Low PREMED GPA: Will grad school help you get into med school?

premed Aug 09, 2020


So many premeds suffer from a low undergrad GPA and then are confused about how to make themselves competitive for medical school. In this episode, I will break down the 3 THINGS YOU NEED TO KNOW to get into medical school with a low GPA.


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Managed to not turn my microphone off. Anyone hear me now? Alright, there we go. Uh, so what is that? I'm glad we are in the house. Today we're talking about low premed GPAs and how to overcome it. And specifically, I had a student email me and ask me about their low GPA and what they'd gone, done about it to fix it, and what you can do as a student.


So we're gonna answer one of your questions today, and we're going to talk about this low premed GPA - if you should go to graduate school, let's talk about it, guys.


But stop making excuses. Stop whining. Stop right. Get at it. No excuses just dominate.


All right. We are live now simultaneously, we've got Instagram happening over here. If you guys don't know I am live on Instagram @thestudydoc.  And we live here on YouTube. What is up Abby in the house? Hello. Um, so we're going to talk about you guys as low GPA and what to do about them. And I had a student who messaged me today and was like, Hey, I got this low GPA here was what I did, which I do about it. So if you guys ever started joining me, what is that? I'm Dr. Pinesett the Study Doc, um, as always take a second, like this video, let people know there's something valuable happening amongst us that you want to check out. And I mentioned one of your questions.


If you guys have questions, email me, right. Get to my website, hit that contact page. Send me a message. So the student says, good evening. So listening yesterday, I got to say, good evening. My name is blank, insert a name. And I rediscovered your YouTube channel a few months ago. I want to thank you for what you're doing on YouTube while I don't agree with all your stances.


I know that the presence of advice you give is invaluable to the African American African American community. It's inspirational to the other men of color, just as walk down the path. I thank you for that. And I'll just pause there for a second. This is so important. I was just on the phone with my students earlier today and I was on the way home from work.


And I was talking on the phone with my student and we were talking about the ridiculousness of cancel culture and how you guys think, cause you got a Twitter following or whatever. You can cancel people's nondescript late. We don't always have to agree on everything. People can be good people and just disagree with you on something, right? It doesn't always have to like, Oh, we agree on everything to be friends. Oh my gosh, I should say right. That's a, you can't trust someone. You can't have someone advise, you guys will be your mentor. If they never say anything, you don't like anything. That's challenging. You. That's difficult to hear.


So guys recognize we don't all have to agree, but we all have to be kind to each other, respect each other. That's what it's about. Alright, so I'm a nontraditional student planning. In my first attempt at applying to medical school, I plan to study for the MCAT until I reached a score of greater than or equal to 517. And because of my most recent practice test score was above 510.


I was most likely to apply, um, in 2021. However, because of COVID-19, I attempted to take advantage of medical school, suspending the gap, and applying this year. Unfortunately, I've received conflicting feedback on my application, which has brought me to you after finishing undergrad with a GPA of 2.8, announcing my intention to become a physician-scientist. The advice that I received was to get work, experience and improve, uh, my blank by going to graduate school. I'm a 34-year-old postdoc fellow in a genetic medicine lab. Focusing on transitional studies. I have a Ph.D. in chemistry and have slowly moved into the biological sciences over the years, intending to enter medical school and become a physician-scientist.


My questions are: 1) is applying to medical school in this cycle advantageous? 2) Will an MCAT score above 517 of my background, be enough to overcome my undergraduate GPA? If not, what steps do you recommend? 3) Is there anything else you would suggest to improve my standing? All right. That's a long question. Was that a lot happening? Like I know you guys know, right? If you ever were worried, like conductor pints had actually read, man, I can read so well. Y'all all right. So this question real simple, right? What's the foundation. So this it's that low GPA. Oh my gosh. I get so many of these emails. How many guys are low? Pre-meds GPA yours, right? That dreaded. Oh my gosh. I messed up.


I made a mistake. I was in the tour, shy what up? Right? All these things. And then you're like, man, I gotta fix it. I got to fix it. Maxwell. What up? Right. We've got to fix that GPA. How do we do it? And then this student's case, their low GPA was 2.8. Not awful, but is that competitive for medical school? Right? Is a 2.8 GPA conducive to getting into medical school. Can you make it happen? Can we get there at 2.8? Right, right. Dr said 2.4, no shame Lexis at 3.28 for now, right? People's CPAs are low and bearing, but a 2.8 GPA. They 2.4 GPA are not conducive to medical school.


If your GPA is not above 3.0, don't ever think about applying to medical school because you have very low chances of getting in something crazy. Must have free to get in. You need to improve that GPA. So when this student's case, they had a low GPA, they had aspirations. And this is why I think it's so important. You guys get advice that you get it from people who look at all the specific situation.


So they have a low premed GPA. Their goal is to become a physician Scientist. Okay. So vision scientist is someone either has an MD and also does research or has a PhD and an MD. And then also does research, right? So their research-focused, this student had this low GPA. It was like, man, okay, I've got the little GPA.


How do I overcome this low GPA? How do I get to medical school? And they elected to go based on people's advice, right? The two pieces of advice they got the first one we'll look, we'll get rid of that. So when you were, that is work experience. Gosh, I had a nickel for every time a student told me they had a low GPA and they were considering getting a job in a research lab.


They were considering getting, a job doing clinical experience. They were considering it because they needed work experience. We're going to round out their, their, uh, resume. I wouldn't be a billionaire. If I had a nickel every time a student said, doesn't mean, do you guys think it makes sense? If you have a low GPA to go get a job, do you think The work you're going to do with that research lab is going to overcome your low GPA, right? Look at this pen, right? Yes. The new Blackboard, by the way, very excited about that. So now I can actually get back to teaching, right? You guys who? Okay. Let's do it. Let's do a vote.


Who likes the Blackboard? Right? Who likes when I get on here and we teach, we can educate, right? I'm an educational, I'm an educator, right? This is an educational platform. I want to educate. So I need the Blackboard kind of brings them. We can all see what our eyes, not just hear what I'm saying right now.


Right? So who thinks that getting a job, what you should do? Let me see. What's happened here on Instagram. Zach says not at all. Carlos says 3.5 right now. Uh, Oh. Is it showing backward? Well, I don't know how to fix that on IgE. Get over to YouTube. Uh, people are saying, Nope. Nope, Nope, Nope, Nope. Right. People were saying this. It makes no sense to get a job, to fix your low GPA. So for all of you guys, you will hear me say this all the time. If you have something wrong with your application, you must fix the problem. Boom. You must fix the problem. Nobody cares.


If you've got this hole in your shirt, adding a sleeve on it doesn't fit, right? Like we've got to address the actual concern of what is happening. If not medical schools will not let you win. Because when it comes to getting the medical school, it's not one thing. Right? It's all the things together. However, if you are missing something entirely, right? It's like a table with three legs. Even though I think they make some others, right? There's no fancy artistic tables, right? Through two, three ways. But a table that's supposed to have four legs. It has three legs. I don't care how great those three legs are. That table is not going to be put someone's house.


Right? That's not a valuable table, a three-legged table. And so for you guys, some of you guys are applying to medical school as a three-legged table. Nobody wants you. Nobody wants you. You gotta have four legs. Y'all so whatever the issue is with your situation's a premed, that's what you need to attack. And let's be honest guys, when you send me these questions, when you ask me, you know exactly what the issue is because the issue was in the subject line of the email and what you guys do. And this is why, like, if you guys messaged me on social media, sometimes I'm a little harsh with you guys because I don't like it. When you fish in my DMS, meaning you're like, Hey, Dr. Pinesett, listen, my GPA is 1.5. And I've been asking around. Everybody tells me anything more classes, but what do you think? Do you think I'll be fine to apply my hope? My five GPA. What does that student doing? Right. They're fishing. They're going to go to everybody's inbox until they find one person, one person to give them bad advice and tell them, Oh yeah, 1.5. You never know what might happen. Throw it in there. Good luck partner. Right? They're looking for that. Don't fish. You know what the issue is, fix the problem. Right?


And when it comes to fixing the problem, the issue, the next thing you must do, address the costs. If you recognize you've got a 2.8 GPA where you not trying an undergrad, were you not putting forth your full effort? Where you not trying to get the A's? Yes, you were. You were trying to get the A's. Did I put two decent address? Is that right? Address? Look, it's one D I'm looking at it. My name is one D so, okay. We've learned two things that I want. We've learned that I can read, but we've learned that I also cannot spell. I can read, but I cannot spell. So when some up, right? Alright. You must address the cost. If you have a low GPA, what does it reflect? People try to say GPA doesn't reflect how smart you are.


That's true. You're gonna have get score. Doesn't reflect how smart you are. Oh, it is two DS. My Instagram people coming through. Thank you. Fall. Autumn. Not I said yes, it is two BS. Yes. All right. So it turns out I can read, I can't spell I'm well, on my way off, I'm a doctor who can read and can spell woo when in the day.


Okay. So you must address the costs. If you have a low GPA, if you have a low MCAT score, does that mean you are not smart? Is it a reflection? What kind of doctor you will be? What, what does it mean to have a low GPA to look at? Is it, does it determine how great you can be?


What does a low GPA look at me? Does it mean, is it a reflection of your IQ and your ability to be a doctor? Right? Cause some of you guys out here thinking that we were going to low GPA, I don't know if I should go into medicine. It's just, I'm such a bad student. I can't Oh no. Your GPA and your performance on the end cap reflect, reflect your study skills, reflect your discipline, which is really a reflection, not of who you are as a person, because we were all undisciplined. It's a reflection of your study and life habits. I was just teaching a session for Sacramento state and their students about social distancing Scott's weekend. And it was such a great session. Cause I asked the question, what's stopping you for being a great student and what makes a great student. And one of things they pointed to was disciplined. I said, well, is there a real things of discipline? And they astutely said, well, it's about willpower. And we all must recognize that we all have very little willpower. We are weak, right? We are weak.


So what we must do is build a lifestyle that facilitates us being productive and moving in the right direction. This is where study habits, right? And life habits and routines come in, right? Who here recognizes that you are your habits, right? You are what you do every day. Now what you do one day, right? Cause some of y'all are nice people.


One day that'll make you a good person, right? Some of y'all posted black lives matter on black Tuesday. I ain't seen you since where you at, where you at. I went back and a second and choked out today where you bit, right? You are what you do consistently. Are you serving consistently? And when it comes to studying, are you a consistent high level student?


Do you having a process to get things done? Because if not, your GPA will reflect your lack of study skills, study habits. That's simple. And so if you say my GPA is low, I'm going to charge forth and take more classes. You are losing the game. You're wasting money, time, energy effort Or nothing because you're the same.


Sorry. As a student, you always been right. Can we be honest? You're the same terrible. No good undisciplined, unfocused, ineffective student. You've always been yet. You expect your GPA to magically click them Hills together. It's magically going to improve. Hey Right? I'd be saying this, these, these things out here and talking about, Oh, you know like, like, I don't know if you guys watched this, Amber heard Johnny Depp's stuff. You guys watching this. I'm like, I don't really go into tabloid stuff much. But this ever heard Johnny Depp trial is the up. Is it is everything I've ever wanted in my life. Like a real time reality show. This girl is way, one flew way over the Cuckoo's nest. Right way over the Cuckoo's nest way. Right. And what's interesting is it's the same pit ball on a macro level that we all fall into. You get in a relationship. And that first day they did something was a little weird. You're like, wait a minute. Right?


And you're like, Oh no, no, everything's fine. Then you go on. Right? And then a week goes on. It was a little weird, a little weird. He was, he was looking a little too hard at that. Right? When you let, go on, let it on the next thing you know, him and your best friend are running off, getting married.


You're like, I saw this. I never saw this coming. I never saw this coming. No, he was a scumbag. The first date. So for all of you guys, you guys, if you're a bad student, you know the signs are there. You see the signs, your GPA reflection don't think magically, all of a sudden you're gonna become a great student.


You got to address the cause. If you understand what I'm saying right now, like this video, whether you're on Instagram, we're here, we're here like this right now. Let me understand. You guys understand we have justice costs. This is the central thing that we all miss. You focus on the problem, but you don't focus on the cause of that problem.


Do you guys understand? It'd be here. We need to the root of it. We got to get that whole tree up out of this thing. Right? Via his nose. I come, come fire. Relationship advice. Ladies, ladies, if you feel uncomfortable, bringing your man around your friends, he ain't the one, he ain't the one y'all let him go.


Let him go. Fellas. Fellas, if you can't dress, trust your girl to wear an appropriate outfit to your boy's house. Gotta let her go. Gotta let her go. Got to address the cause here. Get to the root of it. Right? So when we talk about addressing this cost for your study skills and study habits, I have a ton of videos on my YouTube channel.


Guys. Check them out all about the study and getting better, but even more because it's such a huge issue right now, particularly right. You guys have got social distancing going on. You guys are stressed already to the brim. You've lost your structure. What I want to make sure you guys always have is an opportunity to be great, right? It's an opportunity to address the cost, right? It's not about raising awareness. I was just, I was talking to Brent this morning. Everybody went up to Brent right this morning and I was talking to him and I was like, it's the same thing I said about black lives matter. Awareness is cool and everything. But my question is, what are you doing to address inequities in this world?


And oftentimes you want to push the issue. Oh my gosh, there's so many periods of low GPA. We need to change the system. Know what we need to do is fix these students, right? And I'm always attempt to fix you guys and help you guys and get you to bring them up over the Hill so you can be successful. And so as part of that today, if you go to my YouTube channel and description this video right now, I have two discount links. One is that you can get my entire MCAT course for how much $99. So extreme discount and description box on my YouTube channel of my impact course for 99 bucks.


Additionally, if you want to learn how to study for your whole life, if you want the ultimate study system to be in a minute, I have a discount link on my YouTube channel in the box and the description $450 off my complete study system. Guys, my five-pillar system, both of these discounts are only good for the next 24 hours. We'll jump on it right now. This is extreme discounts. It's not sustainable. So we're going to do it cause I'm helping you guys out, right? So for people who show up, right? People who want to learn, here's your opportunity to start just in your costs. So we adjust the cause. We learn how to study. The third thing, Pick the right pathway, pick the right pathway. You got the low GPA, dang, messed up. My life's been four years unfocused, right? Someone's earlier said like lack of priorities. I was focusing on the wrong things. I wasn't taking it seriously. I didn't recognize the repercussions of those actions and how they stick with me for forever, forever. Right? You didn't recognize. So now it's up to you to chart a new course. You've recognized I got a problem with my GPA.


I'm going to fix that. But first I got to fix the cause. They learn how to study. Come learn how to study. And I go on to study, not gonna apply those skills, those strategies, that knowledge down the right pathway to get the job done. And there are so many pathways. It's so confusing. It's so perplexing. What shall I do?


Okay. These are your three GPS. So when you guys applied to medical school, we must understand a GPA is not a GPA is on a GPA until it's not a GPA. So when you apply to medical school, there are three major GPS that medical are looking at. That's split your GPA. And yes, there's splits of these splits, right to science and non science, whatever. But we must understand this to be able to understand how you're going to address your low GPA. When medical schools look at your GPA, the first cut is the raw number. The first cut is the raw number, which is why when we talk about cutoffs and that's why it matters because the raw number, no matter what the composition is, the first thing they're looking at is what is the overall number?


So in this case, medical schools get it. It's not just the overall number of all the classes you've taken, where some people make mistake of thinking. Every class I take, bring all together, my GPA is going up. No medical schools break it into undergrad. Overall post-grad overall and grad overall post-grad is any classes you take after you possess a bachelor's degree. BS, BA of some sort. So everything that works towards that first bachelor's degree is undergrad classes. Everything. After you get a degree and you graduate from a four year university becomes postgrad, GPA. Anything that is not undergrad units. So graduate school, master's PhD, special masters, whatever goes into the grad school GPA. Does that make sense to everybody? Let's stop right there for a second.


We gotta all understand this premise before your bachelor's degree, after your bachelor's degree, not undergrad, coded classes, graduate-level training. Do we understand the three? Yes. Yes. Thank you. You'll say you're right. All those hearts are not enough. Right? Show some love. Y'all like this video y'all should Instagram all over here, half asleep.


Why am I bringing you along? If you're not contributing, I want to see some hearts right now. This video, I'm gonna stand here. I'm gonna wait for Instagram because YouTube is setting up the box, put some lights on. I do two video two, but where my hands are gonna be wet, right? Where are we at Alex? You shouldn't be asking these questions, but I'll answer it. Changing. Your major has nothing to do with anything. This is undergrad. This is post bachelor's degree. This is graduate school. So if you have a bachelor's degree ever, you now we're in the postbac box, not the grad box, the undergrad box. So we have to understand that we're getting our undergrad post grad graduate school.


Now your undergrad GPA is 2.8. When medical schools look at these three GPS, the one they weigh the most is your undergrad. Then they look at your postgrad GPA and then graduate school. GPA is lower. So when people ask about, should I do a postbac program? The reason Postmates are beneficial is because it allows you to have a separate GPA reported.


And because it's a post bachelor's degree, GPA, it will be separated from the undergrad GPA and medical schools will look at it as a separate GPA. And because the chronological order of these, right, your early units, your later units, and then you're way late units. This post-grads GPA gets very nice weight with medical schools. They look here first.


Then they look here. Then they look here. What out of these two? Your postgrad GPA is very important and very heavily weighted. Why? Why does it make sense that your post bachelor's degree, even if that community college at another university or it's a phone post that program, why does it make sense that your post graduate GPA would have very heavy weight for medical schools and the consideration of letting you in?


Why would it matter? Why, why, why, why, why does it make sense? Y'all why does it make sense that that GPA of the post graduate time would be so heavily weighted life 37? I'm glad you saw me on here. Sonoma Antonio says, does it matter where you do your post-bac? That's not the question yet. You're getting to specific focus here first.


Cause some of you are making the wrong decisions. There we go. Antonio says it. It's the most recent picture of you as a student. Why do I care? Who you were 10 years ago? I care about who you are today. So when students ask, well, what about, you know, a freshman year I a terribly, you know, but I don't work for six years getting all A's. Nobody cares about your first year. Nobody cares because today, currently your overall GPA has gone up. And most recently your work is stellar. You're restraining students like three years. You think I care about that first semester as a freshman? No, I want the most recent snapshot of who you are.


And this is the other part. I'll go back to the beginning. I just kind of came together. I talked about the problems with cancel culture, but how would you don't agree with them over to cancel him? But he said something that offended me. I'm going to cancel them. You expect, excuse me, I didn't sleep last night, but I'll call you expect medical schools not to cancel you over freshmen grades yet you rush to cancel people over.


One tweet is that hypocrisy is that a boxy hypocrisy stop canceling people, but recognize that medical schools will not cancel you over one semester over one grade over one misstep, a repeated habitual process of being terrible makes you a terrible person, a terrible premed, the terrible candidate. So not one F when people tell you, Oh, you know what? I had a bad freshman semester.


So I couldn't get into medical school. That's bull. That's a lie. That's a lie. What they had was a bad freshman, first semester, a bad second freshman semester, a bad first sophomore semester. So I only got a year and a half of being a bad student. So more than almost half of their college track record is failure.


Why would I want you? Do you want to know what I'm saying right now? Pay attention. So this GPA matters a lot. The graduate GPA is devalued. So when you're deciding, should I do a grad degree or should I do a post back program? Or should I take more undergrad classes? The answer is you should do the postback or the undergrad classes, this student, and did a PhD because of a low GPA. This student went and did a P H D and spent five, six, seven, maybe years getting a PhD. All of the interest of making up for a low premed GPA in a vacuum, right? If this student wasn't right, this student happens to be it shouldn't being a physician scientist.


So that PhD route is not a bad route because it leads to their career. But I kid you not guys. I have people who have not one, two master's degrees emailing me talking about, Hey, I had a low undergrad GPA. I went and got two masters and people were telling me I'm still up. I bet you, I don't get it. Yeah. Cause you didn't pay attention to the basics. A graduate class Last load is not giving us heavy weight as undergrad classes or post grad classes. Why, why does it make sense that a graduate GPA, BB valuated, compared to undergrad or postgraduate coursework, Do we understand? Do we understand someone asks you Is a be considered a failure? Yes.


If you could that name and as an exit, a failure. Yes. If you didn't get it effectively. Yeah. Efficiently. Right? Every victory is not an equal victory. The victory Getting an a and doing so efficiently and with less time and happily and joyously and What, without the anxiety about the overwhelm without the chaos in your life, that's winning.


Right. You're ready to get to that level of winning, but below, right? Let's get from box of my YouTube channel and get the discount. 24 hours only starting right now, two hours, only $450 off my five pillars course and my entire impact course for $99. Okay. So it makes sense. Why people put it in here? People put it in here.


What did we say? Yeah. It's because graduate coursework, grades are inflated. They are discussion oriented. You're in people who are more interested in the experience and developing real expertise that in getting the grade. So therefore graduate GPA is, are devalued because medical schools know that GE graduate school is not nearly as competitive. It's not nearly as harshly graded as undergrad.


So they de-value it. So if this student was not trying to be a physician scientists, I would say going to a PhD is a waste a lot of time, a lot of effort to not even address your core issue and the real problem, and really make yourself a more competitive candidate. However, in this student's case, they went into the PhD, which is in line with their future. And as I tell all my students right in my dominant premier mastermind and my, how do I promote a course? I tell my students, We don't live. Generic, Had lives. We don't do whatever else does. We do things our way. We live with our passion. We do what we want to do to succeed and to dominate.


So if you are passionate physician scientist and doing a PhD is not Right. It's not a bad option, but while you're doing that PhD right into, this is higher level coaching. While you're doing that PhD and following your passion, what should the student do? They should enroll in undergrad level coursework during their PhD and bump this undergrad GPA up. So 3.0 over course of five or six years, you can imagine taking a couple of classes. Every term, this GPA will go up. And as that GPA goes up, you become more competitive here. You make up 40, even more here and you become competitive for medical school. Does that make sense to everybody? Lee is definitely a word. Trust me, Trust me. I said, we've already learned. I can read. I can spell. And my vocabulary, my vernacular is on point recognized. Joyously is for sure a word Created here, urban dictionary. I'm going to fill out an urban dictionary segment today to put that in. Does that make sense, everybody? Right? We fall in what we're saying here.


If we have a low GPA, we've got to fix the problem. Don't go get a job and we'll work. Don't we get publications. It won't work. Fix the problem. But to fix the problem we had to do what that addressed. That call was y'all. What's the problem. Why do you suck at school? Because you don't have study skills and you don't have good study habits, problem. Fix it by getting into my popular scores for Florence, $50 off, Pick the right pathway. Okay. Understand these three GVAs because then it will help you make an educated, informed and the right decision to get into medical school. It ain't complicated. Bam, bam, bam. We broke it down. Do we understand?


And then understand at all times that the right pathway for you is not necessarily the right pathway for other people, because we want to make sure that we keep our passions and our longterm future doctor cells in mind as we pursue things, because life sucks. If you don't follow your passions, life sucks. If you don't do what you want to do, what you care about for a lot of you guys you're miserable. I see all these videos. I hear like oh, mental health. I'm so sad. Student life is so depressing. Oh my gosh. Just how it is being a student is such a struggle. No student lasts a stroke because you don't have study skills. You don't have study habits and you don't live with passion. You know what I mean? Zest, you do exactly. And what you're told to do and nothing that you want to do.


And so your life Sucks. That's a you problem. I'm trying to give school a bad name because you don't know how to execute. You don't know how to live your life. I love school. I wish I could. Right now, actually I told my students last year I said 20, 20 fall, 2020, I'm going to enroll at some college courses. I'm going to backpack. I'm going to show up. I'm gonna take some real calls. Glasses. I love school. Cause I'm high level. And some of y'all ain't high level. Some of y'all ain't cable. Some of y'all a bunch of followers. And you wonder why? Cause you fall in busters. You bunch of copycat busters. That's what I have to say.


Oh, This dance. Cause they did that dance. And I'm assuming you feel happy. Is it? It's someone else's dance. Being a copycat. Never makes me feel good. Makes me feel good. It's innovating being original. I don't know to me, I'm just saying, I'm just saying I'll lose that, right? I'm just saying, if you aren't blazing your own path, you ain't gonna be happy. You're not Going to be excited. You're not going to be thrilled with what you're doing. Cause you're running in circles. Right? If someone else is helping an old lady across the street and you run up and you're like, let me also help her across the street. What are you doing? Go find your own lady and they'll burn across the street.


Go help us some other way. Make sure after she crosses the street, she knows where she's going. Right? Make a difference. Y'all be better. Be different. Be better. Fix yourselves, get into medical school and make something of it. Right? Give of yourself for others. Make medicine better. Cause right now doctors out here getting abused because doctors out here copycats your copycat premed makes you a copycat follower.


Med student makes you a copycat follower. Doctor getting screwed out your paper and also screwing your patient in the process. You've got no ability to lobby and to get them to care that you think they need. And you want to blame the system. The problem is you use the issue, fix it. Does that make sense? Everybody? Can I stop yelling? Yes. You can use it for the decaf. For the DAP. Y'all was that fun? Who likes live? This is live. Actually. You guys didn't know. I'm Dr. Pinesett, the Study Doc, right? Who likes live action. I'm at thestudydoc on Instagram over here. Right? You can search me this stud doc on YouTube.


Right? My website is thestudydoc.com. Who likes live action. Do we like live teaching? Do we like the Blackboard? Can we fill it? So we start doing more of this, right? Do we live lives? Alright, so we'll start this more live. I don't mind. I like live right? Because live is the real right? How many are here? You watch people. They aren't alive in her Babel for 55 minutes and gave you one lick of education and gave you one lick of uplift and give you one lick of betterment. So if you wanna improve where you at right here, say doc, we education me dancing. Doesn't get you into medical school. Yeah. Right? Me posting a pretty picture of myself.


Doesn't get you in a medical school. Me and here. Sweating gets you in medical school. Are we paying attention? Are you paying attention? Because I've broken a sweat. Now, do we understand? Go be better today and get into medical school. Stop being a follower. Stop. Avoiding your problems. Stop allowing yourself to love and feel comfortable in your mediocre lives in your mediocrity.


Be better than mediocre. Please be better than the average. It's almost saying, can I say that I'm going to get up outta here, but you guys know what it is, right? So thank you guys for joining me. We'll start doing some more live, whatever new video coming on Wednesday for you guys. Get some content out there, but take advantage right now.


Right? 24 hours to get $480 off my faculty scores to get my whole entire course for $99. So go get it. I'm not ex-military I'm just hard. I'm hardened by life. Y'all all right, Joe. Everyone have a wonderful day. Cause you guys next time let's get outta here. Let's get off of a, you gotta figure out how to get.


There we go. Okay. Get off of Instagram. Alright. YouTube people. Thank you guys for being here. I appreciate it. We got rid of the Instagram people. Everybody have a good day shy. What does that Mike? Mike, are you bad? And Tony is in the house by the way, Antonio. I'm so sad. I gotta say this real quick.


Um, Simon Napoli guys, if you guys don't know is a tremendous restaurant in San Diego and Antonia and her husband were nice enough to have you down there. So wonderful. One of the restaurant and I was so bombed because Jen and I were like, okay, we can finally kind of go out. Things are opening up or to go over to San monopoly and get us some good food. And then, uh, we closed back down. Cause people can't wear their mass and COVID it's popping off. Wow, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. Nina's to check my phone. What should I be taking on my phone? You know, did you text me? I don't know what's happening and this is check my phone. Alright.


Alright. I've been off the mix for a little bit. Y'all I've been so busy in the hospital. I haven't been working so so much. Nina texted me and said, Nina, I am not reviewing your disadvantaged statement or anything related to your application. No I reviewed today. Nina. It's not enough that I reviewed your whole other application. I got to do other stuff now.


All right, everyone important lessons for today, right? We must recognize. We must realize you guys all have the power. The all had the capability of getting into medical school. You guys all can do this. You guys all can be incredible, but you've got to recognize that some of you guys have done damage. Some of you guys have done wrong.


Some of you guys have underperformed and the only way to fix it is to recognize you have a problem. Admit it, recognize what caused that problem, address that, and then make sure you pick the right mechanism, the right pathway to fix it. It's all you have to do. But all of you guys can get into medical school. All of you guys can be incredible.


All of you guys could be exceptional. Everyone get to medical school. Like I always say everyone get into medical school, but not everyone went up. Why? Because some people refuse to recognize your issues and fix it. Okay. So everyone have a wonderful, wonderful day. I'll see you guys next time. We'll do a new video on Wednesday. Um, and all my students, yes, we'll be backed up in coaching this week. I've luckily, thankfully got a weekend. So we'll be back doing coaching all day Saturday. It was a double Decker sessions on some good stuff. So everyone have a wonderful little bit that you have joined me again. I'm Dr. Pinesett, the Study Doc, my website is thestudydoc.com


Right now the next 24 hours, you guys can get discounts $450 off of my five pillars course. It is the greatest. There's nothing like it's that of course on the planet. It will make you independent. It's meant for college grad school and med school students. So they'll get that right now. You savings also my MCAT course for only $99, you can get my entire MCAT course, 24 hours only to help you guys out, right? To make you guys put you guys in a position to succeed and have the skills you guys need. And thank you guys for always tuning in. And even though I take rights and time to be serving my students and also serve people in the hospital. I appreciate you guys always coming back and being here and recognizing it is about improvement.


It is about dominating and for you guys who love to dominate and all about it, I appreciate it. Okay. So let's get out of here. How do we always end? No excuses. Just dominate. Y'all just dominate. I'll see you guys next time.


Today is the day guys. No more excuses, no more complaining you going to take your future into your own hands. You're going to dominate. You're going to be successful. Get to my website, thestudydoc.com. I challenge you. What are you going to do today to make your life better?



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