not sustainable.


So I want you guys to recognize you all can be great. You all can dominate, but the separator is, are you willing to get competent? I mean, really competent, not like, oh yeah, I kind of know what I'm doing. No, you don't get credit for trying. You only credit for what? You know, you get credit for what? You can prove what you could execute. So saying I knew if the test, but I didn't get questions. Right. This account kid questions. Right. All right, guys.


So thank you guys for joining me. I appreciate it. I'm Dr. Pinesett, the Study Doc, please take a second. If you are enjoying this, like subscribe, give me a review. Let me know you're enjoying this stuff so I can bring more of it to you. If you have something on your brain, something on your mind that you want help, get over to my website. It's If you're ready to level up, you're ready to stick your competence. Game up. You ready to really invest in yourself and your greatness. Getting students to have Michelle come and get into a course or get into a coaching program to move you forward to transform, to change your life. All right, guys, thank you so much. How do we always end?


No excuses. Just dominate. See you guys next time. Today is the day guys. No more excuses, no more complaining you are going to take your future in your own hands. You're going to dominate. You're going to be successful. Get to my website, I challenge you. What are you going to do today to make your life better?



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