Successful Student 21 Day Mindset Makeover

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Successful Student 21-Day Mindset Makeover

Take control of your mind so you can stop doubting and start DOMINATING!


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Did you know that nearly three out of four US college students report having experienced a sense of “overwhelming anxiety” about their academic performance and their future (US Census Bureau)?


It sounds crazy, but so much is expected from students today, you have to keep up with the insane pace of classes and simultaneously excel in your extra-curriculars, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and get down on yourself. 


The problem is not a lack of intelligence, but rather a bad mindset that leaves you shrouded in negativity and depleted of motivation. This can often lead to bad habits such as procrastination, poor time management skills, fear of failure and envy of other students which leads to under-performance and feelings of loneliness. 

School doesn’t have to suck and you don’t have to be filled with doubt. You can be confident, you can be successful and you can be happy with The Successful Student 21-Day Mindset Makeover.

What my students are saying:

"Entering my 3rd year of college, I've learned that there's still so much to learn about how to study and get your grind on. I've really been able to see the flaws in my study habits from Dr. Pinesett's lectures. There's nothing like a little extra kerosene to start off the college year right! There are worksheets in the course so that you will have the chance to set your goals in motion and actualize your dreams. I haven't taken Dr. Pinesett's other courses because they are a little pricey, but I think this one is well affordable."

Michael Tran

The Ultimate Jump Start Back to College!

"I bought Dr. Pinesett's course after finding him on Youtube. This course opened my eyes to ways I can take it upon myself to improve and maximize how I study in my pre-med pre-req courses. This course is full of valuable insight that will shift your mindset so that you can dominate your pre-med courses and ultimately medical school. If you thought you knew how you were going to ace your pre-med journey, I suggest you rethink your strategy and take this course. It is concise and to the point and worth a lot more than it's priced."

Fresia Rodriguez

This Course Will Bring You Closer To Medical School

"I get good grades but have a difficult time retaining material. Dr. Pinesett's course explained to me what was going on. I am changing the way I approach everything, not just studying but also with my hobbies and current events. I am finding that I can retain and recall information better with less time. I am still looking for the best way for me to absorb material but thanks to Dr. Pinesett I am on the right path for me. THANK YOU DR. PINESETT!!"

Elizabeth Daire - Delgadillo

Eye Opening

"Worth every single penny times 100. This is the perfect example of what will come out to be a beginners first memorable investment for the future. Dr. Pinesett packs this course with some excellent frameworks on what it takes to be great at anything and reminds you that you cant have everything but you better believe your can have what you want if your willing to give your self to it and he depicts this perfectly and effectively; leaving his words of wisdom echoing in your mind for a very long time. Unreal. Every student should buy this regardless of their pursuits honestly. Realize that the low price of this course may make you think its not worth it.... You'd be wrong and very sorry if you thought so!"

Asher (Mo1) Fattouh

Unreal quality

"My favorite part about this course is that Dr. Pinesett includes a "Start Early Worksheet". I think that writing out goals is a great way to try and reach them. He uses examples to show that it's not about how much time you spend studying, but the efficiency of your studying that is important. This is a great course for pre-meds who are ready to set big goals in a realistic and timely way."

Regina Heit

Great for Goal - Setting and Tracking Accomplishments

"Although short, this course from Dr. Pinesett is extremely helpful for giving you context for the path of a pre-medical student. There is plenty of motivation and tips for framing your experiences to help you reach medical school, and Dr Pinesett also helps you outline your goals, whether they are reaching medical school or something else. Highly recommend this program for any high school or undergraduate student!"

Chris Winter

Awesome Kick Starter for Anyone Considering Medicine!

"Definitely buy this course. It will change your mind. After you finish Dr. Pinesett's modules you'll learn to see things from a new perspective that will allow you to dominate your path to medical school. Try this course out. Its a very small investment for quality content. If you want to go more in depth, make sure to purchase the 5 pillars study course and the definitive guide to dominate premed."

Justin H

Totally Worth It

"Just because you're trash doesn't mean you can't do great things. It's called a garbage CAN... not a garbage cannot! If you know that medicine is your calling, yet you are apprehensive about where to begin in the process, lack the confidence, feel you have too many obstacles, or even lack the grades... this course is an excellent foundation to start you on the right path. Dr. Pinesett helps get your mind right and gives you the keys necessary to accomplish your goals. With his guidance, you can start unlocking your potential but you have to do the work. One of the aspects I appreciate about this course is the work sheets. Doing the work sheets, personally helps make my goals/plans/strategies more concrete. It reinforces what Dr. Pinesett teaches. Keep them, re-read them and think of it as something beyond an activity to go along with the video... These are helpful tools which help hold you accountable and remind you of why you're doing this. Well done... Can't wait to move forward with the other courses!"

Danitra Crain

Keys to the Kingdom!!!

"The content in this course is the best bang for the buck! It's awesome how the content is given in a way that's tangible and easy to understand. I really feel the mantra Start Early -Study Smart - Finish Strong really resonates with me. The other courses are pretty pricey but this affordable course provides a nice foundation for improving your study skills."

Faiz Khan

Solid Course

"The information in this course is wonderful. But what stuck out most to me were the obstacles you overcame. Knowing that you once got an F but still made it to medical school is motivational. Knowing that you were disadvantaged but inadvertently created your own medical school advantage is motivational. And lastly knowing that you were told you couldn't get into medical school, but made it anyway and didn't even attend lectures is motivational. It's hard not to get up and "dominate" after hearing your story and being given the tools."

Cee G


"For far too long I thought the “study hard” model was the gold standard in achieving high academic performance. After going through Dr. Pinesett’s first course, I finally understood why I stumbled through much of my academic coursework up to this point. I’m upset It’s taken me this long to reassess my study strategy, but am thankful for compassionate academics like Dr. Pinesett to finally set me on the right path. After going through “From the Bottom of the Premed Pack to Stanford Medical School in 21 Days”, I was able to immediately employ several practical “study smart” strategies that have reinvigorated my study efforts. Thank you Dr. Pinesett for your time and dedication in developing such great content!"

Brandt Hausmann

Paradigm Shift!

"I am a premedical student (Senior) at a Florida University. I credit Dr. Pinesett for me pushing myself this summer semester and achieving A - and a B respectively in my Organic Chemistry Honors. I took honors courses because I had to prove my intelligence to myself first, before proving it to a stranger on an admission committee. Dr. Pinesett's advice in this course are words of gold, it challenges your current thought about your study habits, and the worksheets are a great addition. I am in my final stretch and getting ready for the MCAT. As someone that immigrated to the United States 8 years ago, I felt like I had no mentors before encountering Dr. Pinesett on youtube. Now I feel that I have someone on my team that can help trim my bad habits away and helps me become the Doctor I have always wanted to be. Take off your tutor crutches, invest in your future and get these courses. They are in a way "preventative measures" and will help you develop the tools you need to succeed in anything in life. They will teach you to respect hard work but aim for SMART work. Machismo....Damn that word is sexy. Thanks, Dr. Pinesett!"

Ahmed Altamimi

You DON'T know it all!

If you find it hard to believe in yourself…

If you lack motivation…

If you procrastinate constantly…

If you are sick of studying and studying and never getting the results…

And you are sick of watching everyone else succeed while you stress and struggle…

Then, you need to enroll in this course and learn the 3 principles that will change your life (like they did mine)!

This course will allow you to:

Develop an unbreakable mindset that will enable you to unlock potential you never knew you had

Reduce your stress and be a happier, healthier student

Beat procrastination, for once and for all

Understand how to study smart, instead of studying hard, so that you can get better grades in less time

Establish productive goals and achieve beyond your wildest dreams


Course Curriculum

This course is life-changing, but don’t take it from me, listen to my successful students:

"I was more concerned about getting A's instead of mastering the material. I'm not against aiming for an A because I need them too, but, recalling the material months or even years after study is important to me and this course delivers the keys into my hands."

Ebenezer Yankey

Mastery Matters

"Excellent motivational material for those really interested in going to medical school at all cost and against all odds!! I loved the inspiration!!"

Ngozi Okonkwo

Great Course!!

"Before beginning this course, I was unsure if I could improve my study habits and maximize my potential. From the very first lesson, I realized that people (myself included) tend to take things for granted and fail to live up to actually bettering themselves. It is amazing that most of the steps needed to be a better student does not actually require a textbook. If 1 pillar can greatly improve my learning and studying, it is amazing to think about eventually applying all 5 pillars. I recommend Dr. Pinesett’s courses to anyone who is committed to succeeding."

Maximilian Bell

The 1st Step

"I am pretty bad at studying and not super smart, so I would struggle with learning, I always felt like I had so much to do and I hated having to sit down and try to study. I found this course a few weeks ago and tried out what he taught, and suddenly I have so much time in my day. I go to class knowing the material and absolutely dominating. I get so much done when I sit down to study. I would absolutely recommend this to anyone who feels like they are struggling in school and needs help to better themselves."

Dallin Woolf

This really worked for me.

"The section on "Study Hard vs Study Smart" hit home for me. I appreciate Dr. Pinesett breaking down the differences between the two because like most people I have studied really really HARD but not SMART. While I thought I was trying my best, I was not earning the grades I knew I was capable of. The course was enlightening and had practical tips I could apply right away instead of some mystical theory I couldn't understand."

Erica Brown

Follow His Lead

"This course was great. It touches on every obstacle and barrier we can face and provides solutions for them all. I'm so grateful to have purchased this course. And the information that I've gathered from this course will definitely help me study more efficiently. Dr. Pinesett, thank you!!!"

Will Jones

So Impactful

"This course should be watched by everyone -- although it is tailored for premed students, I would argue that anyone with big goals/dreams and needs direction and extra encouragement should definitely enroll in this course. Whether you're still in college or you've already graduated college or applying to medical school this cycle, you learn a lot of wisdom from Dr. Pinesett. Dr. Pinesett keeps it real, and there is no sugar-coating"

Nina Huynh

Dr. Pinesett Keeps It Real

"Dr. Pinesett's course is extremely motivating and helpful. He teaches you how to distinguish studying smart from studying hard, see obstacles as opportunities, and remain positive despite these obstacles. The course goes beyond academics and shows you that it is possible to achieve what you desire. There are worksheets for every section that allow you to reflect on what you've learned and on what remains to be done in order to succeed. The entire course is well structured and simple to follow. I learned a lot from it. Don't hesitate, just enroll!"

Thi U.

Great Course

"Dr. Pinesett's from the bottom of the Pre-med pack to Stanford Medical School in 21 Days is very informative and although it doesn't give all the answers to getting into medical school, it provides the well needed foundations required to get through undergrad, medical school, or any future endeavors. I like how pliable his tips are to other aspects of life not pertaining to getting into medical school. There is also a lot of humor thrown into the videos as well. Very entertaining and enlightening. I wholeheartedly recommend this program to anyone not just Pre-medical students and medical school students, but to any one interested in learning how to become a better version of themselves."

Tyree Lewis

After Thoughts

"Thanks to Dr. Pinesett for his willingness to coach and support pre-meds. This FREE course has been super helpful. I particularly love his print outs for you to post anywhere you will see each day, for a visual reminder of the goals and tasks you want to complete as a pre-med. If you're looking for an authentic and passionate Doctor to help you get to medical school, I highly recommend Dr. Pinesett!"

Dawn Payne

Great Explanation!

"I decided to go to medical school in a 3 AM epiphany in the spring of my freshman year. Since then, I've felt behind, behind, behind: I went to school with people who had parents and siblings that were physicians, that had known their path since birth and had already begun prepping for the MCAT their senior year of high school. How could I keep up? To add onto that, I'm a minority student at a predominantly white institution looking to enter a predominantly white field, and even though the question was silly, I kept wondering, "Can I really do this? Do I really belong in medical school?". This course completely changed my outlook on myself and my future career as a physician. It motivated me, and gave me the tools I need to take a critical look at my mindset and my routines and change them to better benefit me. I uncovered a lot of "gunk" in my brain while going through this course: beliefs that don't serve me, about both studying and my potential. I am making the fundamental switch to have my mind propel me, not limit me. I wholeheartedly recommend this course. You have to get your mind right before you grind, and after taking this course, I feel unlimited in what I can accomplish."

Camille Goodwyn

How could I have ever doubted myself?

"First off, Dr. Pinesett is the man! I started out watching his youtube videos and was instantly hooked. He approached every video as if it were his last, with such confidence and excitement. From the Bottom of the Pre-med Pack to Stanford Medical School in 21 Days, will start you off on the right path to getting into medical school. This course WILL give you a step up on your classmates! Get ahead with Dr. Pinesett!"

Thomas Lewis

Get Ahead!

"After watching multiple of his videos online, I decided it was in my best interest to purchase this course. It was money WELL SPENT. The information that I got was direct, simple, and powerful. The course really shifts from his youtube or facebook live videos in the structure. I got the necessary information in the proper order making everything streamlined. His down to earth explanations really facilitated my understanding of what I had thought to be impossible. Here, I was able to realize my faults, understand why they were faults, and most importantly, learn how to deal with them. From the necessary worksheets you complete after going on to the next set of videos to the Machismo, every little thing made me want to commit more to becoming a doctor. Most importantly, the overwhelming confidence that I got from the course really makes it worth so much more than I paid for. Seriously, this changed my perspective from bystander to being active. Taking control of my life instead of going through the motions. I am ready to dominate!"

Ysabella Cura


"This is an amazing course because it gave me the necessary foundation to be a successful pre-medical student. Dr. Pinesett breaks down how to instill the "No excuses, just Dominate" mindset with regards to executing during undergrad in order to reach the ultimate goal of attaining an acceptance to medical school (and becoming a physician). What I appreciate about this course is that it applies to many areas of life. Whether your goal is to get good grades, go to medical school, learn a second language, or all of the above, this course will give you the formula for how to achieve your goals. I highly recommend purchasing this course first because it will give you insight into the knowledgeable and quality material Dr. Pinesett has to offer. Warning: you will not be the same student once you complete this course."

Shanna Hardin

Fantastic Course!

"The biggest thing Dr. Pinesett has taught me is that I can get into medical school. I always had self limiting believes that I wasn't smart enough, that it is "too late" for me to start my journey. But he made all those doubts go away. I can and will get into med school. The only thing holding me back is myself. This course gives a great intro to Dr. Pinesett's teaching. He explains how to study smart and finish strong. We can do what we set our mind to. So make the decision on what you want and as Dr. Pinesett says, "No excuses, just dominate"

Macey Knutson

Yes I can, and so can you.

"This course is needed to help you change your mind set! It will help you become better so you can achieve your goals. Dr. Pinesett goes through and breaks down topics that we have been force - fed as truths throughout our school journey, and shows why they are leading us to failure. If you take any course, I highly recommend this one, these principles will help you get to medical school and help propel you to your other goals. Dr. Pinesett's course will also give you a push to start moving in the right direction and to really take a look at yourself to make sure that the work you're presenting is your best, and if not to start now and get it done. We are all here to get into the medical field and having these courses with information to actually help makes a huge difference from the mis/ non-formation I was provided by the advisors at my UC. Take this course and you won't be disappointed!"

Maryeia Cunningham

A Much Needed Mindset Change for a Better Future

About Dr. Pinesett

Award-winning educator, highly sought-after speaker, and noted authority on student productivity.

For over 15 years, I have been helping students transform their lives. Before establishing my own company, I worked for numerous well-established programs including serving as:

  • Director of the University of California Irvine’s (UCI) Alliance for Minority Participation Summer Science Academy
  • Representative at Stanford School of Medicine’s Committee on Curriculum and Academic Policy
  • MCAT Instructor and Curriculum Contributor at Stanford University’s Center of Excellence in Diversity in Medical Education
  • Strategic Consultant to The Princeton Review’s Admissions Counseling Department

Education & Training

  • University of California, Irvine: BS in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Minor in Business Management
  • University of California, Los Angeles: Masters in Public Health
  • Stanford University School of Medicine: Medical Degree (top 5% of class)
  • University of California, San Diego: Anesthesia Residency

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Reduce your stress and be a happier, healthier and more engaged student

Understand how to study smart, instead of studying hard, so that you start to love studying and can get better grades in less time

Establish productive goals that make everyday a win and motivate you to achieve beyond your wildest dreams




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