How to Create Your Own College Opportunities to Achieve Success

student success Feb 16, 2020

If you’ve found that you struggle to find opportunities as a student, this video is for you. A mindset shift may be all you need to start to discover the opportunities that may be right in front of you! Watch the video to learn how to apply yourself and change your mindset to find new opportunities anywhere and anytime.

Quick Summary:

  • “While you’re sitting there talking about what you don’t have….there are people out there who are hungry for that opportunity.”
  • It’s so easy to make the excuse that opportunities aren’t coming your way and that’s why you’re not successful. But you have to make your own way and take what you deserve!
  • You have to shift your mindset away from every door that’s “closed.” If you don’t go for it, it’ll never happen.
  • Don’t close yourself off from opportunities just because you’re scared. You have to be willing to take the risks to be more productive and achieve success.
  • As long as you’re willing to work harder and smarter than anyone else, absolutely NOTHING can stop you from overcoming your obstacles and achieving your goals.
  • Once you’ve changed your mindset, you’ll start to see all the “negatives” as new positives and new opportunities to be created.
  • “Opportunity is everywhere! It’s up to ME to grab it.”


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