Should I reschedule my MCAT Test Date?

premed Aug 06, 2020


Studying for the MCAT is a grind and it can be frustrating when your MCAT score isn't improving and you aren't seeing any improvement despite putting in long hours, doing lots of MCAT Qbank questions, and a bunch of MCAT full-length tests. You know you aren't where you want to be, you think that you might need to push your MCAT test date back. But then you think about how hard the studying has been and a little voice inside your head tells you to just keep the MCAT test date, see what the score comes back as and hope that it is good enough to never have to think about the MCAT again.

Don't fall into this trap. Check out today's episode to learn what you need to do instead!


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What is up guys? Dr. Andre Pinesett here,  answering one of your emails about MCAT test dates. Oh my gosh. You're studying for the MCAT. You're feeling good. You're feeling sad. You're all over the place. And you're wondering, wait a minute. Am I prepared? Should I push my MCAT test day back? What should I do? This is the video for you. So check it out.


But stop making excuses. Stop whining. Stop right. Get at it. No excuses just dominate.


All right guys, like I said, I'm Dr. Andre Pinesett, I am the Study Doc. I am here to empower students on a mission of our 1 million students, including you Premeds and you knuckleheads out here. We're about to take the MCAT. It's taking the MCAT is a long, arduous tortuous process. And for some of you guys, you want that process to be over so badly that you're willing to get a bad MCAT score. Just to say, I took it. I did it. I'm dealt with it. And I want to let you guys all know I'm gonna skip right to it. I don't have to share Cody any of this. You need to really ask yourself a couple of critical questions about your YMCA, but in this video, I hope that it's clear why it's so important that you understand when you should take the MCAT. And when you should absolutely not take the MCAT. Let's get to the student email was sent this email to me.


Thank you so much for your personal email to me. If you have a question, if you have a concern and you want a real expert answer, send me an email guys, and I will answer your email. And also I will get back to you on these videos. So here's an email I have to print it. I watched the replay of your webinar from earlier this week and I found it extremely helpful, but I'm still hesitant about what my next step should be. Let's stop there in the box below. I have a link for my free three-hour webinar. You need this information. So click there, get that.


And that's, first of all, I'm a nontraditional post-bac student. I'm enrolled in classes part-time and work part-time. I graduated in 2018 with a sociology degree at a 2.9 GPA. I am currently doing a postbac in biological sciences, expected to finish all 2020 right now. My post-bac science GPA is 3.2. I took a Princeton review course, which I spent a thousand dollars on and took the exam in January, 2020 and got a four 90. I plan to take the exam again in late June, but with all the changes and uncertainty, I'm feeling discouraged with only a little over a month out. I don't know if it will be most beneficial as far as drastically increasing my scores, 10 plus points to take your course, but I will gladly invest there's any chance I could really use some advice. My printed medical advisors have not been much help.


Thank you so much for your dedication expertise, best regards. So this is what the student said, and I'm going to deliver it to you guys. My answer, and the very first thing that I noticed about this email, and this is a learning point for you guys, is that for some of you guys, you try to use the MCAT as a cover-up for your terrible GPA. But what you guys are failing to realize, this is what you don't understand. If your GPA is lousy, it is because most likely you were or are a lousy student.


And I say were, or are because some of you guys, instead of acknowledging the bad student you were and getting the help you need to revise and improve your study strategies to become a great student. You just said, no, that's the past. That's the old me. I'm going to be different. And you think just by saying, I'm be different. You're different. You're not the same students. You're that C student. You're the average student. So now if you've been an average student, your whole life and you haven't made any real changes, other than saying that you're gonna be better.


What are the odds that you're going to score above average on the endcap? Let's be honest if you've been an average student, your whole life where you're not trying to get A's, of course, you were, everyone is, but you were average. So now all of a sudden on one of the most competitive exams, anyone will ever take the Mcat.


You're going to go from being average to not only scoring well, but scoring excellent, greater than 90% of all takers. Does that seem logical, particularly because the test is based on what your undergrad performance. So what do you guys have to understand about all of this is the first thing is this student has a bad track or academically, and it reflects in the fact that they took a Princeton review course and still got a four 90.


And a lot of you guys want to blame the prep class. You want to bring the class. I'm never a big fan of these big, expensive prep classes that either overpriced, but that argues for another day, whether they're overpriced or not, if it gives you your score, then take the class. But the point is that people go, these classes, taking the class is going to save them from themselves. If you are not prepared to do the work, no class in this world is going to help you as proved by all the emails I get from students like that. And so now the student enrolled in my, the webinar, took the webinar, had the opportunity to get into my MCAT course to change their entire prep around.


I ain't got prep is entirely different than everyone else teaches. And they're hesitant because they're like, Hmm, can your course help me get 10 points in a month? And what I said to the student was, let's break this down. No program can guarantee a 10 point score, bumping them up. Particularly when someone is going to school and works as students who us going and working, you took a thousand dollars course and got a low score. The question you should be asking yourself is, are you going to be ready for a June test date to increase your score by 10 points with your current income plan? And I said, if you were, you wouldn't be in my webinar and you wouldn't be considering my course.


So the real question you have to ask yourself is why aren't you pushing your test date back, who allow yourself to get the points you need on the end cap? And for some of you guys out here, this is the point of this video. This is the crux. This is the moment right here. I need you to focus in some of you guys are asking the wrong question, asking how can I increase in this time interval? And instead of being real with yourself and recognizing I can't increase my score 20 points in two weeks, all these videos out here that tell you 20 point in 2 weeks are liars liars. You cannot do that, guys. It's not feasible for you to go from four 90 to five, 10 in two weeks. What you have to do is push your test date back. And as much as it pains you to do that, it's what you have to do. We don't have a choice.


We don't have an option. Push your test eight and do it right? Because like this student who knew they weren't ready for the test in January, took the test anyway, got a four 90. Now look at them. It's may five months later, another same exact predicament, same exact boat. Because this demoralized it's disorienting to take the MCAT sit there and do all that prep.


Take the test and get a 490. You know how bad that feels. Some of you guys out here, I want you guys to comment right now. If you a student who studied for the MCAT, what do you did independently? Or you do it with a class or course, or whatever. If you've worked as hard as you, could you sweat yourself to the bone you sacrificed so much, you took the test, you got a score back and it was terrible. How did you feel? I know you felt terrible, guys. We can be honest about it because when we set a goal and we don't achieve that goal, we live there. We could, it feels terrible. And what happens is, and this is the flaw in this is that students see themselves as that low score.


It becomes that label, that stigma, and they can't shake it. They struggle to climb that mountain of prepping again. And so I encourage all of you guys before you put yourself through that. Take a second right now, as you watch this video, the takeaway is is you are not ready to take the end cap. Be honest, be real.


As kidding says, just real quick, be honest, be real. Push your test, date back, do the right thing for yourself. And for your future, something I say frequently to premed, there is no partial credit for getting into medical school. There is no credit for participation. There is no credit for the attempt. You only get credit for what?


Succeeded that for some of you people out here, your content, which is saying, Oh, I took the gap. Oh, I applied as opposed, say, no, I dominated him gap. No I dominated the application. Oh no, I got in the medical school because that's the real objective is to become a doctor. It's not to say I was once a premed, took the gap who applied to medical school. And could've, would've, should've been a doctor. Cause you ain't do we understand what I'm saying right now, guys, if you are not ready, don't let yourself or other people shame you into taking the MCAT before you're prepared. Get it right. To get the score, get to medical school. It's that simple in that order.


Right? All right. So I'm Dr. Andre Pinesett, the study doc, if you want to learn more, get in one of my amazing courses or what am I coaching programs to get to my website, I'm on a mission about 1 million students. That's what this channel is about. That's what my podcast about. That's what my social media is about. That's what my website's about. So if you wanna be transformed, you're in the right place. If you're here, take a second on YouTube. Take a second. Subscribe. How will that bell turn was live notifications. If you're on the podcast, take a second. Subscribe to the podcast. If you guys didn't know whether you were watching where the other place on YouTube it's Forward slash thestudydoc on YouTube, on the podcast, you are watching this right now is the Dominate premed show. So if you don't do the podcast, get that. So you get on your drive wherever you're at. Thank you guys so much for joining me. I appreciate you guys here do the right thing as we always end. No excuses just dominate. So you guys next time.


Today is the day guys, no more excuses, no more complaining your going to take your future in your own hands. You're going to dominate. You're going to be successful. Get to my website, I challenge you. What are you going to do today to make your life better?


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