Learn How Your Professors are Sabotaging You Out of Success

student success Feb 16, 2020

If you’re trying to improve your GPA or get into medical school, you want to make sure you’re not being sabotaged by your professors.

Watch today’s video to see if you’re being sabotaged and what you can do about it.

  • Sometimes, professors will tell you not to do any outside preparation or not to do other things that you think would benefit you.
  • Don’t ignore everything your professor is saying, but instead be critical of what they’re saying if it’s not going to work for you.
  • Even if professors have your best interests at heart, they might unwittingly be giving you advice that’s the best for you. Professors are experts in their own fields, but they’re NOT experts in study skills.
  • School is stressful for so many people because they’re not studying effectively and efficiently. Get the bigger picture first, read before class, and go into class already familiar with the subject.
  • By frontloading your studies, you’ll have a more concrete understanding of the subject that will help you in the future, especially when trying to get into med school.
  • Even if your professor says they only teach from their PowerPoints, read the book and do your own studies first anyway! There’s absolutely no downside to knowing more than they expect you to know.
  • Pre-read. Build a solid foundation and do more in the beginning. That way, you can use your motivation to its fullest potential and coast through the rest of the semester.
  • Improve study skills to give yourself the best chance at success. You have to learn how to study before you can excel in any of your classes.
  • Don’t be afraid of change. Let go of the old habits that aren’t working for you, and look at how you can improve.


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