Dominate Premed Show: How to Get Into Med School

premed Feb 15, 2020

If you’re getting ready to apply to medical school, you might be worried that you’re not prepared or don’t have everything you need to get in.

Watch this video now to discover everything you’ll need to ace your med school application.

  • “If you’re just going to be a box-checker, you’re not going to be as exceptional as medical schools need to let you in.”
  • It is getting more competitive to get into med school each and every year. BUT, you should not rush your application to try to get in sooner.
  • First, there are way more people applying to medical school today than there used to be, so it’s naturally going to be more competitive. Tons of completely qualified people aren’t getting in simply because of the numbers.
  • The average on the MCAT has jumped up about 2 points, showing how much people are investing in the best MCAT courses. It also shows a bias against those who can’t afford expensive courses. That’s why I created my own course that’s WAY more affordable than any other!
  • The two D’s of pre-med and med school admissions are Distinct and Distinguished.
  • “Distinct” means that you MUST be different than other pre-meds. You have to set yourself apart from the huge pack you’re competing against.
  • Pick extracurriculars that will both make you stand out and will let you explore something you’re passionate about. You’ll be unique in all the thousands of applicants and you’ll have a lifelong passion and hobby!
  • “Distinguished” means better. How have you distinguished yourself and made yourself better than all the other pre-meds?
  • Every single person in the application pool has had struggles. The ones who actually get into med school are the ones who don’t let their obstacles stop them. They push through and GET IT DONE!
  • Not only do you have to work hard, but you should go above and beyond. Always reach higher to go past the call of duty.
  • Make your accomplishments concrete with a letter of recommendation, other forms of formal recognition, and outputs.

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